Rob Kardashian Joins Forces With Bruce Jenner To Expose Kris Jenner, Destroy Kardashian Family With Fiery Tell-All?

Rob Kardashian Joins Forces With Bruce Jenner To Expose Kris Jenner, Destroy Kardashian Family With Fiery Tell-All?

Rob Kardashian is suing Kris Jenner and taking down the Kardashian Family – and Bruce Jenner is helping him! Momager Kris’ worst nightmare has officially come true. The two men that she has ridiculed, embarrassed, and made a fortune off of are joining forces and conspiring to destroy the Keeping Up With The Kardashians empire that she has sold her soul to build. So, sit back and get some popcorn – because there is about to be some serious fireworks.

Rob Kardashian has already hired a legal team to take Kris Jenner and his sisters to court and sue them for money he believes he deserves because they are airing his dirty laundry on KUWTK, and using his personal problems as storylines on their reality TV show. Even though Rob refused to film the recent season of his family’s show, he has been mentioned in nearly every episode – and not in a good way.

Kris and his sisters even tried to stage an intervention for his alleged drug use and depression. They were filmed rifling through his underwear drawer, and Khloe even ranted that Rob was partying “with whores” in her house. I think we can all agree that Rob deserves some sort of compensation for providing them with non-stop material on the show.

But Rob has also been inspired by his step-father Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer where he came clean about being transgender. Rob is determined to set the record straight and he wants a platform to get revenge on his mom and sisters and air some of their dirty laundry and secrets like they have done to him. Obviously, Bruce Jenner is all for it – Kris Jenner is his least favorite person. Insiders say that Bruce is acting as a middle man and helping Rob Kardashian land a tell-all interview with his new pal Diane Sawyer. And Diane is chomping at the bit – apparently, she secretly enjoys helping make Kris Jenner look like a monster. She was thrilled when she heard that Rob wanted to reveal that Kris had an affair with her hair-dresser Alex Roldan and he is Khloe’s biological father.

Would you tune in to a tell-all Rob Kardashian interview? After everything his mom and sisters have said about him on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, how do you think he will retaliate? Will Kris Jenner try to shut down Rob’s Diane Sawyer interview? Let us know what you think in the comments below!