Talking Dead Recap 3/1/15: Season 5 Episode 12 with Alanna Masterson, Denis Huth and Timothy Simons

Talking Dead Recap 3/1/15: Season 5 Episode 12 with Alanna Masterson, Denis Huth and Timothy Simons

Tonight on AMC Talking Dead returns with an all new Sunday March 1, season 5 episode 12 and we have our weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, the “Remember” episode is discussed with guest stars Alanna Masterson, Denis Huth and Timothy Simons.

Talking Dead features host Chris Hardwick who also hosted Talking Bad. Chris spends time with fans, actors, producers and tv enthusiasts, recapping tonight’s TheWalkingDead episode, and taking questions and comments from viewers. Fans may continue to engage with the after-show following the on-air conclusion, online, at for more videos, weekly polls and photo galleries of the guests featured on the series.

On the last episode joining host Chris Hardwick was Danai Gurira and Paul Feig. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

Tonight on Talking Dead as per the AMC synopsis, “joining host Chris Hardwick is Alanna Masterson, Denis Huth and Timothy Simons.”

Talking Dead airs tonight, at 10 PM ET on AMC after The Walking Dead. While you wait for the recap, Celeb Dirty Laundry offers a live recap of tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 12 “Remember” right here!

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#TalkingDead starts now. Chris Hardwick has Timothy Simons, Alanna Masterson and Denise Huth. Alanna plays Tara and Denise is a producer. Chris asks Denise how Alexandria is going to change the direction of the show. Denise says it’s a huge change because they’ve all been so beaten down and says it’s a shock to the system. She says it’s like wild animals being taken in by a nice family. She says it’s a lot for them to take on. Chris asks what’s going on in the group’s mind.

Alanna says they went to Terminus and that was the goal all last season so they remember that last time people tried to eat them. She says it’s like Pleasantville. Chris says he spent part of the episode thinking Rick is going to do something crazy. Tim says Deanna is so friendly and gentle but then when he heard she was a politician he thought she can’t be trusted and is evil. Timothy says Congresspeople in general are super dumb so even if they had a grand plan, they couldn’t carry it off.

Chris says the whole videotaping thing is strange. Denise says it’s what they do and says anyone in town can watch the tapes so it’s transparent. Then Chris says Rick told him that she shouldn’t open the gates. Denise says she loved the scene between them and says it was like a chess match to get the other side to reveal more. Tara says they are pretty scary and gnarly looking. Denise says she wouldn’t let them in. Chris then says Daryl’s possum murder was like a housewarming gift.

Chris asks why they all handed over their weapons willingly. Tara says a lot of stuff doesn’t make it on the show and says there was a scene cut where Deanna welcomed them and Rick told them it was okay. Denise says the group is good at communicating without words by now and says Rick’s nod told them a lot. Chris says they must be desperate to let them in. Timothy asks why anyone ever asks anyone else to give up guns. Chris then says Carol set her huge gun down.

Tara says they were all laughing behind the monitors because they were all pulling out gun after gun, clip after clip and there was just so much.

Next up is the In Memoriam:
Straggler Walker
Father Son Bonding Walker
Steel Pole Walker
Skin Off Your Back Walker
Dinner (the possum)
The Beard

Andrew Lincoln talks about the beard and cutting it off on camera was so tricky. He says they put two cameras on him and just handed him scissors and let him go. He says it was extraordinary to see and says Norman wanted the beard so he had to collect up all the hair and put it in a baggy. He says he thinks Norman has it in his refrigerator back in Atlanta.

Chris asks if people prefer clean shaven Rick, crazy beard Rick or sultry stubble Rick. The winner is sultry stubble. Timothy and Alanna like the crazy beard. Tara says they gave him the hardest time when he came out clean shaven. She says they all left the table when he sat down and called him Love Actually. Tara says she called him handsome guy and told him not to talk to her. They discuss how strange and permanent the beard seemed.

Tara says you couldn’t look him in the face anymore once the beard was gone. Tara says the beard is still in Norman’s fridge. Chris asks if shaving the beard had other motivations. Denise says it was a long time since he saw his face and he doesn’t recognize himself. Chris says it’s like he’s becoming human again. Denise says there’s a lot of push pull with all of them. She says the beard is part of Rick’s armor and it’s part of his survival.

Chris says it went from them living in the mud to living in a Pottery Barn. Chris asks about his interaction with Jessie. Timothy says it’s unsettling to see the gang in a pre-apocalyptic setting. Timothy says it didn’t seem sexy because Rick is feral. Timothy says it seemed less sexy but more of a contrast between worlds. Chris says there were two douche nozzles – Jessie’s husband that Rick will clearly have to kill at some point. Timothy says he doesn’t know if Jessie and Rick have a future.

It’s quiz time! Answers at the end of this post.

#1 Which group member was the first to walk into Alexandria? Tara, Rick or Glenn

#2 Aaron told Rick and Carl that their house had: Curb appeal, Good bones or Free WiFi

#3 How long did Rick say it took Michonne to brush her teeth: 10, 20 or 30 minutes

Now a sneak peek behind the scenes. Greg Nicotero shows off the skin peeling zombie. Tyler James Williams says this show is just gross. Alanna says you get used to this. Jake Gerber shows off the exposed rib cage and anatomy. Steven Yeun says it just gets grosser and grosser. Greg says when you have fewer walkers you can do a lot of detail like this. Chris asks Alanna how fun that was to shoot. She says the gross zombies are gross. She says they used raw chicken for part of it.

She says it was like wet Play Doh and was fun. She says they try to do crazy stuff. Chris asks what Tara learned from this. Tara says they’ve lived outside and Aiden doesn’t know what the world is and he just does these little runs. She says it reminds her to keep on her toes. Chris says when Aiden stepped up to Glenn he just wanted him to punch Aiden in the face. Tara says Aiden was so weird calling the handguns sweet biscuits. Alanna says sometimes people deserve to be knocked out.

Denise says it was Deanna’s decision to bring them in and says Aiden and Nicholas are like playing at war when the group has been through the war. She says Deanna wants her son Aiden to know how to really survive. Timothy says it may be a long con for her to back them against her own son. Timothy says Rick setting the time on his watch meant something and says Aiden was a d-bag that deserved to be punched. Tara says she was glad that it was Glenn that knocked him out.

Alanna says one of the takes had Steven almost punching the guy. They bring up a fan who has a question for Alanna. She asks about the best prank on set. Alanna says she plays pranks and says they were shooting the mid-season promos in the woods and says she does the Vulcan death grip at work. She says if you don’t commit you’re out. She says she did it to Josh and then Christian did it to her and they all just collapsed and scared the director. She says she likes to Vulcan people. Then Chris throws a Vulcan sign and says they’ll miss Leonard Nimby. Then he gives the audience chick a fake beard and puts it on her.

Now is some Inside the Dead from this episode. Steve Yeun said being in a clean place with clean clothes was weird for the actors. It took four hours to get the skin peeling zombie right and it was the same actor that played the zombie that killed Dale back in season two. Crew members grew their beards out with Andrwe Lincoln then did a mass shaving to support him when he shaved his off finally. Grace Walker, the production designer, shows us Alexandria.

He says it’s a community they took over. He says people really do live there and they came in to shoot there. He says they put a fence around it since it’s not a TV set and they have to keep it safe and strong for the public. They have built 14 homes for the show there. He says it’s an oasis for the group. Chris asks if people who live there freak out when they see Rick and Michonne. Denise says the people of Senoia have been great over them making the creepiest gated community ever.

Denise says a lot of the houses are empty but then some where people live they shoot exteriors only. Alanna says it’s great to not have dirt thrown on them before each episode. She says Rick touched the window in the interview and it left a mark. She says it’s so great to be clean. Chris asks if Rick’s baptism back into humanity will turn him into a bad guy. He asks about Rick saying they could just take the place.

Timothy says he’s not super worried about Rick turning bad and didn’t mind the last line because it shows they’re not putting on blinders. Chris takes a call from a guy who asks why Daryl so resistant to Alexandria. Chris says Daryl is the wildest animal of all of them and doesn’t like change. He says neat and clean doesn’t sit right with Daryl. Denise says Daryl wouldn’t have been comfortable in that town even before the apocalypse.

Denise says he was a rock star at the prison and now people look at him like he’s bad news. Denise says Daryl is way more comfortable outside the walls. Eulyn Womble, costume designer, talks about Rick’s new uniform. She says they didn’t want it to look like his old uniform so he has a silver badge and they made a patch. The Latin phrase says “we will rise again.”

Poll question: Is Carol’s behavior Super weird, Super brilliant or kind of scary? 68% say super brilliant.

Timothy says he loves that she was playing possum and that she doesn’t seem very dangerous. Chris calls her “Alexandria sweater Carol.” Denise says Melissa McBride is amazing and says it was perfect how she acted so awkward with the gun like she didn’t even know how to use it. Chris says are those your flowers on the table? Look at them? Chris asks who took Rick’s blender gun. Timothy says maybe that’s where the exiled people went and that there was no walker there before.

Chris says it was a nice father son bonding moment. They wonder if it was a trap for Rick. Chris asks about Carl and the steel pipe. Denise says Carl is worried about getting weak. Chris says it’s like Carl is playing a video game in real life. Denise says the group has to know they can still take care of themselves. Chris says they asked the name of the best post-apocalyptic metal bands and the crowd chose Rage Against the Michonne.

On the sneak peek for next week, we see Sasha with her gun target shooting. She looks around nervously. She shoots some more. It’s family photos she’s blowing away.

They discuss her PTSD experience there. Timothy says it was a great tease. He says he likes it because it was quiet. He says people may feel like they’re losing their edge and want to stay focused. Chris says they’ve lived like animals for so long and wonders if this lifestyle will bore them. Timothy says you couldn’t fully adjust back to it and relax. Chris asks Alanna about Tara’s impetus to survive. She says it’s her new family and it’s live or die out there.

Chris asks Denise what to expect coming up. She says you’re never truly safe in that world even if you’re in a safe place. She says they’ll all adapt in different ways. They ask Timothy who he’d be and he says Daryl. He asks Timothy if politics or zombies are scarier and he says politics are a nightmare and zombies are better. Chris asks her about a Eugene Tara relationship and she says she loves Josh in real life but the mullet doesn’t do it for her.

Quiz Answers:
#1 Glenn – he was also the first to walk into Terminus
#2 Curb appeal – the last house that Rick and Carl stayed out was taken by the claimed gang
#3 20 minutes – turning off the faucet while you brush can save five gallons of water