Talking Dead Recap – Glenn’s NOT Dead, What Does it Mean? Season 6 Episode 3 “Yvette Nicole Brown and Damon Lindelof”

Talking Dead Recap - Glenn's NOT Dead, What Does it Mean? Season 6 Episode 3 "Yvette Nicole Brown and Damon Lindelof"

Tonight on AMC Talking Dead returns with an all new Sunday October 25, season 6 episode 3 and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, guest talk about “Thank You” episode of “The Walking Dead.”

On the last episode Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick sat down with Paul Bettany and Kevin Smith. Bettany most recently played the Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Smith was currently at work on Mallrats 2 while also starring on AMC’s Comic Book Men. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

Tonight on Talking Dead as per the AMC synopsis, “Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick will sit down with Yvette Nicole Brown and Damon Lindelof discuss the episode “Thank You” from The Walking Dead. Hosted by Chris Hardwick.”

Talking Dead airs tonight, at 10:00 PM ET on AMC after The Walking Dead. After The Walking Dead recap, Celeb Dirty Laundry offers a live recap of tonight’s Talking Dead!

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#TalkingDead starts with Chris saying that Nicholas broke out hearts when he caused Glenn’s death. Chris says this proves that no one is safe. Tonight there’s Yvette Nicole Brown and David Lindelof. Chris says no one from the show is there to let the fans work through this on their own. Yvette says she saw the episode five days early and says she had no one to call to talk about it. She says she texted Greg Nicotero and Scott Gimple late at night and said help me process this. She says they told her sorry and Yvette says she hates coming on with one of these gut wrenching episodes.

Chris shows off her notebook of info. Damon says he can’t enjoy things if he looks at it as a writer so he sees it as a fan and gets attached. He says this show, he knows, means any of them could go at any time. He says the last two weeks have been great and he was expecting them to kill more Alexandrians they didn’t care about and says he doesn’t know who sloppy hat guy was or guy who write the note’s name. He says he was hoping Nicholas would die then when it happened, he was in denial and says he looked at it and says he hoped he didn’t die and the herd was eating Nicholas.

Damon says OMG there’s still more show left and he had all this anxiety while he kept watching then he was scared they were going to kill off Rick too. Chris says he talked to Scott Gimple and they talked about it and says he told him it’s hard to make these decisions but the allegiance is to the story. Chris says things happen and you ask why someone died then it pays off later. Chris says it’s not a safe world and no one is safe. He says in season six, they could coast since it’s a big hit, but they don’t. He says they are willing to lose characters they know will make fans mad.

Chris asks Yvette about Glenn calling Rick dumbass. Yvette says when Glenn first met Rick back in season one, he called him dumbass on that radio then. Yvette talks about when they each come into Gabriel’s church, they each saw something biblical. She reads off a scripture about not becoming weary. She says Glenn has never killed a human, always gives people a second chance, and if it’s walkers and someone is in danger, he stays with that person. She says this one hurts so bad because til the end he stayed true the entire time then says she wishes he slid under the dumpster and was safe.

Chris says they knew that him saving Nicholas and giving him another chance would cost him and it did. Now it’s time for the In Memoriam. We see cross country walkers, Rick’s road rage walkers, pet shop walkers, sneak attack wolves, blames Rick for everything guy, Sturgess, Annie, David, Nicholas. They don’t include Glenn’s name and instead add – please don’t let this be true – three times in a row. We see Michael Traynor talking about how Nicholas took his life before the walkers could. He says there are so many thoughts and despair that goes through him.

He says he was a fan before he got on the show and wanted it to be good. He says he wanted them to hate him and keep hating him so they don’t break the continuum of hate. Chris says Michael did a great job playing him and is such a nice man in real life. Chris says he doesn’t know what’s coming but loves Steven Yeung. He says Glenn wasn’t mentioned in the In Memoriam for a reason. Damon says in hind sight, Glenn could have killed Nicholas but says when someone shoots you, you should be able to kill them. Chris says he identifies with Glenn the most.

He says he grew into this strong character and says Glenn was probably bullied like he was in school and says he’s making a conscious choice not to become the oppressor. He says he chose not to be that. Yvette says he always gives a chance before he attacks like with Aiden. Chris reads a statement from Scott Gimple that says – we knew this would be a hard story to tell and says in some way, we will see Glenn, some version or parts of Glenn again to help complete the story. Yvette laughs and says parts, like body parts.

Chris says this season has done a lot of non-linear storytelling. He asks how you interpret this. Damon jokes that he has no tolerance for ambiguity (since he was a showrunner on Lost) and says he salutes Scott for doing this knowing fan reaction would be huge since no one would be okay with Glenn’s death. Damon says he has faith in the show and hopes there’s not a shenanigan like a Bobby in the shower. He says like the car goes over the cliff in the old movies but then the guy is hanging onto a branch. Damon says it could have been Nicholas’ entrails but Glenn was still trapped.

Chris asks Damon about killing Charlie off on Lost and he says many shows have life and death stakes and says Game of Thrones, Lost and Waking Dead are those kinds of shows where you know characters can die. He says you think Rick, Darryl, Michonne and Carol are unkillables. He says on Lost they had many characters and towards the end of the third season, they knew they needed to make a shift and have something big happen. He says this is huge since they did this to Glenn on episode three and not on a finale. Chris says Lori died four shows into a season.

Now it’s time for the live quiz. Answers at the end of this post:
Question #1 David desperately wants to get back to a woman named what? Mitsy, Betsy, or Patsy.
Question #2 What does Rick pull out of the Wolf’s pocket> Carrot baby food, pear baby food or peach baby food.
Question #3 Which building were Glenn and Nicholas going to burn down? Lumber, furniture or feed store?

Danai Gurira (Michonne) talks about the interaction with Heath because of the snarky things he was saying. She says the idea of him judging them is annoying since he thinks he’s been through the same thing they have. She says Michonne had to set him straight. Chris reads some tweets about Michonne dropping the mic on Michonne. Chris says he’s happy to see Michonne back and says he loves her character arc. Yvette says Danai wrote a play that’s going to Broadway and congratulates her. Then she says what Michonne said needed to be said.

Yvette says the Alexandrians will walk out and leave you in a heartbeat then says Nicholas has walked out on so many. Chris says the Alexandrians are like trust fund kids talking about life in the hood. Damon talks about the note David wrote his life and he says it’s short and to the point. He says it was cool that David’s story Trojan horsed Glenn’s story. He says David is talking about a story like Glenn and Maggie’s with he and Betsy and says that Glenn would never get to write that note and there is no closure. Damon says David’s death is meaningless if Glenn had not also died.

He says the writers used him to tell Glenn’s story while hiding what they were about to do. Next is a poll question. Is Alexandria worth all the people who have died to save it? Yvette says David talked about Betsy saving him and Michonne found her group and they were her Betsy because she was lost and lifeless when they find her. The poll shows 67% say Alexandria was not worth the trouble. Now we see a peek at Into the Badlands – the kung fu Western coming in a couple of weeks on AMC. It looks really cool – very steampunk and with a unique feel.

Now we get some behind the scenes info on tonight’s episode. There were 140 walker extras on set, many of them hero walkers. Those are the ones who get more detailed makeup for close ups. The new guy Scott is Kenric Green who is married to Sonequa Martin-Green – aka Sasha! There was a familiar face in the herd – it was Greg Nicotero done up as a zombie – this is his fifth turn as walker. Next we see more behind the scenes and Greg talking about how he wants walkers to feel dangerous and says when they growl it gives the good feel.

Nicholas says it’s very easy to panic when they really go for it and make the news. He says the walker extra’s efforts make it easier for them to do their job. Greg says they are playing with this sound a lot this season – the herd noise. A fan comes up to ask the question – how do they think the mega herd should be stopped now that it’s heading for Alexandria. Damon says he hates when people watch and say – what I would have done is…. He says maybe a louder horn could turn the herd. Yvette says the wolves are the bigger threat then says she thinks Enid is part of them.

She says – that girl is a wolf. She says she thinks Enid opened the gate for them. Chris gives the fan a present and hands her the Sturgess hat – it’s the real one from the show’s props. Then he hands over the actual note that David wrote. Then Chris hands over a duplicate of Glenn’s pocket watch then tissues for her tears. Chris says people win on Talking Dead. Chris asks Damon about Darryl leaving and he says he wanted him to leave Sasha and Abraham and says he’s a gunslinger, not a cow herd. He says he was needed elsewhere but it was also satisfying when he came back.

Damon says it’s not his place to second-guess Darryl. Chris says he’s looking for the ultimate Walking Dead fan to invite onto the show. At, you can submit a video to try and get on the show. Next we see Andy Lincoln talking about all the running he had to do for this episode. He says any way you can run, they made him run it. He says Norman Reedus is lazy and would only have done one take. He calls Norman a lazy mother clucker. Then there’s a caller who asks what will happen with Rick’s cut hand.

Chris says everyone has the virus, but if you read the comics, something happens and this could be that. Damon says it’s like a thing that happened to Luke Skywalker. i.e. Rick’s hand was cut off in the comics early on but they didn’t do it in the show. The next poll is – is Morgan responsible for the wolves attacking Rick? The audience yells YES. Damon says it was the same wolf that Morgan literally let go. Chris says this universes punishes you for making a humane choice. Yvette says Morgan made the wrong choice since that guy tried to kill him. It’s 80% yes that Morgan is responsible.

Chris asks if Morgan went crazy who would be best to take him down. Yvette jokes – again? Then Yvette says it would be Carol and says she wouldn’t think twice – she calls Carol a bad ass like she was when Carol walked right by Gabriel under attack without hesitating. Yvette says Michonne could do it if she had to but Carol would do it bam. Damon says Carol could use a casserole dish. Damon says with Rick in the RV, he’s in a tough spot and he thinks the RV won’t start. Yvette says Rick looked defeated for the first time. Chris asks what it means with Rick’s lack of empathy for people outside their group.

Yvette says Rick has seen too much then says Carl said they were out there almost too long. Yvette says Rick baked in the oven too long and he’s just not coming back. Yvette says he’s on the edge and could become a governor. She says he’s right there. Chris says the lines blur on when it’s okay to kill someone. Yvette says Carol has a reason why she kills but Rick is like – it’s your time to go. We get a look at fan art of Michonne with her katana. We see audience reaction to Glenn dying. People scream – they curse – one guy starts openly weeping.

Next is a sneak peek of next week’s episode that will be 90 minutes long. We see Morgan stacking up bodies. You can’t tell if they are wolves, walkers or Alexandrians. The fire blazes and he hears walker growls. Yvette says she thinks the fire will bring them. Damon says he thinks Morgan is trying to draw the walkers. Chris says he doesn’t know what’s coming and says he hopes Glenn isn’t dead but calls for applause for Steven anyway no matter what.