Reign Recap Winter Premiere – Vatican Death Squad: Season 2 Episode 11 “Getaway”

Reign Recap Winter Premiere - Vatican Death Squad: Season 2 Episode 11 "Getaway"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Thursday January 22, season 2 episode 11 called “Getaway,” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, Mary [Adelaide Kane] tries to save Condé [Sean Teale], who’s targeted by the Vatican because of his Dark Riders branding. Meanwhile, Francis [Toby Regbo] endangers Bash with his plot to dissolve the Dark Riders legend; and Kenna exposes Catherine’s true objective to Claude.

On the last episode, in the aftermath of an attack on the castle, a blood-thirsty Francis (Toby Regbo) made a startling decision that would forever change his rule as the King of France, causing him to track the missing Narcisse (Craig Parker) with a newfound lust for revenge. Meanwhile, Mary (Adelaide Kane) was stunned to discover the truth behind Francis’ recent decisions and embarked on a treacherous mission of her own with Lord Condé (Sean Teale). Leith (Jonathan Keltz) urgently pleaded with Greer (Celina Sinden) to flee the country after violence erupts across the land. Catherine (Megan Follows) received an unexpected and erotic visit in her chambers after making a final decision regarding the fate of her daughter Claude (Rose Williams). Torrance Coombs, Anna Popplewell and Caitlin Stasey also star. Rich Newey directed the episode written by Wendy Riss Gatsiounis and Drew Lindo. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Mary (Adelaide Kane) takes action to save Condé (Sean Teale) when she learns the Vatican is hunting him for bearing the branded mark of the Dark Riders. Francis (Toby Regbo) devises a plan to put an end to the Dark Riders legend, which puts Bash (Torrance Coombs) at risk. Meanwhile, Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) reveals Catherine’s (Megan Follows) ulterior motives to Claude (Rose Williams). Celina Sinden, Craig Parker, Jonathan Keltz and Anna Popplewell also star. Lynne Stopkewich directed the episode written by Daniel Sinclair.”

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Bash and Kenna are in bed when she says she can’t stop thinking about Claude. She says she’s so pretty and adventurous and was in his arms. He asks her to stop talking about her while they’re naked. She says she’s his half-sister. There’s a knock at the door and he says there’s a mark of the dark riders on all of the hanged bodies. Cardinal Perazzo is there and says it must be part of the plot. He says he’ll have the Swiss Guard sort it out. Bash says he’ll handle it but the Cardinal says he’ll handle it.

Francis comes to Mary’s chamber with wood. She asks why he’s there every day or two when she’s asked him to stay away. She says she’d like to get away from the castle for a few days and he says he’ll come along. She says there is no hope and she wants to go alone. He says he has no hope and will send extra guards instead. Bash comes to see the Cardinal about the branded men and says he thinks they were marked after death to stir up trouble.

A woman comes to see the Cardinal and says she saw the mark on a man but can only give evidence under confession since she saw it when she was sinning. Francis is with Lola who says their son is sick but she’s too worried about his safety to let the nannies care for him. The Cardinal comes to tell Francis that Conde has been accused of bearing the brand by a married woman during confession. The Cardinal says his men will bring him in. Mary says to bring her carriage. Leith is her security man.

She goes to Conde and says she’s taking him in her carriage. He says he if he can get to Antoine they can get to Navarre safely. The Cardinals men pound on the door and they go out the window to her carriage. Henry is kissing Catherine while she mixes a poison. She is poisoning a soup and he tells her to be generous with the poison but she says poisoning her slowly protects her from being caught. He says he’ll be with their twins for her eternity and they were their children too.

He says Claude will get more mercy from God than the twins and says when they take Claude it won’t be quick or merciful. He tells her it must be soon. He asks Catherine what he ever saw in Kenna and Catherine says it was he ass. Kenna is there and asks if she was talking about her ass. Catherine says she wasn’t and to get it out of the way. Kenna watches and then goes to tell Bash that she thinks Catherine is poisoning Claude. She says the soup didn’t smell right and that it’s strange that she’s bringing her meals to her.

Mary, Conde and Greer show up to Antoine’s. He invites her to stay for the night. She consents to stay for the nights. Antoine asks why he’s leaving France instead of spying as ordered and he shows him the mark. Bash tells Francis that Conde is gone and says the Cardinal told him that Mary got him out. Francis asks where Mary took him. He says Mary has the heart of a warrior. Bash asks if Mary is all right. Francis says he doesn’t know and it’s his fault.

He says he needs to work with Mary but Bash says he can’t go to war with the Vatican. Francis says he can’t be blind to injustice and she needs to see the man she married. Bash says the Cardinal sees the brand as a sign of a traitor. Bash wonders what if an infallible Catholic were branded. Mary watches entertainments when Conde approaches her. He says she needn’t stay to be polite and says his brothers parties can become scandalous. She says that intrigues her.

Leith approaches Greer. King Antoine toasts Mary’s beauty and says he will select one nobleman and lady and says he will pair those who have a secret desire for each other. He sends the first couple to a settee and the kiss. Mary tells Conde she can see why Antoine’s wife stays in Navarre. Greer says they should leave but Leith says he’s not married. She leaves. Mary does too. Conde goes to leaves too but Antoine stops him.

Antoine tells him bringing Mary was brilliant. He tells Conde that Mary is open and a sympathizer. He says she has influence over Francis and clearly likes him. He tells Conde to bed her and get her to fall for him. Conde says she doesn’t have affection for him. Conde says he’s not into her and is a bit prudish for his taste. Kenna comes to see Claude and says she heard she was ill. She brings treats and a book. The Cardinal and his male lover are lolling in bed.

They discuss getting a promotion if they can bring in Conde. The man leaves the Cardinal’s chambers. His lover is tripped, stripped and branded with the mark of the riders. He runs. Bash unmasks. He was wounded, but not seriously.

Antoine chooses Conde and a lady. She seems eager and he heads off with her. The woman says she was surprised but is attracted to him. She kisses him and pushes him onto a settee. Greer says the gathering is awful. She thinks that’s what’s upsetting Mary. She tells Greer that’s not what it is. Mary says she just can’t stand any man touching her. Greer tells her it will pass but Mary asks if it will. Mary says all she has to go on is the word of Catherine.

She asks what if this is what her life will be like. Greer tells her she’s strong and will recover. Mary says she doesn’t feel strong – she feels likes she’s sleepwalking. Greer says let her heart rest for now. She holds Mary close. Conde tells the woman he can’t do this. He says another holds his heart. She says his body tells another story. She says a man like him shouldn’t go unclaimed. She ties a scarf around his eyes and tells him to pretend she’s that woman.

She kisses him and says she wants everything he wants. He pulls her to him in a kiss. Kenna finds Claude up and reading and says she looks better. She throws a book at Kenna and asks if she asked for her help. Kenna tells her that Catherine is poisoning her and she’s trying to save her life. She tells her that her soup is poisoned and she’s better now that she’s knocked it over twice. Claude tells her to get out. She tells her she’s never been so solicitous to her.

Claude tells her she’s a tart her dad lost interest in and passed off on his bastard son. Claude yells at her that she and Bash were lovers. The Cardinal comes in angry yelling at why Randall his clerk was arrested. Randall says he was branded against his well. The Cardinal says his loyalty is indisputable. Francis says he must be tortured in the dungeon. Francis insists and says he must show the Pope that no nation is no more loyal that France.

Bash says unless he’s changed his mind on his theory that the mark is absolute. The Cardinal says he’ll pray on it. He walks off. Francis tells Bash that he’ll back down. Francis says he believes the Cardinal does care for Randall, otherwise they’ll have to execute an innocent man. After his tryst, Conde comes to say goodbye and to thank Mary for helping him. He tells her she may be safer in Scotland. She says there are things about her marriage he doesn’t know and how Francis is suffering.

She says she doesn’t trust his motive in this advice. She says she read his letter and knows he tried to retrieve it. He says it was not an attempt at seduction. She says she’s not accusing him of anything. She wishes him goodbye and better fortune. Bash comes to his chambers and she asks where he’s been. She tells him Claude said they were lovers. He said Claude lied and said he wasn’t his father and said it was once and he was mortified and it never happened again.

She says she feels a fool for trying to befriend the girl. She asks about the cut and asks why he’s lying to her. He says he can’t tell her. She says she’s shared so many things with him. He says he got the cut framing an innocent man who will probably die. He says he kills, lies and that’s who he is. He dresses and leaves. The Cardinal says he gave Randall last rites. He asks Bash to speak to Francis about it. Bash says if he wants to spare Randall he should tell Francis he’s changed his mind about the mark.

The Cardinal grabs Bash’s arm and he winces and then he sees blood. Realization dawns. Mary is surprised there are Vatican representatives demanding the presence of Prince Conde. Mary and Leith talk. Mary says they can get rid of it and asks for Leith’s sword. They heat it in the fire. She tells Conde to trust her. He agrees to let her burn it off. He pulls off his shirt. They burn it off and he screams. The Vatican men burst their way in.

They accuse them of removing the brand. Mary says it was a wound that needed cauterizing from sparring with her man Leith. She says they can all go back to talk to the Cardinal together. Mary tells Greer she had to touch Conde to help burn it off and she got through it. She says she’s not going to Chambord – she says she has to push on. Greer asks if she’s still thinking of leading separate lives. Mary says she doesn’t know. She says it’s so complicated now when it was so easy before.

The Cardinal comes in and says Randall was attacked and Bash was behind it. Francis says Bash did it at his orders. Francis says the Vatican’s brutality in his country must end. The Cardinal says he’s trying to restore order. He calls Francis a fool. He says he was just marking enemies and Conde was the biggest fish in his net. He tells him to take his men and leave France or he’ll kill Randall. Francis says he can try to crush him but Randall will die and he loves him.

Francis says he had to be sure that he loved him before he chose him so he questioned his servants. He says there’s a silver monogrammed warming tray that’s in Randall’s bed, not his. He says – you care more about his suffering than yours. The Cardinal says – release him and we’ll leave you to your fate. Lola’s son is still crying when Francis comes in to check on them. She says their son is miserable and nothing is working. He takes him and the boy stops working.

Francis says all he needed was his father’s arms. She lies down exhausted and instantly falls asleep. The Cardinal’s guard arrives and Bash tells Mary that she’ll be proud when she hears what Francis did. Greer asks Leith if he enjoyed himself at Antoine’s gallery. He asks if she’s jealous and she says she’s not. He tells her that her jealousy gives him hope so she’s not entitled to it. Catherine finds Claude going through her things and asks where the poison is she’s been putting in her soup.

Catherine tells her she murdered her sisters. She says she pinched them and then one day they ripped some silk flowers off her dress and so she shoved them down their throats and that suffocated them. Claude says she was sad because she missed them and she didn’t do it. Catherine says she lied for her. Claude asks why she’s trying to kill her after all this time. Henry sits with the dead twins. Catherine says there’s a price to pay for these things. Claude asks if there’s a price to pay.

She pours a glass of poison and goes to drink it. Catherine slaps it out of her hand and says she was only five and didn’t know but Henry says she can’t betray her other children. He and the twins fade away while Catherine pets Claude. Mary comes to the nursery looking for Francis looking for Francis and finds him asleep near Lola with their son between them. She looks ill and leaves them there.