Reign Recap – A Royal Wedding: Season 2 Episode 19 “Abandoned”

Reign Recap - A Royal Wedding: Season 2 Episode 19 "Abandoned"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Thursday April 23, season 2 episode 19 called “Abandoned,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, England’s threats mount, so Condé [Sean Teale] aligns with the British while Mary [Adelaide Kane] restores her bond with France. Meanwhile, Catherine [Megan Follows] and Narcisse [Craig Parker] work their charms with those in court; and Kenna [Caitlin Stasey] forms a connection with Gen. Renaude [Vincent Nappo] as Bash grows more aloof.

On the last episode, while Francis’ (Toby Regbo) life hung in the balance, Mary (Adelaide Kane) became the temporary leader of France, which made her realize she could cause her newfound power to save Scotland. Catherine (Megan Follows), knowing about Mary’s indiscretion with Condé (Sean Teale), enlisted in Narcisse (Craig Parker) to help beat Mary at her own game. Meanwhile, Bash (Torrance Coombs), having been saved by a Woman in White and determined to send his attempted murderer to death, discovered a familiar face in the village. Rose Williams, Celina Sinden, Jonathan Keltz, Caitlin Stasey and Anna Popplewell also starred. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Mary (Adelaide Kane), with the threat of England looming, aligns herself with France and thus, the ailing Francis (Toby Regbo). Condé (Sean Teale) makes a bold move that would tie him to England. With all of the turmoil, Catherine (Megan Follows) and Narcisse (Craig Parker) work to win favor in court. Meanwhile, Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) gets closer to General Renaude (guest star Vincent Nappo) as Bash (Torrance Coombs) becomes increasingly distant. Rose Williams, Jonathan Keltz, Caitlin Stasey and Anna Popplewell also star. Deborah Chow directed the episode written by Nancy Won and Robert Doty.”

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#Reign begins with soldiers in the snow. A choir if boys sing as the combat begins. A gate is thrown open and men rush into the sanctuary. Mary goes to meet Louis in the woods. She says she was worried he wasn’t coming back. He says he went home to think. She says she can’t leave when Francis sent troops to defend her crown. Mary says she still loves him and missed him like she was dying. She asks if he came to say goodbye. She says she wants them to be together. Louis kisses her.

Kenna finds Bash coming back from a ride and worries since he was recently injured. He says it brings him peace. She says he need not flee the castle to get away from her. He says he’s fine and recovering. She asks why he’s out in the woods and he says he has a friend he’s been passing time with. She says he has no friends, only people he’s bound to, and asks who this is. She asks if this friend has breasts and a vagina and he says yes but it’s not business of her.

Bash gets news from Francis that a Benedictine monastery has been attacked by Protestant rebels and they killed many and are holding children hostage. Mary comes in and says it’s retribution for them sending troops to support Catholics in Scotland. They’re now worried about an attack on the castle and they’re short-handed. The parents of the children from the monastery come to the hospital and the Count rants and Mary tells him to watch his tongue as he speaks to his king.

Francis says they will capture and hang the rebels. Mary says they will treat their children as if they were their own. Catherine takes the parents out and Mary tells Francis she can’t imagine the fear those children must be in. Francis reassures her and says she’s safe with him. Francis isn’t pleased to see that Louis is back and Mary says she was coming to warn him. Francis says he doesn’t care what she does after she planned to abandon him and run off with his cousin.

Catherine is alone with Narcisse and she’s upset that Louis has taken advantage of Mary in her vulnerable time. He asks why she’s vulnerable. Catherine won’t say and he starts kissing her and undressing. He says he has plans to get rid of Louis permanently but says a few men would have to die. She says men die every day in France. He says he’ll tell her after he beds her and goes back to kissing her.

Kenna tells Lola she can’t believe Bash moved on and is in love already. Lola reminds her she was ready to leave Bash. Kenna says nothing has changed and she doesn’t want Bash back. She wonders about Greer and they agree to take her some money and not make any comments about her new place that’s likely ghastly. They come see her new townhouse and Greer has to explain that the women there work for her and that she’s a madam.

She says she fell into it and is quite good at it. Kenna says she’s being modest. Greer says she knows it’s not ideal but says it pays her way in life and she’s independent. She says she’s happy for the most part and Kenna says they’re all fallen women. She says she’ll be a divorcee, Lola is an unwed mother and Greer a madam. They enjoy some champagne in a toast. Narcisse has some dead bodies placed to implicate Louis in some crime.

Bash comes to report to Francis and Mary that they can’t rescue the boys and says they have 30 barrels of gunpowder and are likely going to blow up the church, the boys and themselves. Francis rants to Mary that this is all her fault when he protected Scotland despite her plan to run off with him. Francis tells Bash to go try to rescue the boys and will lay down his life if he has to but says he doesn’t have the right kind of men for this job. He leaves.

Bash and his men are outside the monastery gates looking at the guards. Tey see one of the dead bodies that Narcisse planted there and sees Louis’ seal on it. Archers take down the outer guards and they open the gates to head inside. They creep up to the doors carefully. Bash says something is wrong and his men are cut down by archers. He yells to fall back but many die. Kenna, Lola nad Mary talk about how anyone can do this to children.

Lola asks if Mary has called it off with Louis but she says Francis is tolerating her and says their marriage is done. She says Louis has risked much for her but Lola says maybe he just helped her through a painful time. She wonders if Mary is confusing gratitude with love. Bash reports back to Francis on the failed operation. He says these men are soldiers but are not trained for a conflict like this. Mary says the rebels are on alert now.

Catherine says Renaud’s men could handle this but Francis says he can’t trust Narcisse since he runs them. Bash advises Francis to take the offer and says Renaud’s men are known for their skills. Bash says he’ll join them and Francis tells Bash to be careful and not trust Narcisse. Privately, he tells Francis he saw Louis’ crest on some of the bodies there. Bash says he knows that Louis met with Protestant leaders at some point. Bash says Louis may see rebellion as a path to power.

Francis tells him if Louis is involved, nothing will keep him safe. Bash is with Renaud’s men who says there are 24 men and they’ve cut off their water supply. They assign who will do what and move out under cover of night. They know the boys are in the chapel. They make quick and bloody work of the rebels then stop one who goes for the gun powder. The children are crying but safe. Bash tells the children it will be okay.

Louis comes to see Mary while the raid is underway. She asks why he came to see her so openly. He tells her about the bodies that were found with his sigil and says the bodies were planted to set him up. She says Francis would not fabricate evidence but Louis says his enemies multiply by the day. He says he’s hated for loving her and for being a Protestant. He says if he was Francis, he would want him dead too. He says he has to leave court and likely France as well.

He begs her to run to Scotland with him. Mary says she loves him but can’t go. Louis says they’re done and goes to walk out. Mary says she’s sorry and says she thought love would be enough. Louis says she did warn him. Mary says he can’t run and asks him to let her talk to Francis. She says he gave her back her life and asks him to let her save his. He agrees then leaves the room. Bash waits while Renaud says they cleared out all the radicals.

He says they killed two boys in a dormitory before they could stop them and says his lieutenant was killed from a knife to the chest. Mary comes to see Francis and says Louis had no part in the attack. Mary says the bodies were planted there to implicate him. Francis says two boys died in the monastery and says he can’t turn a blind eye to Louis’ possible involvement. Francis says Louis took advantage of Mary when she was vulnerable and stole his wife.

Mary says she offered himself to him and says she led him down this path and can’t now abandon him. She says she couldn’t stand to be in the room with Francis where she was attacked. She says even if Francis can’t trust her, he can still trust Louis. He agrees to speak to the nobles. Lord Akos finds Louis in the courtyard and says his relationship with Mary is a problem. Louis asks why he’s still considering his marriage offer to Elizabeth.

Akon says he can stay and face his fate in France or come to England and meet the Queen. Louis says he’ll leave with him immediately. Akon says that the Queen is under intense pressure to marry and put a man on the throne beside her and she wants a foothold in France and Navarre is useful. He says the Queen has already accepted his offer and says he’ll be king consort of England. Louis is shocked but ready to go and meet the Queen.

Lola and Kenna go to see Greer and are mistaken for working girls. Kenna says they’re for Greer and aren’t harlots. Lola has brought cloths for drapes and Kenna sees Renaud there and takes the fabric. She wants to talk to him but Lola says she can’t leave her in a whore house. She insists. Lola heads out and is greeted by Narcisse. He asks why she’s visiting a brothel and she says she has nothing to explain to him and he says he heard her fallen friend is the proprietress.

Narcisse says she needs to be more discreet and he says she has risen above negative speculation and her son is esteemed. He advises her to let nothing diminish her position. She asks why he cares and he says he doesn’t know but does. Narcisse says he would escort her back but is not welcome at court. He leaves her there. A man watches the exchange. Kenna is shocked by a man who is lead by a collar. She asks Greer about Renaud and she says it’s his first time there and she doesn’t know is proclivities.

Greer says her ladies heard that some of his men blame him for the life lost of his lieutenant when he assigned him to a risky assignment to save the son of a nobleman. Akon takes Louis to meet the Queen and says to look alive. The bride comes to see him wearing a veil. They stand before a priest. He lifts her veil. Mary writes Louis a note saying he’s safe and has Francis’ protection. She sends it off with a messenger. Elizabeth has sent a proxy to stand in for the wedding as was a custom back then.

He puts a ring on her finger symbolizing him wedding Elizabeth. They call him King Louis of England then kneel and says God save the kind. He lies in bed with a broadsword between he and the proxy wife. He asks her name and she says it’s Annabelle Breton. He asks how she came to stand in for the Queen of England and she explains her Protestant roots. She asks if he’ll be a good king and offers to tell him about the Queen of England. He says not tonight since his mind on those he leaves behind.

Annabelle asks if he’ll miss France and he says with all his heart. We see Mary standing and looking into the fire. Akon and Louis ride for a ship and he hears bells ringing and sees fire. He says Annabelle was still sleeping. Akon rides off and says he has to make sure it wasn’t an attempt on Louis’ life. Renaud approaches Kenna at the castle and comments on seeing her at the brothel. She says she heard he enjoyed a great victory.

She remarks on his loss saving the child of a powerful man. Renaud says he lost his own son a couple of years ago when he was taken captive by enemies and says he still doesn’t know if he’s alive or dead. Renaud says she seems disappointed that he’s not some lofty character and he tells her that Bash showed great valor in the raid and says he invited Bash to celebrate with them at the brothel. He says Bash rode off to see a woman and he’s glad it wasn’t Kenna since he likes her. He walks away.

Annabelle’s body is taken away. Looks like she died of smoke inhalation. Akon finds Louis and says the girl is dead, so is the priest and the documents. He says he has to consult his queen before they can wed them again. Louis says it was a careful choice killing Annabelle and the wedding but leaving him alive. He says marrying Elizabeth is a treason and begs Akon to take him to England. He says Elizabeth owes him but Akon says that’s not so and rides off.

Narcisse tells Catherine that he set Louis up but Mary was able to save him. Catherine says Louis has done something worse and says Louis married Queen Elizabeth by proxy and says there was a fire that destroyed all proof and the proxy. They wonder if proof survived. Narcisse says that could give Elizabeth a foothold in France. Narcisse asks if she did this. She says no then asks if he did it. Looks like neither did and says this will ruin Louis in France forever.

He asks Catherine if they’ll both be constantly wondering what the other is up to. She says yes and that he met his match. Catherine’s man Edmund reports that Narcisse was seen outside at a brothel talking to Lola. He says they spoke briefly and that was it. Catherine asked how they seemed when they spoke. Edmund sighs and says it looked shady and if it was his wife he’d been talking to, he’d want Narcisse dead. She thanks him for her candor.

Francis tells Mary that Louis married Elizabeth by proxy. He tells her about the arson and murder and says they don’t know if Louis fled as King Consort of England. Mary tells him that she knew Elizabeth was interested in him and says Louis swore he would reject her proposal. She and Francis argue and she says Louis did this because she ended things with him and chose to stand by Francis as his queen if not his wife. She says she’s trying to do the right thing.

Francis asks if he should thank her and says she may have done the right thing politically and says she’s not different from Louis seeking a political future. Francis says if Louis is married to Elizabeth it may be the end of their reign.