Return to Amish Recap 5/31/15: Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere “Broken Family”

Return to Amish Recap 5/31/15: Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere "Broken Family"

Tonight on TLC Return to Amish, the Breaking Amish spin-off airs with an all new Sunday, May 31 season 2 premiere called “Broken Family,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, inn the season premiere, Mary’s shunning continues because she attended Andrew’s wedding.

Return to Amish is a spin-off series of Breaking Amish that reunites viewers with the original group from Breaking Amish – the network’s highest-rated freshman series ever.

On tonight’s episode per say the TLC synopsis “in the season two premiere, Mary’s shunning continues because she attended Andrew’s wedding. Meanwhile, Abe and Rebecca feel disconnected from the Amish community; Jeremiah and Katie Ann try to obey the rules; and Kate tries out a new look.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be exciting you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of the Amish family.

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Kristine Francis: Since the last season of “Return to Amish”, Mary and her husband Chester have had to take painstaking steps to rebuild their lives.

The last we saw of them, Chester had been shunned because of his continued relationship with his “English/ Ex-Amish” children. But, after facing numerous difficulties because of that decision, he soon came to realize that he didn’t want to leave his life in the Amish church. At least not entirely.

See he wants to be a part of his children and of grandchildren’s lives and yet Chester doesn’t know how to live in any other world besides the Amish one. So, though it’s hard, Chester is willing to sacrifice one in order to keep the other. And in this case that unfortunately means it’s his children that have landed on the chopping board.

But thankfully Chester’s wife Mary has always done things according to what she feels is right instead of what she’s been told/ allowed to do.

Last year wasn’t the first time that Mary had been shunned and truthfully it won’t be the last. Hence she’s still shunned because of everything she did all those months ago but she’s also not taking any steps to change her circumstances.

Chester was willing to let the kids visit the house as long as he wasn’t there yet his wife has no qualms about seeing her children or her granddaughters. Just like her husband, she was raised to believe that family was the most important thing. So to her, she’s simply following that way of life by continuing to see her family outside of the church.

However it is getting harder on her to stick to her ways. Chester has chosen church over family and he’s also cut off all contact with the production crew. Thus Mary has been getting into a lot of arguments with her husband. Both for doing the show and for going over to her children’s very English home.

And things couldn’t have been any worse than when Andrew found himself once again in trouble with the law.

He’s currently in jail and so he’s asked his wife Chapel, his on-again off-again sick wife, to do a few things for him. Andrew needs her to contact his lawyer and he wants her to inform his mother about what’s going. So really when he promised to always be there to take care of her – Chapel was actually the one that had to take care of him.

And Chapel honestly felt horrible about being the one to have to break the news to Mary. It seems she was afraid the older woman would blame her for Andrew getting arrested. Though, by now, Mary must surely know her own son and how out of control he can get.

In a strange turn of events, Mary has probably the one devoted child and funnily enough it ended up being Jeremiah.

Last season Jeremiah decided to go back to the Amish lifestyle and so far he’s sticking it out. Which means he’s around for the most part and thanks to Mary’s continued support he hasn’t been getting into his typical trouble.

Plus Jeremiah has been serving as a form of support for Mary. And it’s him that Mary bounces ideas off of.

Mary apparently wants to open a Bed and Breakfast. She says she wants it to be a blend of both Amish and English culture. And it seems like she’s not letting anyone to deter her from starting her own business. Including her husband.

Abe had unexpectedly come by the house and Chester had kindly asked him to leave once he noticed the camera crew waiting outside. And while Abe later believed his father wasn’t doing anything wrong, Jeremiah chose to voice his own thoughts on the matter. He told Abe that he’s letting Chester push him around just like he lets Rebecca push around. So Jeremiah asked him when was it ever going to be enough?

Jeremiah may have come back to the Amish lifestyle but that doesn’t mean he follows all their rules. He says he now acts according to what he believes is right. And if that means helping Mary open her B&B or hiding Katie-Ann’s secrets then so be it.

Katie-Ann is off driving cars when no sees her and she has a secret boyfriend on the side as well. So out of everyone, Chester is the only one truly following the Amish doctrine.

Even Kate who models tries for the most part to stay within the gray area. But recently she’s had to fix her deviated septum. And plastic surgery, of any kind, is frowned upon in the Amish community.

So what will happen once Chester figures out he can lose his entire family if he doesn’t end up bending on something?