Return to Amish Recap 6/21/15: Season 2 Episode 4 “Mother Schmucker’s B&B”

Return to Amish Recap 6/21/15: Season 2 Episode 4 "Mother Schmucker's B&B"

Tonight on TLC Return to Amish, the Breaking Amish spin-off airs with an all new June 21 Sunday season 2 episode 4 called “Mother Schmucker’s B&B,” on tonight’s episode, Mary has unexpected guests before the bed-and-breakfast opens, so she treats them to a real Amish experience.

On the last episode, Kate rushed to Pennsylvania when she heard the news about Mary. Meanwhile, Chester gave his opinion on the bed-and-breakfast; and Jeremiah dealt with an unwelcome presence. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the TLC synopsis “Mary has unexpected guests before the bed-and-breakfast opens, so she treats them to a real Amish experience. Meanwhile, Rebecca has a confrontation with Jeremiah, who responds by reaching out to Katie Ann.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be exciting you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of the Amish family.



Last week, a couple of guests had unexpectedly arrived at the B&B. And, mind you, that was before the place had even been officially opened. So naturally Mary was afraid she couldn’t help these people and she actually came close to turning them away.

Yet, with little bit of talking to and Mary being the kind person that she is, she chose to overlook the many gaps that were standing that was preventing her from opening up shop and instead opened her doors to these guests. But on tonight’s episode of “Return to Amish” we get to see just what kind of place Mary wishes to run. And it looks like said guest got a raw deal.

See, Mary didn’t just want to open a B&B. She wanted to run an Amish B&B. So when her guests arrived – she told them all about her conditions.

They weren’t allowed cell phones or any other electronics. And while they were there, Mary wanted to give them a full Amish experience. Meaning they had to wear Amish clothes and essentially live like they were part of the Amish community.

In other words, the guests were forced into doing chores. Such as mucking out stalls and also knitting with Katie-Ann for what felt like hours. And, as another part of the Amish experience, they had to use the outhouse like any other Amish person would.

But, after about a day of this, the guests suddenly decided to leave early.

They came up with an excuse that no one believed was true and then they suspiciously high-tailed it out of there. So, right away, Mary knew something was off. And she called a family meeting to see what the problem was.

Apparently, running a B&B has been a dream of hers and so she doesn’t want her business to fail before it could get off the ground. And if that meant some things had to change then she looked willing to accept it.

So the kids voiced their opinions. And among other things, not feeding the guest after they worked all day turned out to be a big problem!

Guests generally don’t want to work while they’re on vacation. And the ones that do want the Amish experience don’t know that such a thing entails having to work. Ultimately, Mary was asked about having a half-English/ half-Amish B&B.

That way she could still give her guest some of her experience but she also wouldn’t be driving them away.

So the kids made Mary second guess her business plan. But while the family went about refitting the B&B, Katie-Ann ended up revealing a secret to Rebecca. One that she later regretted telling.

Katie-Ann had admitted to having a crush on someone yet she refused to name who. She was just going to leave it as a mystery. Rebecca decided to do some digging of her own and what she found out shocked her. Rebecca did learn who Katie-Ann had a thing for and the older woman didn’t approve.

In fact, you could say she hated the idea of her sister-in-law being interested in Jeremiah.

On that topic, Jeremiah wasn’t happy about it either. He said that Katie-Ann was like a sister and that he didn’t want that to ever change.

In case you forgot, Jeremiah has been through a lot. The one person he’s come to depend on is Mary. Mary has been there for him since day one and now she’s almost like a mother to him.

So there was no way Jeremiah was going to cross that particular line with Katie-Ann and he later told her so after he’d been urged by Rebecca to let her down easy.

However, after everything was said and done, Mary still wanted to the B&B her way and she ended up trying to enforce her Amish rules once again. So really who knows how long her B&B will stand? There’s a chance Jeremiah and Katie-Ann won’t be spending as much time together as they’ve recently become accustomed to.