Selena Gomez Devastated Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande Dating: Diva Using Justin To Boost Career Like She Used Big Sean?

Selena Gomez Devastated Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande Dating: Diva Using Justin To Boost Career Like She Used Big Sean?

The love triangle between Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande rages on. Justin Bieber is reportedly falling hard for Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez is the last thing on his mind right now. Rumors of Ariana and Justin hooking up have been floating around the internet for months, but they seemed to co to fruition this month when Justin joined Ariana on stage for a PDA-filled performance and Grande and Big Sean broke up just a few days later. But is Justin finally going to get a dose of his own medicine and get his heart broken by Ariana Grande?

Since Ariana Grande and Big Sean’s break-up went public – so have reports that Big Sean was tired of the pint-sized diva’s selfish ways and the fact that she always put her career ahead of their relationship. General consensus on the internet is that Ariana Grande’s relationship with Big Sean, which lasted a total of months, was nothing more than a showmance to her and a sure-fire way to reach a new demographic. When Ariana first began singing her fan base was mostly made up of crazed 12 year old Nickelodeon viewers. But, after hooking up with rapper Big Sean, more artists began to take her seriously and rap fans began to take notice of her too.

Justin Bieber may be falling for Ariana Grande, but sources say that their hook-up really is just a strategic publicity gimmick on Grande’s part. According to our insiders close to Ariana’s camp, “Ariana couldn’t care less about Justin Bieber. She knows that he likes her and she uses him to create headlines and stay in the news – but at the end of the day all she cares about is herself and her career. It’s sad because Justin seems to really like her, but their relationship is 100% one-sided. If Justin didn’t reach out to her on a regular basis they would never even see or speak to each other.”

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez is devastated that Justin is choosing Ariana Grande over her. Selena and Ariana have a lot of mutual friends in the business, and she knows how Ariana operates. It is killing Selena that Justin doesn’t see that Ariana clearly isn’t interested in him. It’s bad enough that Justin is choosing another girl over her – but he is choosing a girl that doesn’t even care about him!

After years of watching Justin Bieber break Selena Gomez’s heart over and over, we can’t even say that we feel sorry for Biebs. It sounds like the tables have finally turned on him, and he is getting a dose of his own medicine from Ariana Grande. So, do you think that a sensationalized relationship with Justin Bieber will help Ariana sell more albums? Is there a chance she actually cares about Biebs, or is she just using him like she did Big Sean to boost her career? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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