Reign Recap -The Poisoner Revealed: Season 2 Episode 14 “The End of Mourning”

Reign Recap -The Poisoner Revealed: Season 2 Episode 14 "The End of Mourning"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Thursday February 12, season 2 episode 14 called “Sins of the Past,” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, King Henry’s poisoning is investigated by Francis [Toby Regbo] and Mary [Adelaide Kane].

On the last episode, as the castle prepared for the Winter’s Ease Feast, King Antoine (guest star Ben Aldridge) of Navarre revealed to Francis (Toby Regbo) and Mary (Adelaide Kane) England’s plan for revenge against France. Bash (Torrance Coombs) learned that an “undead” man has been seen in the village and his efforts to track the man down lead him to a mysterious woman in white. Meanwhile, Catherine (Megan Follows) found out the cause of her hallucinations. Sean Teale, Celina Sinden, Craig Parker, Rose Williams, Caitlin Stasey, Jonathan Keltz and Anna Popplewell also star. Deborah Chow directed the episode written by Doris Egan and Melody Fox. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have you covered with a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “King Henry’s poisoning is investigated by Francis and Mary. Meanwhile, the Duke of Guise’s return puts Catherine in the midst of a romantic triangle; Mary confronts her feelings for Condé; and Greer finds herself in an unexpected situation.”

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Mary smiles as she walks outside into the snowy day. Lola and Kenna are with her and they’re all dragging sleds behind them. They take seats on their sleds then Louis whispers into Lola’s ear and she giggles. They’re given a push then they’re squealing down the hill. Mary asks Louis where Lola is and he says he’s invited Lola to come to his estate to get to know each other. Mary agrees that she can go. Kenna tells Mary it’s strange that they’re both married but more alone than ever.

Antoine tries to pull Kenna away to play in the snow when Bash shows up and tells him to keep his hands off his wife. Louis comes over and drags Antoine off. Kenna complains about how much Bash works. Louis tells Antoine that ruining his marriage won’t avenge their brother. Louis says he’s leaving court for a few days and asks Antoine to leave with him and go home and see is wife. Antoine says his wife Jeanne is dying but she didn’t want him near. Louis says he’s sorry.

Antoine says he needs a distraction and Louis tells him to find a hobby or a whore and leave the king’s brother alone. He tells Louis to enjoy his holiday and he’ll be there when he gets back. Mary’s uncle shows up asking for his old position as King’s magistrate. She reminds him he ran off when the plague came and says he left her unguarded. He says he can protect her from the Bourbons at court. He says they’ve been angling for the throne and she says he sounds like Catherine.

She says she has a family luncheon with Catherine and says he can’t go and says he won’t be getting a position. Claude asks why Narcisse is at a family dinner. Catherine says he’s not syphilitic but poisoned by the family bible that Henry owned and says he was also poisoned. Mary asks if she’s sure and Narcisse says they tested it but wonders who poisoned it. Francis says to stop doting on his mother but Catherine says Narcisse already has a lead on the poisoner and mocks Bash’s investigative skills.

Narcisse says he thinks it’s Frederic Mazur, one of Henry’s valets who encouraged him to read his bible then fled when Henry died. Catherine says it was Henry’s madness that led to his own untimely death and the deaths of many others pursuing the crown of England. Catherine says this assassin has hurt them all and must pay the price. Francis touches Mary’s hand as his mother vows bloody vengeance on the poisoner. Ironic, since that’s an art she practices as well.

Catherine isn’t happy to see the Duke of Guise. He says he’s not there about a position but says he’s happy to see her official mourning period is over and he’s there to court her. He reminds her they had a flirtation once. He says they are equals and can build something together. She asks what and he says a power base built on her Medici ties. He says it could support Francis’s rule. He says she could hold center stage in her own home. She’s intrigued.

Lola and Kenna try and go find where Greer is living now and the neighborhood is awful. They had to leave their carriages so they aren’t spotted near a traitor. They ask how she is and she says it’s awful. Greer says all of Castleroy’s money was all seized. Kenna asks what she does and Greer says she wakes up and thinks about what she needs to do and can do, then goes back to sleep, then reads and goes mad trying to cheer herself up. They ask if she’s drunk and she says she’s been eating stout.

Mary goes to see Bash and Francis. Bash says he’s been searching for Frederic and found ties to Louis and fought in his private army in Spain. Francis says this all looks suspicious. Mary isn’t buying it. Bash says he knows how loyal she is and Bash says he needs Mary to get Louis to stay while they gather more evidence. Francis says he thinks Louis is loyal to Mary but poisoned Henry before they met. He says they will prove his innocence or guilt.

Mary says it’s a betrayal and deception and Francis agrees. Narcisse tells Catherine he can’t believe she’s considering the Duke of Guise. He says he thought she was done with all that now that Henry is gone. Catherine says just because Narcisse doesn’t like women her age doesn’t mean that other men don’t. Catherine says all of this reminds her of his blackmail of her son. She tells him to make it up to her instead of apologizing.

She asks if Narcisse has leads and he says he’s looking at the money trail. Mary asks Louis to stay for a dinner in his honor. She reminds him he and Francis recently came to blows and he says he hopes she can be frank with why she wants him to stay. Louis says the current talk about the castle is that Francis no longer comes to her chambers and had his things removed. He asks if she’s asking him to stay because her marriage is falling apart.

He asks if she and Lola are chess pieces she no longer needs moved. He says if she wants him to no longer pursue Lola, to be honest about it. She says she doesn’t want him to court Lola and he accepts that as reason to stay.

Lola gives Greer some money and she thanks her. She asks if Greer has thought of returning to Scotland but she says she won’t go home in disgrace. She says she has a plan to get work as a ladies companion. She says she just needs a noble woman in need, perhaps someone foreign. Kenna says they can help with that. They hear loud moaning and Greer says she has to speak to the whore next door. She asks her to quiet down with the banging.

Her neighbor showed her that she was banging a board back into the wall where she hides her money. Francis goes to Lola and asks her to stop with Louis. He says Louis is being investigated and asks if she has feelings for him. Lola says she doesn’t and doesn’t really know him. She says she doesn’t want to be associated with a traitor then asks why he won’t come to the nursery when she’s there. He says Mary saw them lying asleep with their son on the settee.

He says Mary wasn’t angry but he doesn’t want to cause her more pain. Lola says she’s sorry and just meant that he’s the closest she has to family there and losing that connection hurt. She says she gets it. Antoine finds Kenna and asks if she and Bash are coming to Louis’ dinner. She says it’s royals only. She says it’s good to be a royal and he says royal delicacies could touch her lips. She tells him he’s making her uncomfortable and he apologizes.

Narcisse finds the Duke of Guise. He asks Narcisse how he’s managed to stay at court after his treachery then Catherine walks up and they both flirt with her. Christian asks to meet Catherine after her dinner and she says he can meet her at the Lavender House. She says the greenhouse is magical this time of year. He kisses her hand. Narcisse says he had sex there once and it was a nice venue. Christian walks off and Narcisse asks if that’s her plan too.

She says she’s shocked he thinks a woman her age would be doing that. Narcisse gets a report and says it’s shocking indeed. Francis finds Mary dressing and tells her she’s beautiful. She tells him there’s no need to act the couple but he says the compliment is genuine. She says she has to call of Louis’ courtship with Lola to get him to stay. Francis realizes she let Louis think she had an interest in him to get him to stay.

Bash comes and says the valet Frederic was found dead in Navarre. He also says he had debts at a gentleman’s establishment where he was see arguing with Louis. Bash says the man’s debts were paid. Francis says Mary doesn’t have to be there when they confront Louis. Mary says she needs to be there to see the look on his face. Francis says if Louis was plotting to kill Henry, he will have him beheaded immediately.

Francis tosses down the bible in front of Louis and asks him to read them a passage. He says that his father read it often and did his mother. Francis says it was poisoned at the hands of Frederic the valet. Louis asks Mary if this is why she lied to keep him there. Louis says he had nothing to do with it and says he never paid Frederic’s debts for all his whoring and gambling.

Catherine comes in and says it was the Duke of Guise, not the Bourbons. She says they had proof that Mary’s uncle poisoned him and promised Frederic some land. Catherine says if she hadn’t taken to reading it by chance, they never would have known. Louis curses at them and says he has done nothing but be a friend to them. He says after all they’ve done to his family, they dare call them murderers. He says they fought for the House of Valois then says Bash stabbed their brother in the back.

Louis tells them they are the murderers. He storms out of the room. Bash says that was why Antoine asked about the villa. Bash says he was ordered by Henry to kill the man who was a traitor but says he had no idea the man was a Bourbon. Antoine tries to blame the anger on Louis. He says he was young and very affected by their brother’s death. Antoine says he forgives him and so will Louis. Francis says to let their grudge die with their fathers.

Francis says to have the Duke arrested but Catherine says he’ll never betray anyone again. We see the Duke in a carriage that stops. He gets out to see what’s going on and is shot dead with many arrows. Greer is in the common room and going hungry. A man offers to pay her if he can just touch her hair. He says he’s not from here and is lonely. He apologizes. She says she can understand his confusion but it’s no way to behave. He agrees.

She asks if he’s going to go look for another prostitute and asks if he’s married. He says he’s a widow when she says whores are still cheating. She asks if he’s a kind man and he says he is and is generous too. He says it shames him to seek human comfort but he has to and she says she has a friend upstairs who can help him out. Mary goes to apologize to Louis and says she kept him there to clear his name. Louis tells her he loves her and she plays with him pushing and pulling him away.

He says he still loves her just as he wrote in the letter. He walks away from her. Antoine chews Louis out for revealing their grudge against Bash. He asks if Louis was protecting Bash by speaking up and Louis says he was protecting both of them. He says if something happens to Bash, the two of them will be first in line for the executioner. Antoine promises to make Bash miserable in another way. Greer interviews with a Countess who keeps her home in Hungary.

She says Greer is a find and asks if she understands she’ll be socializing with foreigners. Sharlene comes in ranting and says that john she sent her waited til she fell asleep then chopped off her hair. That ruined the interview. Antoine goes to chat up Narcisse who says the Duke of Guise died terribly and was innocent. Antoine gives Narcisse a bag of gold for covering up for them. Antoine asks Narcisse how he knew it was him and he says he used bankers to find out but then changed the trail to the follow Guise.

Antoine asks if the deed will hold up under scrutiny and Narcisse says it will. Antoine says he’s clever and grasping and asks what will keep him from turning on him. Narcisse says Antoine poisoned a king and queen and he helped him get away with it so they’re both as good as dead if anyone finds out. Antoine asks Narcisse if he’ll buy his land back with the gold and Narcisse says – what gold, I’m but a penniless disgraced Lord.

Antoine smirks and says – they’ll never see you coming. Narcisse says – not this time. He walks off. Well done. He got rid of a rival and got paid richly for it. Sharlene slams money down in front of Greer and says it’s her cut. The barkeep takes the money from Greer and says since she has a woman working for her, she gets her bird. He puts a platter of food in front of her and she hesitates then eats. OMG, is Greer going to become a madame?

Louis confronts Antoine about him poisoning Henry and setting up Guise. Antoine says Henry deserved it for killing their brother. He asks if Antoine knew Henry would go made. He tells Louis he wanted Henry to suffer then die. He says he wanted Henry’s legacy to be ruined and says he balanced the scales between them and now they are equals with the Valois. Kenna finds fancy platters of strawberries in snow in her chambers.

Francis finds Lola reading in the nursery. He says the loss of their friendship was a loss to him too. He says he wants them to be friends and family and she says she’d like that. They stand together and watch their son coo. Francis touches his finger and Lola says it’s extraordinary to feel your heart open when he takes your hand. Francis agrees it is. Mary goes to talk to Louis and says she knew she was taking advantage of his regard for her.

He tells her no need to apologize. She says she’s not there to say she’s sorry but to tell him the truth. She says she didn’t want to lose him to a charge of treason or another woman. She says she imagined him dead and that loss pained her. He reminds her she’s not really a married woman but she says in the eyes of the church in the world she is and has no freedom to stray beyond her marriage.

She says she has nothing to offer. Louis says none of those reasons are ones of the heart. He tells her when he’s near, he’s aware of every breath she takes and when he’s away the wind in the trees reminds him of her. She says they will be the death of each other. She walks away.