Rob Kardashian Suing Kris Jenner And Sisters For $50 Million – Tired Of Family Profiting Off His Weight Problems And Depression

Rob Kardashian Suing Kris Jenner And Sisters For $50 Million – Tired Of Family Profiting Off His Weight Problems And Depression

Rob Kardashian is suing his mother, Kris Jenner, and his sisters for $50 Million! Rob Kardashian has made it very clear that he wants nothing to do with his fame-whoring family or their reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. He recently even lashed out at his sister Kim Kardashian on social media and dubbed her “that psycho bitch.”

Despite the fact that Rob was left out of the Kardashian Family’s $100 Million reality TV deal with E! Network and didn’t film any scenes for their latest season of the show – Kris Jenner and his sisters are continuing to use his weight problems, mental health and drug abuse as a storyline. Rob is furious that they are airing his dirty laundry without his permission and making money from his personal woes. According to a new report from OK! Magazine, Rob is suing his family for $50 Million.

The April 27th edition of OK! Magazine reveals, “Struggling with his weight and rumors of drug abuse and depression, Rob Kardashian has spent much of the last year out of the public eye. But that didn’t stop his family from broadcasting the reluctant reality star’s problems on the April 5 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” An insider close to the Kardashians dished to OK! Magazine, “Even after he has refused to appear on the show and been cut out of his family’s $100 Million extension deal – his life is used as a storyline. He wants to find an ironclad way to stop them from even mentioning his name on the show, let alone discussing his mental health.”

Well, the one way to get the Kardashian Family’s attention is by taking away some of their not-so-hard earned money. A legal action against them that could cost them $50 Million is definitely one way for Rob Kardashian to prove that he means business. Whether or not the lawsuit will stand up in court is an entirely different story though. Rob does have a valid point though – they filmed an entire episode of his family discussing his problems, searching his underwear drawer, and airing his dirty laundry on national television. Even if he didn’t appear in the episode, he definitely deserves some sort of compensation.

Do you think the Kardashian family is exploiting Rob’s problems for ratings? Does he deserve a paycheck even though he didn’t actually star in the episode? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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52 responses to “Rob Kardashian Suing Kris Jenner And Sisters For $50 Million – Tired Of Family Profiting Off His Weight Problems And Depression”

  1. Charlene Johnson says:

    I hope this doesn’t turn ugly, I have feeling it will. But leave it up to ms Kris to make profit off of her kids. I feel bad for rob cause I really like him he’s a cool guy. I just hope he can stay strong and overcome his weight and mental stability problem. In the meantime Kris and her daughters need to hang back!

  2. Delores Marshall says:

    I hope he takes them to the cleaners. They Kardashians are a case of money hungry nut cases. Kim and the mom especially will exploit and do anything for a dollar. And the Kim and Kanye combination. The do anything for money whore and the music industry narcissistic clown. What a combination. Lol!

  3. pj says:

    Yes,they are wrong for exploiting his weight issues,its embarassing for him,i would be unhappy too,its enough to make a person have mental issues,sue them! Thats one crazy family,and rob want out, they trying to make him crazy!

  4. gust says:

    He is always looking for a way out he puts him self out there, he has KoKp crying begging him to take the him to take the help his mom keeps trying to
    help his big a** no one shove the food down his throat and he is d err press since he cheated on Adrian with Kesher and now Adrian is getting married and he is trying to blame every one else but himself. I hope to God he don’t get not one red cent because he is not even trying Rob you aught to be ashamed of yourself.

  5. Jenn A says:

    I have always thought that the way that woman uses her children as paychecks was disgusting. What’s worse is that the most profitable one is the one with absolutely no talent or brain function (Kim). But, Kris is the worst of the bunch. She made a fortune from her daughters vagina, and has continued the sexual exploitation with the youngest two. Those girls didn’t have a chance at a normal life and we shouldn’t be surprised they are running as fast as they can away from her (Kris). Good for Rob!! As usual, Kim was wrong in her assessment of things: it’s not Rob’s ass everyone licks, it’s that psycho “mother” of theirs everyone needs to pull their noses from… Get em Rob!!!!

  6. Jenn A. says:

    Get em Rob!!! Maybe you are the only one in the clan who has any sense about them. I’m on surprised more of your syblings don’t have emotional problems with that “mother” of yours… She is everything that is wrong with parenting… She uses all of you as personal paychecks. Get some of it back. And I totally agree with your assessment of Kim.

  7. arggie says:

    Please please please. Do not be a male victim of the Kardashian Female Black Widow Spider Females. They owe you big bucks and when you win your FU money run as fast as you can away from them before you end up castrated like your step father or dead like your father or a laughing stock like fat assed Kims many husbands or a douch like ….enough. Rob you can have a long happy life. Your body can snap back. You can be beautiful and handsome once again and the first step is to leave behind negative forces and the money they owe you will be a fresh start. Good luck man. You are loved.

  8. sdgirl says:

    I hope this is true and he wins. They humiliated him. For what ? Their lives are so bland they profit of their siblings suffering. sick of these women.

  9. EVILMEL says:

    I hope Rob stays out of the spotlight and becomes his own man in his own right and leave his mum and sisters behind. Khloe says she and Rob are close but she used him as much as everyone else in his family discussing Rob when he’s not present….no body knows what’s going on with Rob, none of us do. I hope he does get compensated and moves on with his life.

  10. BooBooBaby says:

    I don’t believe any of this! He is saying this because their reality show has bad ratings now! The family is paying him off! The only reason he doesn’t want to be on camera is because he gained a lot of weight. …if he was thinner, like he used to be he’d be loving the camera’s just like before. …don’t fall for it people!

  11. BooBooBaby says:

    I don’t buy it, he is in on this mess! He doesn’t want to be on camera because he is over weight, when he was thinner he loved the fame/money/attention! They are spinning this bs because their ratings are going down on there obviously faked reality show! It is @ll B to the S!

  12. BooBooBaby says:

    You are actually falling for this? It is so obvious that the family is in on this together so that people will watch their show again & pay attention to them! Lol!

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  14. thebutcher says:

    When your own family uses you for a storyline, they deserve what they get

  15. thebutcher says:

    You’re proof that our education system blows. Learn to spell

  16. thebutcher says:

    Kim, everyone knows it’s you. It’s obvious from the lack of spelling, punctuation, and just plain ignorance. Go suck another niglet

  17. Gill says:

    Well I suppose it beats him having to get a real job.

  18. anna says:

    Shove it SHANK KIM! Your day is coming , all that plastic is going to be running down your ugly face. I’m talking about what an UGLY person you are on the inside. Looks on outside created by dr.!

  19. anna says:

    kim , you’re so obvious ! P.s. scumbag kim, you’re the joke the world laughs at. sickening skank!

  20. kristine08 says:

    Good for Rob.
    Since he is not part of the show or deal, it is mean, to exploit his current situation, without him “ok-ing” it, in writing.
    They have nothing else to gossip about, while they know he is feeling “left out”?
    Very insensitive and selfish….go figure right?
    Take the money and move~

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  22. Erica Bremiller says:

    Yes I do. They shouldn’t be going through his underwear drawer on tv and if he doesn’t want anything to do with their tv show, then they should respect his wishes and leave him out of it.

  23. Chi-rish says:

    It seems like NO ONE likes this family. Who is their audience? Why are they still on the air? When will they finally slide into oblivion? IT can’t happen soon enough.

  24. Firefly says:

    Well well well what goes around comes around……Kris was threatening to sue Bruce if he said things in his interview that she didn’t want out there.
    Kris talked about her son and said things he didn’t want out there.
    fairs fair Kris. It’s your turn to be sued for talking to much.
    Go get them Rob…….Rob the Kardashians of their ill gotten gains.


  25. Nina says:

    Yes he definitely does deserve that money his business is his and they just want a good story for the show because they all suck and they have to have something to talk about they cut him off the show but still talk about him and his business for ratings that’s not fair at all for Rob, They really need to get over their selves because they are all famous for nothing Rob doesn’t deserve to be talked about like a piece of shit and He should get that 50 Million dollars that he is suing for especially from that dumb Whore Kim She Is A Stupid Nut Job That Is A NOBODY!!!!!

  26. How Not To Play The Game says:

    …but for reals though, who really gives AF? They’re all a bunch of looney mf’ers. Plain and simple.

  27. NorCal500 says:

    I hope this is true and he wins. I feel he is a victim of this clan.

  28. LSKKMa says:

    I hope he goes through with it and wins. Maybe that will put an end the the talentless Kardashian clan. So sick of talk shows talking to and about them, Hollywood rags covering the checkout line with them, red carpets with them… why? I thought Red carpets were for famous people with TALENT. Posing nude and doing phony sex videos is not talent.

  29. mississaugamamma says:

    I could be wrong but I believe is still living in her house.

  30. mississaugamamma says:

    Does anyone really think he will sue his mother?? I don’t Who has been paying his bills for the last number of years? She has. He was being paid for appearances on KUWK but he lived a rather expensive life for someone who didn’t really have a job. He is a lazy young man who thinks he is worth more than they were paying him. He, nobody else allowed himself to get fat, do drugs whatever. Nobody made him do it. He rode their coattails and now they are saying enough! He has been offered help for his problems but I don’t think he has done anything about it. A few years ago he talked about going to Univ to get a law degree like his father. I don’t think he even registered. Perhaps his family think what they are doing is going to help him. And what does this fat spoiled young man do? He is trying to extort more money from his family. Good luck with that. I hope he gets nothing.

  31. Frankie M. Avo says:

    defamation of character!!! SUE! SUE! SUE!

  32. bsota says:

    He deserves some money. Not sure how much, but something. Did they humiliate Kim with her huge weight gain while pregnant? No.

  33. bsota says:

    You”d still think a husband wouldn’t want her continuing parading naked.

  34. bsota says:

    You have a real hate for Rob. Wow! Could that be jealousy?

  35. leo says:

    It’s a family affair, go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Leah Whelan-harris says:


  37. Rebecca Howell says:

    i don’t think Rob has a case at all. The only money he has ever earned is off the show. Now he’s ashamed to appear on camera and has nothing going for him. This is about getting money and that’s gross. His family does love him and it’s not right to sue your family. I see suicide in his future. Get a grip Rob and stop blaming others for your own failure.

  38. rebecca brooks says:

    GO ROB!!!!

  39. "A" says:

    All the ‘signs’ ( scenes from the show I’ve seen him in ) point to Rob being bipolar and off his meds because of him being on drugs IMHO. Does he still hang out with Lama I wonder.

  40. "A" says:


  41. jenny says:

    This is really sad, he just want them to leave him alone with his life.But they do not respect that.Thats good that he is suing them, he might as well get something out of the humiliation.I hope you win.

  42. blanka shore says:

    Yes I do.

  43. Jen says:

    Does anybody remember the episode when Kim was joking about when he was a baby and she touched his penis and it got aroused? I was shocked and disgusted at her blatant disrespect toward him. To joke about molesting him as a baby and laughing about it is sick. I felt so much rage towards her myself, I could only imagine how he must have felt. She should not only be sued, she should be arrested.

  44. Sunshine says:

    Who cares. Rob is sick for suing his family. And anyone who thinks is ok to go against your family is crazy. And why does so many people hate them. Please they have business and are very successful. When does it make sense to hate on a mother who helped her children become wealthy. I’m proud of their empire. Only sick people go against someone else success.