Return to Amish Recap 6/7/15: Season 2 Episode 2 “Under Arrest”

Return to Amish Recap 6/7/15: Season 2 Episode 2 "Under Arrest"

Tonight on TLC Return to Amish, the Breaking Amish spin-off airs with an all new June 7 Sunday season 2 episode 2 called “Under Arrest,” on tonight’s episode, Mary’s bed-and-breakfast dream gets off to a rocky start.

On the last episode, in the season premiere, Mary’s shunning continued because she attended Andrew’s wedding. Meanwhile, Abe and Rebecca felt disconnected from the Amish community; Jeremiah and Katie Ann try to obey the rules; and Kate tried out a new look. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the TLC synopsis “Mary’s bed-and-breakfast dream gets off to a rocky start; Chapel finds the courage to face Mary.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be exciting you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of the Amish family.

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#ReturnToAmish starts in Brookville, PA with Mary getting the verdict on Andrew’s case. She says he got 21 months in Federal prison. Chapel says it’s the worst thing that could happen and they were just raped of their future. Mary says Andrew is surrounded with bad influences and she hopes he’s learned a lesson. Chapel is upset they wouldn’t let her kiss him goodbye. He’s driven away to jail.

Mary comes out of the courthouse and says she’s not going to blame anyone else 100% but thinks it’s unfair that he’s going to jail and Chapel isn’t. Abe says he doesn’t blame anyone and says Andrew fell back into his own bad ways. We see a flashback to Andrew acting out. Abe says Andrew finds trouble or trouble finds him when he falls back into old patterns.

Katie-Ann says she’s so close to Andrew and will remain that way. In New York City, Kate has recovered from her reconstructive surgery and is looking good. She’s at a photo shoot and is doing an international editorial for a Paris publication. She says she’s working on her own fashion line as well. Katie says she knows modeling won’t last forever and is pursuing sewing and design.

She says she’s been sewing her whole life because they have to sew their own clothes in her culture. She says she has her Amish background to thank for that. She knows it won’t be easy since it’s so competitive. She’s excited about her new career but knows it’s a big risk. Back in Punxsutawney, Mary says she’s decided to buy the house even though Chester doesn’t want her to have the B&B.

She hopes he’ll come around. Jeremiah says he thinks it’s a good idea. He looks at the house and says it looks like sh*t but likes the upstairs better than the down. Mary says many Amish communities don’t allow inside plumbing and bathrooms but they can have gas, propane and inside bathrooms. Jeremiah says she needs new windows so guests don’t freeze in the window.

Jeremiah says this is an insane idea of Mary’s. He says it’s going to take a lot of work and she says Amish always work hard. Jeremiah says Mary is the closest thing to a mom he has, so he’s going to have to help her. A truck pulls up and it’s Abe. Jeremiah says he hasn’t seen them since their last big disagreement. He says Abe should stand up for Rebecca but he won’t bring up Chester in front of Mary.

Mary bought the house without telling Abe and Rebecca. Abe says his mom has a lot of trouble with the Amish church and doesn’t need Jeremiah clinging on her. Abe says the house is a dump and thinks she lost her mind buying it. He says she must see something in it that he doesn’t. Rebecca tries out the tub then lifts the toilet lid and is disgusted. She runs out of the room. Abe says he doesn’t see the point in the property but Mary says it can be fixed up in Amish style.

Jeremiah says they’re going to pull up the carpets and refinish the wood floors. Mary says this is a good way for people to come in and have an Amish experience. Jeremiah says they can all pitch in and Abe says they can bring in an Amish construction crew. Jeremiah says they are the crew but Abe says he’s never worked with his hands. Jeremiah says Abe is coming at him again and it’s childish. He says he’s over their last fight. Jeremiah says he’s showing Mary support.

Rebecca says he’s throwing it in their faces acting like they’re not supporting her. Mary says they need to be nice and no bad words. Rebecca agrees they’re stuck with it and says let’s get her done. Abe says if anyone can do this, the Schmucker family can. Kate goes to meet with Gina, a friend from the fashion trade. They talk about her collection and Kate says she has a presentation coming up with Raw Artists. She says she’s not sure yet if she can do it. She says she wants to show new stuff.

Gina offers to help and says she can cut but can’t stitch. Then Gina asks if Kate is still dating that guy but she says she hasn’t been in a relationship she can trust. She says dating in NYC is tough especially because of her background. She says her relationship with her father affected everything. She says when she was nine, her dad became a bishop and it put a lot of pressure on her. Kate says she went home a couple of weeks ago and they ignore her life outside.

Kate says her parents want her to come home and find a nice Amish boy. She says right now, she’s just focusing on work Back in Punxsutawney, Rebecca tells Abe that Mary needs an intervention. They’re working on the exterior of the house. He says they have to pull down all of the wallpaper because Amish won’t allow it. Mary says they have to take out the electric and everything and asks Jeremiah to make sure they get the work done right. Rebecca says she’s not Amish no more and has no boss.

Jeremiah says it must suck for Abe to have to listen to him. Abe says Jeremiah needs to figure out his purpose in life and knows it’s not being Amish. Jeremiah says he will be just as Amish as he wants to be. Abe says he’s a pretender and Rebecca says he’s doing it for attention from the Amish girls. Rebecca says he’s a player. Abe says if he opened a bar, Jeremiah would go in there. Jeremiah says Jesus drank wine but Abe says a true Amish wouldn’t go inside.

Jeremiah says he’s not getting into this with them and is there to help Mary. Abe wonders how Mary can have the B&B without having problems with a bishop one side and a preacher on the other. Rebecca says the bishop can hear them and says Mary is living half-English and you can’t have it both ways. Abe says the Amish can hate you without reason and it’s over if they don’t like you. Rebecca says this will make or break her.

Now they’re working inside the house and Rebecca says they’re going to paint over the wallpaper instead of taking it down since that’s easier. Mary wants everything painted plain white. Abe asks about Andy and Mary says it didn’t go as well as she hoped. Mary says she hoped that Andrew would calm down after he got married. Rebecca says it’s hard because he’s throwing Chapel’s life away too and he’s only worried about himself. She says Mary blames Chapel but it’s not her fault.

She says Andrew chose to do drugs and Rebecca doesn’t want Chapel to be alone. Mary says if he had stayed Amish, he likely wouldn’t be in jail now. Chapel says she hasn’t spoken to the Schmuckers in a while and wants to know what they’re thinking. She meets with Rebecca at a diner. Chapel says she’s had a few long days since Andrew’s 21 month verdict. Rebecca says she feels bad for Chapel not knowing if she’ll live or die plus this. She asks about her chemo and she says she’s terrified.

Rebecca says she’s stronger than anyone she knows. Chapel says she needs the family and Rebecca says they made a commitment to her. Chapel asks about Mary and Rebecca says right now she’s blaming her for Andrew going to jail. Chapel says Mary never wanted Andrew to marry English but says she would do anything to have kept him out of jail. Rebecca says Mary wants to think all her kids are angels but it’s not true. Rebecca says no one forced Andrew to do anything.

Chapel asks if Mary will talk to her and if she sees her as family. Rebecca says Mary was at the wedding and she says Mary is always hard on the daughter in laws. Chapel says she wants her to just talk to her face instead of talking behind her back. Rebecca wants them to sit down and hash it out.

Abe is helping Mary move some stuff into the B&B. Katie-Ann is packing and Jeremiah tries to talk to her. He asks how she feels and if the B&B is a good idea. She says she’s just thinking about packing up and leaving. Jeremiah asks if she’d do that instead of helping Mary. She says her mom has him, Rebecca and Abe and she just feels trapped in a box with the Amish. She says she just wants to escape from all of this but also wants to support her mother.

Jeremiah asks what her dream is and she says to be a barrel racer at the rodeo. Jeremiah wonders why Amish want to go for the rodeo and says she should be different. Katie-Ann says she loves horses and Jeremiah says if she supports Mary at the B&B, he’ll help her out with her dream. He worries Mary won’t be able to handle it if Katie-Ann runs off to be English. Chapel drives to see Mary but she’s very nervous about seeing her. She heads to the B&B.

Mary sees the B&B as a new starting point for herself. Chapel says she knows Mary blames her for Andrew leading an English life then going to jail. She hopes Mary will hear her out but says she may go away broken-hearted. Chapel shows up and greets them. Rebecca hugs her and tells her to come in. She takes some furniture to help carry it in. Mary sees Chapel and is shocked that she would come to her house. Chapel asks if she can talk to Mary. She sits down with her.

Mary says she feels bad about Chapel’s cancer but still blames her for what happened to Andrew. Mary says she was really upset when this first happened and thought Chapel should be in jail too since she got him into this mess. Mary says Andrew always did exactly what he wanted and Chapel says there were doing counseling and she thought he had a good head on his shoulders but says she can’t control Andrew and he makes his own choices.

Chapel says she felt like Andrew wanted the same things she wanted and would stay out of trouble. She says he just did what he wanted. She says she still wants to be part of everyone’s lives. Chapel says she’s still in Stage IV and says it bought her more time but it’s looming. Mary says she can put her mind to it and survive it. Chapel says last time she had Andrew and he would feed her and carry her when she couldn’t walk. She starts crying and says she won’t have him this time.

She says Andrew did all those things for her. She’s crying and steps outside to get her composure back. Mary now feels bad about blaming her and wants to make things right. She says Andrew held her hand last time she was in chemo and this time she’s alone. Chapel comes back inside and Chapel says she’s sorry. Chapel says she’s terrified going through this without Andrew who was her rock. She says Mary is the last she has of Andrew and it’s overwhelming her.

Mary asks if she’s going to be okay. Chapel says it hurts to think about moving forward without Andrew because he made things easier for her and is a good guy but just makes bad choices. Mary says he did that when he was Amish too. She says he’s good on the inside but can be talked into things. Chapel says he just wants to feel like he’s accepted and with Abe and them not talking to him, he felt so alone. She says he fell in with the wrong people to replace them with.

Chapel says she hopes when he gets out, the family will go around him and suck him back in. She says she hopes he’s part of the family again. Mary says they can stick together and push for it and maybe get through to him. Mary feels better and says Chapel is welcome from now on. Chapel says it’s great to see them all and Mary says she’s a Schmucker and needs to be involved with them. They share a hug before she leaves.

Rebecca is happy to show off the B&B to the kids. She and Abe bring the kids by and he says he’s excited to see the house done and see their hard work. Mary says she has some ground rules and says they all have to wear Amish clothes. Rebecca thought she was done with that for good. Rebecca agrees to try an outfit on and Jeremiah says he’s already dressed Amish but thinks it’s overboard to think Abe and Rebecca will do it. Rebecca comes out and Abe thinks she looks good no matter what.

Abe says the Amish clothes are not great. Rebecca tells Katie-Ann not to laugh at her.

Rebecca says she wants to get along with her mother in law and Abe says she looks better in English clothes. She does a twirl for them and Abe says to go get her jeans back on. Rebecca says what if she wears skirts or dresses of a nice length but not Amish. Mary says she can go for it but she can’t wear anything short. Rebecca says she has nothing short but Mary says she does. She doesn’t want Rebecca wearing animal prints either.

Mary goes to work in the kitchen while they relax. Kate-Ann is crocheting and chatting with Rebecca when they hear a thump. Mary is on the ground and hacking and coughing. They call for someone to call 911. Mary says she doesn’t know what’s happening. She can’t stop coughing. The producer says to get her some water. The EMTs show up and come inside. Katie-Ann sits beside her mother while Rebecca goes to talk to the medical personnel.

They ask if she has chest pain then get her on the stretcher and take her out to the ambulance. Rebecca says it’s a terrible feeling to see her like that and the last thing she wants to see. Mary says she just can’t breathe. They wheel her out of the house and to the ambulance. Abe says all they can do is pray and hope for the best. They take her away. Abe follows the ambulance in his truck and says they’re all worried. Katie-Ann says she doesn’t know what she would do without her mother.