Talking Dead Recap 10/4/15: Fear The Walking Dead Special

Talking Dead Recap 10/4/15: Fear The Walking Dead Special

Tonight on AMC Talking Dead returns with an all new Sunday October 4, season special and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, guests chat about episodes of the zombie chiller “Fear The Walking Dead.”

Talking Dead features host Chris Hardwick who also hosted Talking Bad. Chris spends time with fans, actors, producers and tv enthusiasts, recapping tonight’s TheWalkingDead episode, and taking questions and comments from viewers. Fans may continue to engage with the after-show following the on-air conclusion, online, at for more videos, weekly polls and photo galleries of the guests featured on the series.

On the last episode joining host Chris Hardwick was Scott Gimple who’s known for writing and producing The Walking Dead and Jorge Garcia who’s well known for starring in LOST as Hurley. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

Tonight on Talking Dead as per the AMC synopsis, “joining host Chris Hardwick is Kim Dickens who’s well known for starring in Fear The Walking Dead as Madison Clark, Cliff Curtis who plays Travis on Fear the Walking Dead and Dave Erickson who’s known for co-creating Fear the Walking Dead and is currently the showrunner for the show.”

Talking Dead airs tonight, at 9 PM ET on AMC after Fear The Walking Dead finale.  Celeb Dirty Laundry offers a live recap of tonight’s Fear Talking Dead!



#TalkingDead starts now. Executive producer Dave Erickson, Cliff Curtis (Travis) and Kim Dickins (Madison) are the guests tonight for the #FeatTWD special. Chris Hardwick introduces the guests and congratulates them on season one. Chris tells Kim he’s a huge Deadwood fan and wishes there had been a Talking Deadwood. He asks about fan reaction. She says it was her first Comic-Con and they were all there and saw the trailer with the audience.

Chris says it’s hard to keep it a secret. Cliff says it was great and says he was worried about the fans but they were all very nice. Chris asks about his American accent and he says he has a voice coach and it’s very difficult. He says the other challenge is not to slip into Kim’s cool Southern accent. Chris asks Dave about Abigail. He says they knew they were going to play to the coast then later decided on a boat because it opens interesting options and says many people probably had that idea.

Chris talks about the pacing of the show as the beginning of the end of civilization and says fans were mad because the characters didn’t know not to go towards the infected. Chris says he told people they had to get to know the characters and things fall. Dave says it’s not quite to the point yet where Rick wakes up from the coma – that will come in season two. Chris says he hopes if someone looks sick in public, they wouldn’t shoot them in the head. He says you would assume it wasn’t dangerous.

Cliff says one guy as eating a dog. Chris asks Kim about her complexity in her characters. He asks if Madison has a dark past and she says it seems that way and says she makes tough decisions quickly. Chris says she didn’t even blink about Daniel tormenting Andy. She says Madison may have come from a tough upbringing and has had a tough time as an adult too with a dead husband, drug addict kid and as a single mom. Chris says what Nick is going through seems familiar to her.

Chris asks Cliff about being mayor of the safe zone. He says Travis is a community guy who likes structure and knows his place. He’s clinging to the idea that if we press on and stay civilized, we’ll get through. He’s conscious of the chances of people getting a mob mentality and he doesn’t want that. Chris says anyone who has faith in man and society in Walking Dead gets crapped on. Cliff says it becomes a weakness but his weakness comes from a place of strength – a moral core.

Chris says they have a lot of goodbyes and they do an In Memoriam. The viral video walker, Calvin, Walker Calvin, Principal Caster, Susan the neighbor, Kimberly the donut girl, Rotor to the face soldier, Griselda, and Liza are among those shown. It ends with – let’s sail away and pray walkers can’t swim. Robert Kirkman talks about how different it is filming in LA and the options it opens up. He says the walkers will decay differently and the appearance will be different.

Chris has a viewer question about why LA and if there will be celebrity walkers. Dave says they did have a character in an early version of the script with a failed sitcom actor that was part of the group but they rejected it. Dave says there were better options. Chris says it would great if there was some crazy Hollywood people. Kim says she likes the relationship between Maddy and Nick dealing with his addiction issues and the pain, love and loss between them. She says it’s dark and complex.

She says it was honest when she found Nick in the other house and she lashed out. Dave says the cool thing about Nick is that he’s been on the fringes a long time so he’s been living an apocalypse of his own for a while. Chris says it’s like Nick had a strange intervention and has come out of it. Chris says people were concerned about Nick’s clothes and wonder why he’s still in the old man clothes. Dave says they wanted to keep the jacket and Frank Dillane who plays the character got attached to the outfit.

He says maybe Nick washed them. He says Nick is the kind of guy who wears the same clothes all the time. They do a poll on Strand – friend or foe. Cliff says Strand has no morality and calls him arrogant and says he would take Salazar over him any day but says he does like the suit. 62% say Strand is a friend. Dave says much more about Strand on season two. He says they wanted someone of means and says that’s rare on Walking Dead. He says has a con man’s charm but has his own plans.

Chris says he sees Strand as the Han Solo of the group and Dave says the Abigail is the Millenium Falcon and Chris says Nick is Chewie. Season two is back in 2016. There’s a web series based on it too. You can find it on Next is an interview with Lincoln A Castellanos (Tobias) and he says the fan response has been amazing to his character. He says Tobias was the only one who was up to date on what the fans know about the walkers and the apocalypse. He says Tobias helped Maddy acclimate.

Chris says Tobias could be the Morgan of the show. Dave says he didn’t die and several characters disappeared. He says he likes to think he found his mom. Kim says she’d like to see Tobias come flying up on a motorboat to be her sidekick. Cliff says he couldn’t kill the donut shop girl because he saw her name then says his character has a concealed strength and says he wouldn’t be told to do it by Moyers but he would make that choice for himself.

Travis says they’re still not that far into this – just a couple of weeks. He says there are other bad asses like Maddy, Salazar and Nick. Chris says you never want to be the moral compass on that show because you die – like Dale and Beth. A fan asks what they think is the bigger threat – the military or walkers. Cliff says walkers and Kim says military. Dave says military but that will evolve but he can’t say more about season two. He says the walkers will end up being far more dangerous.

Dave says they’ve had their first herd, a major character die, and that suggests where we’re going. Cliff says it’s a numbers game and there are far more potential walkers than military. Chris gives the fan a copy of Nick’s old man outfit and says she can cosplay as Nick. Now time for the live quiz. (Answers at the end of this post).

#1 How many times did Nick hit Walker Calvin with the truck? 1, 2 or 3.

#2 What did Chris and the crowd chant during the protest? No justice, no peace or Hell no we won’t go or Aim for the head!

#3 According to Strand, what’s the only way to survive a mad world? Go big or go home or Embrace the madness or Buy a boat

Here’s some inside info from season one. They talk about traffic being one of the most terrifying thing s in LA and how they shut off a section of freeway to film. Ruben Blades (Daniel Salazar) has a law degree from Harvard and once ran for President of Panama. Frank Dillane (Nick) played Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. His dad Stephen Dillane played Stannis Baratheon in Game of Thrones. We next see an interview with Ruben Blades.

Blades says there’s no doubt in Daniel’s mind that there are no rules anymore and playing by the rules lowers your chances of survival. He says survival takes will and it’s not handed to you. He says he was never at ease in the world and didn’t have hope when all this happened. Kim says Maddy and Daniel both have dark secrets. Kim says they opened up to each other. Cliff says there were drafts where Travis snapped earlier and beat down Daniel and then was supposed to kill Kimberly but they changed it.

Cliff says Travis made an agreement with Andy but then they guy went back on his word. Chris says a lot of the characters on the other side started out more human then snapped. Next poll question is – who is the new Rick? Is it Travis, Madison or Daniel? Kim says it’s Madison and Cliff says Kim has a Southern accent. The audience goes with Travis first then Madison and Daniel last. I think Daniel is the new Shane. They talk about how occasionally Kim’s accent comes out.

Chris says he thinks Madison is Shane and the audience boos him. Chris says she already started out more like Shane where he knew things needed to be done and Rick started off more naïve. Chris says Maddy is already a leader. Chris says the new season of Doctor Who just started and Walking Dead starts next Sunday. Now some more behind the scenes stuff. We see them shooting Liza’s death. Cliff has to finish her off. Elizabeth Rodriguez says her death in real life won’t be this epic after this.

She talks about the helicopter lurking to film it and says it felt like Apocalypse Now because it was so loud. Chris says it was heart wrenching. Chris asks if Madison would have killed Liza for him. She says it would have been about saving Travis from it, but she has no hard feelings for Liza. Cliff says it will be a mess between Chris and Travis now. Chris says he was shocked by Liza’s death as a major character. Dave says Elizabeth is fantastic so it was sad to lose her.

He says he was wondering about pulling it back but then decided to keep it. Kim says they didn’t even know as her co-actors. Chris says these moments are important because it shows the tension and changing world. A caller asks if Ofelia had feelings for the soldier and Dave says he thinks so. Dave says her main priority was to get meds for her mom and she went into the relationship trying to leverage him but did like him. Then Chris says Ofelia might be the governor of the group and could have a dark side.

The next poll is the worst part of a walker apocalypse in LA – the drought, hipster walker or walkers with implants. Most chose hipster walkers. Chris asks what they’ll call the undead. Dave says a new word will be revealed in season two and asks the fan to share their thoughts. He says they called them infected in season one but now they know it’s no cure, they will change the word. He says anything but zombie. Chris asks about Madison and Travis’ relationship.

They agree they will get stronger. Dave says season two is about Liza and Madison talking about killing one of them would break Travis but he doesn’t think it will break him. Dave says getting to the boat may be a bigger challenge – is something in the water? Then he says others would want the boat and which way would they go – into the Pacific or South down the coast. They bring out the girl who won Nick’s clothes and Chris tells her she looks great but there’s no drugs for her there.

A fan asks who will be strongest among the group and who will crack under the pressure. Dave says Madison and Travis will stay strong and says those who seem the least prepared for rea life like Nick are most adaptable. He says people who seem to have everything together will suffer the most. Chris says the season ended on a bang and that’s the end of the show.

Quiz Answers

#1 Answer was two. Travis had a 1976 Ford F100 and Hershel had one too.

#2 Answer was hell no, we won’t go. The protest was the first scene they shot when filming started.

#3 Answer was embrace the madness. The location for Strand’s house was heavily used in the Entourage movie.