Supernatural Recap – Crowley’s Got One Hell of a Mom: Season 10 Episode 10 Winter Premiere “The Hunter Games”

Supernatural Recap - Crowley's Got One Hell of a Mom: Season 10 Episode 10 Winter Premiere "The Hunter Games"

Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with an all new Tuesday January 20, season 10 episode 10 called “The Hunter Games” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Sam [Jared Padalecki] and Dean [Jensen Ackles] double their efforts to find a cure for the Mark of Cain, after the massacre at the ranch. Meanwhile, Rowena plots against Crowley; and Castiel tries to mend his relationship with Claire, who is bent on revenge against Dean for killing her friend.

On the last episode, Castiel (Misha Collins) found Jimmy’s daughter Claire (guest star Kathyrn Love Newton) in a group home and she convinced him to break her out. After she ran away from him, Castiel called Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) to help find her before she got in trouble. Meanwhile, Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard) faced his biggest challenge yet. Tim Andrew directed this episode with teleplay by Jenny Klein and story by Jenny Klein & Phil Sgriccia. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “after the massacre at the ranch, Dean (Jensen Ackles), Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Castiel (Misha Collins) double their efforts to find a cure for the Mark of Cain but there is nothing in the lore that can help them. Desperate, Castiel comes up with an idea that Sam deems the “single worst idea I’ve ever heard.” Meanwhile, Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) continues to plot against Crowley (Mark Sheppard), and Castiel tries to mend his relationship with Claire (guest star Kathryn Love Newton) who is plotting revenge against Dean for killing her friend. John Badham directed this episode written by Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner.”

Tonight’s season 10 episode 10 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST!

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Crowley is in a medieval looking hall. There are attackers on all sides. He’s stabbed by them all. Rowena wakes him and asks if he’s okay. She asks what she can do and he calls her an evil bitch. She reminds him to call her evil bitch mother. She pulls out a bag she’d hidden under his throne – likely to give him the nightmare he was having. Dean sits on his bed thinking about the massacre. He looks at himself in the broken mirror.

Castiel tells Sam that Claire will barely speak to him. Sam says Randy was using Claire and that Cas did the right thing. Cas says he didn’t deserve that he got. Dean comes in and tells them he knows it was a massacre. He says he used to be a hunter, not a stone cold killer. He says he knows he crossed the line. He says the mark of Cain has to go and Cas says it won’t be easy. Dean says to burn it off but Cas says it doesn’t work that way.

Cas says they might stand a chance with the demon tablet, but it’s missing. He says there may be another way. Rowena skulks about when Guthrie asks if he can help her and says the master didn’t want her alone. She says she knows how her son can be and offers to put in a good word with Crowley. Her son comes in and asks if she’s bored or suicidal or both. She says she’s learning a lot and says now she sees why he is the way he is.

She says they’re all plotting and Guthrie is the worst of them. He tells her she said the same about Gerald. She says she wishes him success and he says she just wants to be free to run amok. She says she wants to be with him and says she’s proud of him. He says she was away for 300 years and she says the locals were going to try her for witchcraft. He says she could have sent for him and that locking him in a workhouse was no solution.

She says she won’t apologize for being a career woman but says they can be family now she’s back. Cas is at a playground where the door is. The sand swirls and Ingrid is there. She has Metatron with her with a bag over his head and she says to return him unharmed. Meta tells him he knew he’d get out of jail and asks Cas if he thinks he’s going to help him. Cas says it’s not about him and he takes him to where Sam is.

Meta asks Sam if he’s there to kill him. Sam just glares. They seat him in a pentagram and chain him down. Sam says his only job there is to provide information. Meta says he knows 2 billion facts but may not choose to share them. Sam asks about the mark of Cain and Meta is shocked that Dean is back and has the mark. He asks if Dean is a demon and Sam says no. He asks if he killed a human or something and Meta laughs and says he’s gone nuclear and is a balls out maniac.

Sam asks if he knows how to remove it and Meta says maybe. He tells Sam to keep Dean away from him if he wants his help. Sam says he doesn’t care what happens to him since he killed his brother. Dean steps into the room and gives Meta a terrifying stare. Claire is packing her bag at the cheap hotel when Cas comes in. He offers to get her another room but she says the problem is him and it won’t work. She says he’s in her dead dad’s body.

She says he’s nothing to her and he says it’s his responsibility to help her. She says it’s not. Cas says she’s been through too much and is adrift. She says she’s good with her life even though it’s not normal. She says he killed her father and Dean killed the last thing she had that was like family. Cas says Randy didn’t help her and she says Dean is a monster. He says there’s a little monster in all of them. She says she’s done with him and walks away.

Meta tells Dean that life is a bitch. Dean tells Sam they should just kill him and Meta says who knew the mark was so toxic, then says he did. He says the mark will own Dean. He asks Meta how to get rid of it. Dean says he can carve the answers out of him. Meta tells him to lighten up and asks why they assume he won’t help. Sam says he’s a dick wad and Meta says he’s their dick wad and will be tickled to help them pop the biblical zit.

He says he needs his old bud the first blade to take care of it. Meta tells him life is a bitch. Sam doesn’t want Dean in contact with the blade since it may make Dean worse. Dean says they can just keep the blade out of his hand. Dean asks what Meta’s game is since him with the blade could just be big trouble for Meta. Rowena makes tea and talks to Crowley about singing a lullaby. He says she just fed him whiskey til he passed out.

He gets a call and tells her it’s business. Dean asks to meet and he agrees. He tells Rowena he has urgent business. She asks should she wait dinner. He tells her she doesn’t cook and he doesn’t eat and he’s gone. She gets out a huge pair of shears and cuts into one of his ties. She smiles wickedly. Claire is playing pool with Brit and Tony and says that Randy was like a dad to her and then badmouths Cas for killing her dad.

Cas tries to call her again and Tony asks if it’s the guy that killed her first or second dad. She says second. Brit tells her that sweetness doesn’t clean up messes. She and Tony share a knowing look. Crowley meets with them and is outraged at their request. He does not want to bring back the blade. Rowena makes a little poppet with the piece of her son’s tie. She chants a spell. It allows her to find Crowley and eavesdrop.

He reminds Dean he goes mental every time he touches her. Crowley says it could be a death sentence for his kind. Sam says without the mark, he can’t kill with the blade. Crowley says it’s hidden and Dean says if Hal takes over, it will be worse. Crowley says it’s in Guam in a crypt with his bones. Rowena overhears this all and smiles. She goes to talk to Guthrie and says Crowley told her that only Guthrie could be trusted with this task.

She reminds him she exposed the traitor Gerald and he was executed. She says she’s a tigress when it comes to her son. He asks what Crowley wants him to do. She says she heard he was a crossroads demon and can travel. Cas shows up annoyed to hear they involved Crowley and are thinking about bringing the First Blade back into play. Dean says he has no choice and it’s the only chance to bring him back.

Cas says Claire is gone and he thinks she’s in for more trouble because of all her rage. Dean says he’d make it better if he could and Cas asks Dean to reach out to her. Cas says he can explain why he murdered Randy and Dean doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Cas says if she understood what kind of man Randy was and what danger she was in, it could help. Dean agrees. Cas says he’ll text him the number then says he likes texting and emoticons.

Cas says Dean seems calm with all this and Meta being there. Sam says he’s too calm and may blow a cork. Crowley goes to his crypt in Guam and blows the dust off. The name is Macleod. He lifts a box out of the crypt and is shocked to see the blade is gone. Rowena sits on his throne when Guthrie comes in. She says she just needed a firm chair for her sciatica. Guthrie says he has the blade but will only deliver it to Crowley.

Rowena says he’s very loyal and deserves this reward. She kills him. Crowley comes in and she says Guthrie was inciting unrest and told her he was colluding with someone named Winchester and was getting the First Blade which could kill them all. She says Guthrie went to get it because he didn’t trust Crowley with it. He says he did have a vision of Guthrie attacking him. He’s shocked to find the First Blade there.

Rowena asks if the Winchesters are the hunters. She asks who is left that he can trust. He looks at her. Brit and Tony bring Claire to their ratty RV. Claire listens to the voice mail from Dean asking to meet her. They ask her if it’s Cas again but she says it’s Dean, the guy who killed Randy and the others. She says he gutted them all and enjoyed it and now wants to talk. Tony says maybe she should meet him. They offer to help her take care of him.

Brit says they can beat him up and Tony says – or something more permanent. Dean gets a call back from Crowley telling him he has it but is hanging onto it until he figures out how to get the mark off his arm. Dean goes to chat with Meta again and says he has the First Blade and asks what’s next. Meta says this is where it gets interesting. Meta says he really needs him to help with the mark. Meta says the first tip was a freebie.

Meta says future steps will cost him big. He says – FYI, there’s a bunch. Dean pulls out a killing blade, glares at him and then goes to close the door. Meta asks what he’s doing. Dean says he’s settling a score that’s taken way too long to settle. He says he’s going to get information and will enjoy getting it. He says it won’t cost him a damn dime. Dean says he’s going to as once before it gets ugly and asks what’s the next step.

Meta repeats his demand and then Dean says each step he doesn’t tell him will cost him and it’s been a long time coming. He says Meta stole Cas’ grace, cast out the angels, made Gadriel kill Kevin, starting an angel war and killing him. Meta says many have suffered and died for believing in Dean and says he’s lied to Sam countless times. Meta says people die just because he wants him too. Dean punches him and Meta tells him to go darker. He does and pummels him.

Meta asks if the mark is making him twitchy. He says roughing up the scribe of God will really make it take hold. Cas tells Sam it’s late and he closes his laptop. Cas says he’s going to try and find Claire. Sam notices Dean isn’t in the kitchen and they go running down the hall. Meta tells Dean he put Kevin in harm’s way and says he tricked Sam into letting Gadriel in. Meta says Dean was bromancing with the king of hell. He beats Meta some more.

Dean asks again what the next step is. Meta says to go screw yourself. Sam tries to get in but Dean locked the door. Dean brings the blade over and asks what’s the next step in removing the mark. Sam pounds at the door and Dean rips his shirt open and carves down into his chest. The mark glows. Cas powers up and magics the door open. Sam grabs Dean and tells him to stop. Cas checks on Meta. Cas says he has to take him back.

Meta says if he asks him for help again, he’ll choose death. He tells Dean that it will get worse as Cas drags him out. Later, Sam finds Dean sitting at the table, head in hands. He asks if he’s okay and Dean says Meta told him – the river ends in the source. He says it was the last thing he said to him. Sam says they had to take Meta away and Dean says he gets that because he was going to kill him and couldn’t stop himself.

Sam promises they’ll figure it out. Sam says Cas said they need a powerful force and says Cain still has the mark and has lived with it for years. He says the mark is strong but maybe there’s a part of him that wants to give into it and he needs to fight that part. Sam says Dean may be part of that powerful force. Claire calls Dean back and says she’s ready to hear his side of the story. He agrees to meet her. She, Brit and Tony share a look.

Next day, Dean goes to meet her at a park. The RV is still there and Claire is inside it. She peeks out and sees him. Brit lurks in the bushes with a bat. Dean sits down on a bench to wait. Tony creeps up behind him. He has an ax in his hand. Claire runs out and screams no at the last minute which gives Dean time to act. He disarms them both then has the ax and starts to go for them. Claire screams no again and he slams the ax into the bench instead.

Brit and Tony run. Claire walks away. Cas drives up beside her and she asks how the hell he found her. He says angels can find people based on prayer or longing. He asks if she has something to tell him. He stops the car and she says she wanted to tell him she thought about what he said. She says she’s going to try and make better choices and let go of some of the monster in her. He offers to help but she says she needs to go it alone but could call sometime. She tells him to go so she can hitch a ride. She says she likes him better in a tie. He gets back in the car to leave. He watches her in the rear view mirror as he drives away.