Revenge Recap – Margaux’s Baby Dead: Season 4 Episode 17 “Loss”

Revenge Recap - Margaux's Baby Dead: Season 4 Episode 17 "Loss"

Tonight on ABC Revenge continues with an all new Sunday March 22, season 4 episode 17 called “Loss,” and we have your weekly recap below. On this evening’s episode, Emily [Emily Thorne] works to prove that Jack [Nick Wechsler] is not guilty. Meanwhile, Nolan [Gabriel Mann] and Louise are visited by a police officer.

On the last episode, determined to flaunt her new fortune in Victoria’s face, Natalie threw a giant Fourth of July bash and invited David to be her date. Meanwhile, Margaux stepped up her plans to take down anyone who stood in her way. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “As Emily fights to clear Jack’s name in and out of court, newlyweds Nolan and Louise receive a visit from Officer Ben Hunter.”

Tonight’s episode airs at 10 PM EST on ABC and is bound to be full of all the typical twists and turns that we have come to expect from REVENGE. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime feel free to hit up the comments now and tell us your thoughts on season 4 and come back to CDL for more Revenge Season 4 spoilers!

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On #Revenge, we see Emily flash back to the night cops hauled her away when her dad was arrested as she sees Carl with the police. She takes Carl home with her. David is there and has a toy car for Carl. He says he’s had a lot of practice with kids. Emily says she hates the idea of Jack losing his son. David says Jack would never drink and drive. She wonders if Margaux would do this and says she’ll make the person pay. Her dad says that’s not the way but she says she’s done seeing bad things done to her friends. She leaves Carl with her dad and goes to the bail hearing.

Jack is brought into the jail and he asks Schaefer if the cuffs are necessary. He says his blood test will prove he wasn’t drinking and Schaefer says the test was wrong. Jack’s mom Stevie is there to act as his lawyer and says Emily flew her in last night. She asks if he was drinking and he says no – he says he was set up and didn’t have a drop. Stevie says she believes him and they just have to back that up. Margaux is in the doctor’s office when Victoria shows up.

She says she has a gift for her. It’s a sketch of the Daniel Grayson research wing. Victoria says she hopes the board approves it even though it’s named after Daniel. Margaux says she will help sway any naysayers. Victoria says they can announce her pregnancy at the ground breaking. The ultra sound tech comes in and says she hopes they can get a good image. They hear the heartbeat then get a picture of it. Victoria pets Margaux’s hair proudly.

Louis freaks when Nolan comes in and slops some of the drink she was making. He tells her that Emily called and Jack is in trouble. He says he has to go but will check in later. He heads out but sees Ben at the door with another cop. They ask to speak to Louise. Nolan calls her over. She says she prefers firemen. Ben says he has bad news and says they found Lyman’s body on the rocks below the house.

Jack pleads not guilty. The DA says they think Jack is a flight risk and ask bail for $50k. Stevie says he’s a loving father and decorated officer with lifelong ties to the community. She asks for no bail. The judge agrees but tells Jack she’s appointing a social worker to assess his competence as a father. They set the hearing for the next day. Stevie says Judge Knowles is facing a tough reelection. Emily sees Margaux there and tells her to leave Jack out of it.

Margaux says Emily started it and whatever happens to Jack is on her head. Louise cries and tells them she was with her brother at the party. She says he had a few too many and she sent him home to sleep it off. She says when she got back he wasn’t asleep, he was drinking. She says she scolded him for being a bad house guest. She says she told him to go to bed and thought he did. She cries hard when Ben asks about their strained relationship.

Nolan says the only argument was between he and Louise because he didn’t want him staying with them but then he backed down. Ben says that’s enough for now and leaves. Alexander sits with Victoria and tells her the proposal was denied. He says one member couldn’t see past Daniel’s involvement. She asks who and he says the votes are anonymous. He says he would like to change that renegade’s mind and asks her if any names ring a bell. She sees Emily’s name on the list.

Emily tells Stevie that Margaux has gone after Jack because of her. Stevie says Margaux needs someone on the inside. Nolan says he’ll look for bank deposits. Stevie shows them the report that says Jack was hostile. Stevie says either Schaefer rigged the breathalyzer or someone spiked his OJ. They see a guy standing by Jack’s glass. Nolan has no other camera angles and Emily says they have to track that guy down to get what they need.

Emily is in a house creeping around. The spy catches her and pulls a gun on her. They grapple and then he gets the better of her. She turns it around and gets the drop on him. She asks what he put in Jack’s drink and says she’ll settle for him turning himself in and saying Margaux was behind it. He says he has Jack’s blood sample and it will prove he wasn’t drinking. He tosses it in the air and she has to scramble to catch it. While Emily is distracted, the spy slips away.

Emily finds Ben and brings him coffee and a pasta. She tells him to check the bag and he says it’s the real sample. He says it was on Margaux’s guy and says he must have stolen it from the lab once someone gave him access. He says the seal is intact but she’s going to have a hard time getting it into evidence. She asks him to get it into the lab and then Stevie can push for it to be found. The social worker asks where Carl is and he says he’s with his grandfather.

He asks about Jack’s new job as a bartender and asks if anyone in the family has issues with alcohol. Stevie says she’s a recovered alcoholic and Jack says this is a horrible misunderstanding. He tells Jack he has concerns. Jack says Carl already lost his mother and asks him not to take his father too. The guy says he’ll be in touch and leaves. The spy goes to Margaux’s and says he needs another place to stay because she finally found him.

Margaux shows him the story about Lyman – she thinks Emily took him out too. She says Lyman left her a voice mail that could be incriminating. He says he’ll take care of it. Margaux says that will be the last task and says his services are done. Margaux says this is not who she is. He says he can’t let Pascal’s grandchild be sullied by a bad father’s name. He says it’s time to take the big step. Emily calls Nolan because something tripped her security system. They reset it.

Nolan says they have to drop the charges once they get Jack’s blood test into it. Victoria is there and startles Emily who tells her to get out. She says Emily is spitting on Daniel’s grave. Emily says she owes Daniel her life and took the time to go vote in favor of it. She says she doesn’t want any more loss and is holding to their deal. Victoria says she doesn’t want any more loss either. Emily tells her to tell Margaux to quit trying to tear Jack’s family apart and says she’s trying to destroy them.

Victoria says Margaux is in mourning and Emily says that’s a screwed up way of dealing with it. She tells Victoria to take care of it or she will. Victoria says she sounds like a true pacifist. The social worker, Tony Hughes, shows up to talk to Nolan. He offers a tour of the club. Tony says he’s there about Jack and then says a full bar is not the place to keep a child. Tony says he’s running an unlicensed daycare and Nolan says he’ll have a license by the end of their meeting.

Nolan says Tony is trying to rip kids from their parents for a living. Tony says the kid has got David Clarke, an alcoholic grandma and Nolan. Tony says he protects children. Nolan asks where he was when his dad kicked him out for loving another boy. He says he wishes his father had loved him like Jack loves his son. In court, Jack lies and says he stank like alcohol and was belligerent. Stevie asks if he’s sure the alcohol was on Jack’s breath or could have been from bartending.

Schaefer says he was anxious and Stevie says most people are when they are pulled over by cops when they’ve done nothing wrong. Stevie says the lab found the blood sample and asks that it be admitted. The judge says no. Stevie cites precedent setting cases and when she argues the point, the judge holds her in contempt then tells Jack he needs to get another lawyer. Emily is there and is stunned.

David shows up as Stevie is finishing her contempt issue. He posted her bail and says Jack is home with Carl. He says he’s owed her a favor for 20 years. She tells him she’s sorry she failed him back then but says Emily was the only one that could have saved him. She says Emily is impressive then says they both got second chances with their kids. He says Emily is a full person now and doesn’t need her dad. Stevie says he can’t give up and says Emily needs her dad and he should be there for her.

Nolan and Emily discuss Schaefer when Stevie shows up. She says Judge Knowles must be in Margaux’s pocket based on what went on. Nolan looks up the judge and sees that Margaux’s family publications just endorsed the judge. Victoria has a crib and stuff for Margaux. She tells her that the proposal was voted down. Victoria asks if it was Margaux and why the change of heart. Margaux says she has to protect her child.

She says announcing her pregnancy with the wing will cast a shadow over her child’s life and can’t let it happen. Victoria isn’t pleased. She says her maternal instinct is still to protect Daniel. Victoria says she will support Margaux keeping her pregnancy quiet and then Margaux agrees to change her vote. Nolan says the judge has a secret admirer that sent over a costly bottle of wine and says she must have made someone very happy. She turns down the wine and says she’ll stick to water.

Ben pulls over the judge and says he got a call that she was weaving and asks if she was drinking. He says he has to do a breathalyzer. She says it may be an abuse of power but agrees. He says she blew a .15. She gets a call from the courthouse. She takes the call and Emily says she can see she’s in a bit of a pickle. She says she’s trying to keep her honest. Emily says the wine was just a gift while the water was laced with model glue – the same chemical that caused Jack to fail his test.

She says this won’t bode well for her re-election. She tells the judge to have Jack’s blood tested and see that there is no alcohol. Emily then says that all the bribes she took in the form of le Marchal endorsements will all come to light. She tells the judge to choose wisely and says she’ll be watching her. Ben leaves her there. Jack is with Emily and asks why it’s taking so long. She says she’ll find another way to fix it. Stevie comes out and tells them all charges have been dropped.

Stevie says she wants to take them all out to lunch but Emily says she has something to do. David tells Emily she needs to come celebrate instead of doing what she’s doing. He says if she punishes Marguax this will never end. She says she didn’t start this and her dad says she can finish this. He tells her she can end this and says he believes in her. Louise tells Nolan that Lyman’s body is headed home. He fixes her tea and she says she needs something stronger.

He apologizes for not being around but she says Jack needs him. Nolan asks if they need to fly to Savannah for her brother’s funeral. Louise says she lied to the cops. She says she didn’t think they would believe her since it was like what happened to daddy’s. She says she found Lyman snooping on his black laptop. He asks what Lyman saw and she says it doesn’t matter since he can’t tell anyone now. Nolan asks if she did something. She says there were arguing by the bluff.

She says she didn’t push him but she also didn’t help him. She says Nolan is the only one that doesn’t keep secrets from her and she doesn’t want to keep them from him. She asks if she should go to Ben and tell him the truth. He says with no evidence of foul play she’s safe. Nolan gets a text from the club saying the social worker from Jack’s case is there. He heads out. Emily confronts Margaux on the street and says she stooped so low to hurt Jack when she has her own child on the way.

Margaux says she sank to Emily’s level since her baby’s father’s name is ruined. Emily says they need to stop this. She says she thinks Margaux is a good person who got caught up in all this. She says she will work with Margaux to clear Daniel’s name but Margaux says she doesn’t believe her. Emily hands her the real birth certificate. She says that means she can trust her. Margaux says she can’t and the only way to end this is for her to say what happened the night Daniel died.

Emily says that would put more lives at risk but Margaux won’t hear it. She stands on street hailing a cab and tucks the birth certificate into her purse. She doesn’t see the cab coming for her. It bashes into her and she goes flying. Emily is well and truly horrified. Emily follows her to the ER and Victoria is there. Victoria tells the ER people that she’s her mother and that she’s pregnant. Victoria sees Emily there and she says it was an accident.

Victoria comes over and says around her, there are no accidents. Emily says she was trying to end this and the car came out of nowhere. Victoria tells her to get out of her sight. Emily hands over Margaux’s purse but she had already taken the birth certificate back. Tony is there and says he was looking for Nolan in a non-official capacity. He says he came to apologize. He says he has seen so many selfish dishonest people and it’s made him distrust him. He says what he said about Jack moved him.

Tony says he’s an idiot when he sees Nolan’s wedding ring. Nolan says the ring is not exactly what it looks like. He says it’s a long story and offers to buy him a drink. Stevie is cleaning up when Jack comes down after tucking in Carl. He thanks her and she says his friends went above and beyond for him. He says this is just the tip of the iceberg. She stands and says she doesn’t scare easy. She says they have a lot to talk about.

Victoria comes in to see Margaux. She says she gave her a scare and thought she lost her. Margaux says the baby is gone. She says Daniel is gone. Victoria hugs her to her while they both cry. Emily goes to see David and she’s very upset. She tells him she tried to end it like he said but says it’s too late. She cries and he holds her. He tells her it’s okay. Victoria cries out in the hall then wipes her eyes. She goes back inside the room and sits by Margaux. She pours her some water and asks how she’s feeling.

Victoria asks her what happened. She asks why Emily was with her and says they only have each other now. She says whatever lead to this loss requires an explanation. She says she will accept the truth. Margaux says Emily told her she wanted peace and gave her word but then she pushed her. Ooh! That lying Margaux! What an evil woman.