Survivor Cambodia Recap – Kelly Wigglesworth Blindside Elimination: Season 31 Episode 9 “Witches Coven”

Survivor Cambodia Recap - Kelly Wigglesworth Blindside Elimination: Season 31 Episode 9 "Witches Coven"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor Cambodia airs with an all new Wednesday November 18, season 31 episode 9 called, “Witches Coven,” and we have your weekly recap below! Tonight, another castaway is voted out of the game.

On the last episode, an intense water challenge left castaways thirsty for a much-needed reward. Also, immunity hung in the balance as castaways attempted to steady themselves, and a shocking tribal council took an unexpected turn when another castaway was voted out of the game. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “one castaway risks their safety in the game in order to gain an advantage. Also, another castaway steps up in a brutal individual immunity challenge to further their game, and three castaways deemed the “Witches Coven” stir the pot at camp.”

Tonight’s season 31 episode 9 ooks like it’s going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor Cambodia episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 31.

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#Survivor begins on day 21 in the evening is the tribe comes back to camp talking about the hidden immunity idol. They tell Kelley Wentworth she’s badass and she’s excited to have sent Savage out. They start asking her about where she found it but she doesn’t answer. Kelley says it’s the best feeling ever. Kimmie talks to Joe about how they have to break up the #WitchesCoven and Fish agrees that Ciera, Abi and Kelley are like witches from MacBeth. Fish doesn’t want to be like King Duncan killed in the night.

The sun rises on day 22 at Orkun and Keith, Fish and Jeremy talk about Tribal and how Kelley knew to play the idol. Jeremy is upset that Savage, his shield, is gone. Jeremy is ready to look for another idol and Fish mentions it’s coming back. Tasha, Keith, Joe and others are looking for the idol all around camp. Abi is off and running as well and asks Joe to go away she can use the bathroom. Abi goes and tells Kelley about how Joe was desperately looking for an idol by tree mail.

Kelley talks about the paranoia among the eight and says she wants to have a big move at the next Tribal. Rain has started as the tribe shows up for the #RewardChallenge. They have to build a stair case of poles and then go up it and raise a flag. The winning five will get a Survivor Spa day including a hot shower, a massage, then sandwiches, salad, and dessert. They break into teams of five and Abi is not picked for either team so she has no shot at reward. She shivers on the bench.

The teams start with the stair case and it’s trickier than it looks. The holes are different depths so the length of the poles doesn’t give you all the info you need. Joe, Tasha, Spencer, Fish and Ciera are on one team and they get the ladder built and Joe skitters up followed by the others. The other team is Keith, Kimmie, Jeremy, Kelley, and Wigglesworth. Joe gets the key unknotted and purple moves ahead while green flounders. Spencer played this challenge before and lost and is doing much better now.

The team of Joe, Spencer, etc is working on a puzzle to reveal the combination to get their flag up as the purple team finally gets their ladder together. Jeremy works on the key through the obstacle course. The purple team gets their combination but aren’t sure of the order. Spencer works the combo lock. The green crew gets to the puzzle but it’s too late. Spencer, Tasha, Joe, Ciera and Fish win the Survivor Spa. The other six are sent back to camp empty handed and embarrassed at their poor showing.

They show up to the spa and Joe says it’s an amazing reward. They dig into spa food and lemonade and are super happy to have this competitive edge. Ciera is happy to have some time to work on strategy. She asks the others if they want to talk strategy while Joe is in the shower. Fish says the three girls are desperate and their votes can matter. Ciera brings up if they go to the end with Jeremy, they won’t win sitting beside him. Fish says the old school alliance strategy won’t hold.

Ciera says Wigglesworth has been smart and has a lot of people on her side. Fish says this game is moving faster than it ever has in the past. Back at camp, the others are looking for seafood. Jeremy is upset that they were crushed and he walks off to look for the idol. He digs around tree mail and then he goes looking in trees near tree mail. Sure enough he finds something. It’s the clue and tells him that after everyone goes to sleep, he needs to follow the map to find it. He’s thrilled.

The spa winners come back and he’s hoping everyone nods off so he can go find the idol but they’re all hanging out by the fire and staying up late. Keith lies down and tells them not to stay up too late. Jeremy finally says the food messed up his stomach and he has to go to the bathroom and he’s off in the night searching for the idol and spots a torch. There’s an idol hanging there and he unties it. He says no two idols look the same this season and he shows off his second one.

He has two idols in his hand – but I hope Jeremy remembers that James Clement was blindsided in China and left the game with two idols in his pocket and egg on his face… Joe talks to Wigglesworth and Fish notices them bonding. Fish sees them both as huge threats and wants to make a big move to take one of them out. He is ready to approach the three witches at the bottom. He goes to talk to them and says he knows they don’t trust each other. Fish says he will work with them.

Ciera tells him to tell him who to write down and they will. He says Wiggles is a big power player too. Abi says Wiggles social game is great except for them and they are ready to send her home. Ciera is happy that people are coming to them. Now it’s time for the #ImmunityChallenge.

They have to perch on triangle floating on the water with gradually higher and smaller foot props. Jeff says this was last done in Brains, Brawn and Beauty and Tasha and Spencer both lost. They draw for spots and take their places. Rain pours down on them as they take their first stance. Keith says he wishes he had a bigger foot to make it easier. After 8 minutes, they’re all hanging in there. Jeff offers them an incentive to quit the challenge.

He pops up buoys and says the first to touch it gets an advantage. Spencer and Fish jump and swim for it. Fish beats him and wins the advantage. Spencer is out on all counts but it was close. Jeff asks Spencer if that was a million dollar mistake. No one else jumps. Jeff asks Fish when he knew he wanted it and he says instantly. Spencer says he decided a second too late. The others now have to make it to the top of the triangle and if they fall transitioning, they’re out. Kelley, Kimmie, Jeremy, Ciera, and Tasha all fall.

Keith, Abbey, Wiggles and Joe are still in it. Joe is struggling to regain his balance. Abi says she feels great and can stay there all day. The others are cuddled up for warmth as the rain falls on them. Keith wobbles a bit as the rain and wind pick up. He falls in after he wobbles and it’s down to three. Joe wobbles but recovers. It’s 29 minute and they will have to transition to standing with one foot only. They make the move. Wiggles can’t get her foot up and falls in.

Now it’s Joe and Abi. They are both wobbling. The rain is coming down in buckets, it’s cold and they’re both cramping. Abi falls and Joe wins his third individual immunity. Joe has a one in 10 shot to win it and Jeff hands Fish his advantage to open alone and in private. Jeff sends them back to camp. Fish says it’s the next best thing to winning immunity. Back at camp, everyone congratulates Joe. They all huddle shivering in the shelter. Kimmi is happy that Joe won and wants to vote out one of the witches.

Kimmi talks to Tasha and Jeremy about splitting the vote to send one of the witches home. Kelly Wigglesworth says they’re going to split the vote but target Wentworth. There’s eight of them so they think they are set. Tasha wants Kelley Wentworth out because she’s savvy. Fish goes to read his advantage which says he gets to steal a vote. You get to pick a person who can’t vote and then you get to make a second vote. He doesn’t plan to use it tonight and thinks he can win tonight with smarts.

Fish talks to Wentworth and the other girls about a blindside against Wiggles. He says he needs to get one more vote and they’ll have it. He goes to talk to Jeremy and Spencer about going after Wiggles. He says they need to shift the game and move them up. He says the three of them are at the bottom of the alliance right now and can shift things. Spencer says he’d be happy to see Wiggles gone but it’s hard to trust the three girls at the bottom.

Spencer worries about destroying his game. He asks how confident is he that the girls will vote Wiggles and he says it’s definite. Jeremy is hesitant to go with Fish instead of the alliance but he trusts him. Fish says this is a game of voting blocks not long-term alliances. Jeremy says if they take out Wiggles, the four that are blindsided will be mad but he wants to make a big move at the right time. It’s raining again when they make it to #TribalCouncil. Kass and Savage take their jury seats.

Fish says it’s cold and hard to think straight. Keith says he’s got two hours sleep, no food and it’s hard to think straight. Spencer says this is too real. Kelley says she hopes that her playing the idol opened people’s eyes that they need to really think about how they’re voting and make a move. Ciera says anything can happen and it’s play or get played. Joe says if you think someone is coming for you, you have to get them first.

Jeremy says this game is about voting blocks and he’s trying to figure it out. Spencer says he agrees but you have to build trust and it won’t disappear. Wiggles says the votes tell it and she hopes everyone does what they said they would and says she’s pretty confident. Fish says the game is evolving and alliances aren’t as defined as they have been in the past. He says sometimes you have to be flexible. Tasha says you still need people you can trust to dominate the game.

Jeff asks who is worried it might be them. Abi, Tasha, Fish, Spencer, Wentworth and Ciera raise their hands. Spencer says it’s bold to admit it. Jeff calls for the vote. Tasha votes Ciera as part of the split vote plan. Keith votes Wentworth as part of the split. Wentworth votes Wiggles. Jeff goes to count the votes and Savage tells Kass this is the warmest the others will be tonight. Jeff reads the votes: Ciera, Wentworth, Wiggles, Ciera, Wentworth, Wiggles, Ciera, Wiggles, Wiggles, Wiggles.

Blindside – boom. Was it Spencer, Jeremy or both that flipped on the larger alliance? Jeff says this confirms that there is an evolution in game play and says he can’t wait to see where it goes. Wiggles says she didn’t want to go out this early and knew the other girls would vote against her. She says this game is not her style and they can have at it. So from the vote reveal at the end, Jeremy and Spencer both turned on Wiggles.