Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb Frozen Embryos Trial: Will Nick Win Unborn Kids or Can Sofia Destroy Them?

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb Frozen Embryos Trial: Will Nick Win Unborn Kids or Can Sofia Destroy Them?

Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara just lost a huge court battle against her ex-fiance Nick Loeb, and they are going to trial over their infamous frozen embryos case. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the case – Nick and Sofia broke up in 2014, however before parting ways the couple had two female embryos frozen in case they wanted to have children in the future.

Sofia obviously thought that the thought of using her and Nick’s embryos was off the table – but Nick won’t let her have the embryos destroyed, because he plans on hiring a surrogate to carry the babies and raising them himself.

According to In Touch, on October 27 Sofia Vergara went before the judge and was given bad news, her motion to have Nick’s lawsuit dismissed was thrown out. The judge apparently thinks that Nick has a case, and now they are going to trial over the embryos. This is probably one of the most bizarre custody cases – frankly we are all dying to see how this pans out.

Meanwhile, Sofia Vergara’s wedding to Joe Manganiello is less than a month away, and the stresses of making final wedding arrangements combined with the fact that she now has to go to court and might have illegitimate children with her ex-fiance Loeb has Sofia on the verge of a meltdown.

An insider dished to In Touch Magazine, “Sofía is devastated. But Nick is committed to saving and bringing these embryos to term via surrogate. He’s going to see this thing through until the end. [Sofía]’s just praying that her legal team finds a way to persuade the judge that this can’t go through without her blessing.”

Have you been following Nick and Sofia’s case? Do you think that Nick should be allowed to have the embryos surrogated without Sofia’s blessing? Is this a matter of custody, or a matter of property acquired throughout their relationship and almost marriage? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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