Supernatural Recap ‘The Prisoner’: Season 10 Episode 22

Supernatural Recap 'The Prisoner': Season 10 Episode 22

Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with an all new Wednesday May 13, season 10 episode 22 called “The Prisoner,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Dean (Jensen Ackles) decides to take matters into his own hands when it comes to the Stynes; and Sam (Jared Padalecki) tries to come to terms with his decision.

On the last episode, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) investigated a bizarre murder and realized the killer bears the same tattoo as those from the Styne family. Eldon Styne (guest star David Hoflin) attacked Dean and a brutal fight ensued. Meanwhile, Castiel (Misha Collins) acted as referee when Charlie (guest star Felicia Day) and Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) were forced to work together on the Book of the Damned. Crowley (Mark Sheppard) discovered his mother was missing and knew she’s up to something so he turned to an old enemy for help. Robert Singer directed this episode written by Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “when it comes to the Stynes, Dean (Jensen Ackles) decides to take matters into his own hands. Sam (Jared Padalecki) tries to come to terms with his decision.”

Tonight’s season 10 episode 22 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST!

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#Supernatural begins at a school in Shreveport, LA. A teen comes out – Eli Styne – named after the school and some bullies approach him. They ask him how much of a virgin he is. They ask if he’s seen a boob. He asks if they’re joking. Eli goes to walk off but the bully demands an answer. Styne says he wants people to think he’s hood but he’s got a $100 hat and a hybrid car. He says the guy likes rap but is scared of black people even Will Smith. The other bullies laugh at him. He shoves Styne down.

He says he’s going to kick his ass then a guy gets out of the car and calls the bully a dick bag then asks Seth if he’s okay. He says it’s no problem. The bully walks down the street sipping a soda then notices a car following him. He panics then speeds up and runs straight into the guy who glares him down earlier. The bully tells him he has no beef with him but he says he put his hands on his cousin. Holy crap, the nerd kid is one of the scary Stynes. The bully is knocked out by suffocation.

Dean thinks about Charlie as he and Sam cut wood for a pyre. Sam thinks about her crying on him. They are both tormented by what happened to their friend. Dean thinks about Charlie telling him she forgave him and him hugging her. They gently lift her body onto the pyre. Dean thinks about her saying she loved him. Sam says – Charlie, we’re going to miss you, you were the best – I’m so sorry. Dean says he doesn’t get to say sorry since he got her killed.

Sam asks if he was just supposed to watch Dean die but Dean says the Mark isn’t going to kill him. Sam says Dean is all he’s got and he won’t be his brother once it takes over. He says they fight for each other and that’s what they do. Dean tells him nice job, Charlie’s dead. Sam is teared up and says he won’t ever forgive himself for it. Dean says it should be Sam up there, not her. He says this thing with Cass and the book ends now and he tells him to shut it down now before someone else gets hurt.

Dean says he’s going to find who did this and rip apart everyone they love then tear out their heart. Sam asks if that’s him talking or the Mark. Dean asks if it matters. He walks off angry and determined. The teen Styne plays an online video game and chats online with a buddy. He’s planning on moving to LA secretly but says his family would literally kill him if they found out he was moving. He’s summoned to talk to his dad.

Monroe chews Eldon out for not getting the book and losing an arm but Eldon says he found a stash of magic like he wouldn’t believe. Eldon says the Winchesters took him to their clubhouse which is filled with folklore, artifacts and maybe even the book. He asks for a few guys to take it. Monroe’s youngest comes to see him – it’s the kid. Monroe has the bully tied up and says they’re going to use him for spare parts. He tells the kid to cut him up. Eli doesn’t want to do it and Monroe says he has no choice.

He says they’ve been soft on him because he’s the baby. Monroe says Eli can do it or he’ll do it then butcher Eli next. They slip a lab coat onto him. He says okay and his dad hands him a scalpel. He takes his hand and guides it to the guy’s chest. Eli tries to turn away but Monroe says – this is who you are son. He makes him carve into the guy’s chest while he screams. Eli tries to look away. Dean calls Rudy about security cam footage and asks him to run plates from a black sedan.

He says Eldon Styne, Shreveport. Dean says he’ll talk to him later. Rudy asks about Sam but he says he’s busy. Rowena tells Cass he’s fascinating and asks about him rejecting heaven. She says it’s like a fish who wants to fly. Sam shows up and Rowena says about time. Cass asks where Charlie is and Sam shakes his head sadly. Cass says he should have gone after her. He asks what happened and Sam says it’s his fault. He says the Stynes caught up with her. He says Dean has gone after them.

Cass says that means Dean knows about their project. Sam says he promised Dean he’d shut it down. Rowena asks what’s going on. They don’t tell her and Cass says he’ll kill her since she called him a fish. Sam says he can track Dean because he lojacked the car. Sam sees he got an email from Charlie. It’s the code and it’s broken! Sam goes to show Rowena and asks if that’s what she needs. Rowena smiles and says that little minx cracked the code. He asks if she can read the book now and Rowena says – every last word. She says they can cure Dean. Rowena smiles.

Sam tells Cass to go find Dean and make sure he doesn’t go too far off the reservation. Sam says he’s been out there messed up and scared and Dean has been saving him for years. He says he owes him this and everything. He says they know he has to be cured. They know he’ll turn demon if he keeps going as is. Rowena says she loves a bit of intrigue. Sam says to translate and she says she can read it but didn’t say she would. Sam says they had a deal and she says to kill Crowley and she’ll do it.

Sam says after but she says now. She says he needs her to cast the spell but he may betray her after. He says he doesn’t have time for this and she agrees that Dean is a time bomb. She tells Sam to kill her son, her way and do it now. Eldon and Eli sit in the lab with the ghastly bully corpse. Eldon has a new arm and Monroe tells his son well done. He says in the old country, they made them eat their first heart but says they’re more civilized. Eldon says the new arm fits like a glove.

Eli wants to leave but Eldon says he has to come with him. Monroe slaps his arm. Eli sits in tears. Dean is pulled over by a local cop. The guy asks for his license and registration then tells Dean to get out of the car. Dean says he’s sober and wasn’t speeding. The guy says his blinker is out and the other cop bashes out his light. Dean loses his temper and the guys says attempted assault and they’re taking him in. He says to calm down before he gives him an ass whipping.

Crowley sits at a diner and compliments the waiter on the coffee. He says he learned to grind his own beans in Ecuador. He says he’s dying to head to Asia next but says it’s just a dream. Crowley says he’s in the business of making dreams come true then takes a call from Dean. The call cuts off with static. The phone dings and he gets a text to meet me and an address to go. The local cops have his stash of fake IDs and says “they said you were a pro.” Dean asks who said that.

The cop says he has guns, knives, ninja stars and fake IDs. He asks who Dean is and he says he’s the guy who’s going to get out of here in 30 seconds. The cop mocks him and he knocks his coffee cup off the desk and breaks it. When the guy picks it up. Dean knocks him down and chokes him with his legs then demands the keys and knocks the guy out once he hands them over. He unlocks himself and then takes the gun and goes to the boss cop’s office. He overhears a call about himself.

He holds the gun on the guy and asks who he’s talking to then hits the guy for damaging his car. He says Monroe Styne told him to bring him in and call him. He asks if he’s related to Eldon and he says it’s his dad. Dean asks where he is and the guy says the Stynes own this town and are practically gods. He says he kills gods. Crowley goes to the address – an old warehouse and calls out for Dean. Sam shoots him with a devil’s trap bullet. Crowley says a shot in the back is poor form for him.

He says Dean called him but Sam plays the sound byte he played to lure Crowley there. He reminds Sam that he and Dean are friends but Sam says he’s the reason Dean has the Mark and says it’s all his fault. Sam says he’s had this coming for a long time. Sam has a knife and Crowley asks if he thinks he’s frightened of it. Sam also has a hex bag. Sam says she said to tell you she should have taken the three pigs. Crowley says mother. Then he collapses to the ground choking.

A guard patrols outside the Styne place. Dean creeps up and stabs him in the neck. He moves on. He shoots two more efficiently and moves on. He heads inside the house to where he hears jazz music playing. He looks around cautiously. A light flips on and there are armed soldiers everywhere with guns trained on him. Monroe approaches. They put a bag over his head to suffocate him unconscious. Crowley tells Sam he’s insane for working with his mother and can’t trust her.

Sam says he doesn’t trust her even a little. He tells Crowley to just die already. Crowley says that’s what he gets for trying to be the good guy. Sam asks how is he the good guy. Crowley asks if he knows what changes he’s made to hell over the last year. Sam asks if he should be impressed and Crowley says yes. He says he thought if he did better, he might feel something again and it might matter. Sam says it doesn’t and says he’s not forgotten all the bad he’s done.

Sam says he watched Crowley kill innocent people he cared about. Sam says at the end of it, he’s a monster like all the rest. Sam says he’s going to watch him die screaming. Crowley says he is a monster who has done bad. He says he’s done things Sam can’t even imagine. He says horrible, evil, messy things. His eyes go red and he says he loved every damn minute. He plucks out the bewitched bullet. He thanks Sam for reminding him who he really is. He throws Sam through a window with magic.

Crowley looks at the hex bag and says it’s powerful magic and might have worked on any other demon but him. He lights it on fire with his hand. Sam reaches for the knife but Crowley magics it away. Sam cowers in fear. Crowley says he could snap his fingers and kill him easily. Sam gulps. Crowley says from here on, he wants him to know the only reason he’s alive is that he allowed it. He says to tell that ginger whore of a mother that he gave her a chance but she spit in his face.

He says to tell her that she’ll never see him coming. Dean wakes on the Styne’s carving table. Monroe greets him with a smile. He introduces himself to Dean and says he’s impressed the way he charged in guns blazing. He asks Dean if he really thought it was going to work and says Dean must know what comes next. Dean looks around and asks if he’s going to play operation. Monroe says it’s his favorite game. Dean says not to do it and Monroe says there’s no chance to bargain.

Dean says the Mark means he can’t die and says if he flat lines, he’ll come back with black eyes and they’ll all die. He says he won’t be human and says few or none of them will live. Monroe says a man that doesn’t die is a perfect lab rat. Monroe says – let’s crack this pinata. He goes to cut into Dean but he pulls loose of his bonds, slices the other guy’s throat, knocks Monroe down then takes out the nurse who comes for him.

He bashes Monroe’s head into a door and says he took something from now he’ll take everything from him. Monroe says it’s too late and he’ll take his home and family. Dean snaps his neck. He takes the gun from Monroe and then heads out. Eldon, Eli and another henchman are at the bunker. He tells them to take what’s interesting and burn the rest. Sam calls Rowena and says it didn’t work. She asks what he means and he says Crowley set the bag on fire. He says he’s loose and she curses.

Sam asks how he can kill him and she says to figure something out. She hangs up on him. Cass calls and says he’s at the Styne estate and says Dean was there. He says there are three bodies in the lab and a dozen at the main house. He says Dean brutally murdered them all. Sam says he’s on the way but Cass says Dean is headed home. He ends the call. Eli walks around the place. They’ve scattered books all over. He finds a book and starts to flip through it.

The henchman says it’s not a damned library but Eli says it is. The guy slaps his head and tells him to man up. He says he’s going to go check out their sex dungeon and tells him to keep on. Eli calls him a douche then sees a photo of Bobby, Dean and Sam. Eldon comes in and says Dean has crappy taste in music, a hot mom and loves flannel. He tells Eli to light it up and Eli says they don’t have to but Eldon says they get to and starts dumping gas on all the books.

He lights a match and Eli hears a noise. Roscoe, the henchman, staggers in with a knife in his back. Dean is there and Eldon says he hopes he brought marshmallows. Dean says he’s been looking for him and Eldon asks if he’s still sore about what’s her name. Dean says her name is Charlie. Eldon takes off his jacket and says “Chuckie” got what she deserves then asks if he wants to know how he did her. Dean says to shut up. Eldon says this time he’s got new upgrades. He shows his arm.

Dean says he killed his father and says they’re all dead. He says to save the speech about the three hearts, two spleens and seven nipples. He says he still has just one brain and then puts a bullet into Eldon’s head. He falls over dead and then Dean points the gun at Eli. He begs Dean not to and says he’s not one of them and hates his family. He pulls up his shirt and says no stitches and says he’s not like them. Dean says there’s bad in his blood. He says the bad will always win.

Eli shakes his head no and says he’ll do anything he wants. He says – please. He looks down at Eldon and says he doesn’t need to do this. Then he says please again. Dean says he does then puts a bullet into the kid’s head too. Cass is there and asks what he did. Dean just glares at him. Sam speeds towards home. Dean says he took out a monster because that’s what he does and will continue to do it. Cass says he’ll become the monster. Dean tells Cass to leave but Cass says he’s his friend.

He says they can read the book now and Dean says so what. He asks what will it cost and says magic comes at a price you pay in blood. He tells Cass he’s good but Cass grabs him and says he’s not. He says maybe he can fight the Mark for a while but not forever. He tells Dean he’ll turn and Sam and everyone he loves will be long dead except him. He says he will have to watch Dean murder the world and says if there’s a small chance he can save him, he won’t let him walk out.

Cass says the Mark is changing him because the Dean he knows wouldn’t have murdered that kid. Dean says that Dean has always been a dick. Cass tells him he doesn’t want to hurt hm and Dean says it’s not a problem then lashes out at Cass physically. He beats him down and throws him to the floor. Cass tells him to stop. Dean comes back at him and punches him in the face. They fight some more. Dean beats him brutally then pulls an angel blade out of his pocket and holds him down.

Cass says – no Dean, please. Dean stabs the knife but not into him. It’s in a book by his head. He tells Cass for him and Sam to stay the hell away from him and says next time, he won’t miss.