The Bachelor 2015 Recap – Britt Cries For Half an Hour: Season 19 Episode 10 “The Women Tell All”

The Bachelor 2015 Recap - Britt Cries For Half an Hour: Season 19 Episode 10 "The Women Tell All"

The Bachelor 2015 returns on ABC this evening with an all new Monday March 2, season 19 episode 10 called “The Women Tell All” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Chris Soules faces 17 of the bachelorettes he rejected, including the latest one he sent home heartbroken.

On the last episode, Chris and the final three ladies traveled to the island of Bali in Indonesia where secrets were revealed in the fantasy suite. At the rose ceremony, Chris sent one unsuspecting woman home in tears. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s show as per the ABC synopsis, “Chris Soules faces 17 of the bachelorettes he rejected, including the latest one he sent home heartbroken. Also: bloopers from the season; and a preview of Chris’ emotional final days in his journey to find true love.”

We will be live blogging tonight’s tenth episode of the The Bachelor 2015 and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, cat fights and tears. So come back tonight at 8PM for our live recap of tonight’s ninth episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelor?

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Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor: Women Tell All kicks off with host Chris Harrison taking the stage – he promises some controversial interviews tonight with Kelsey Poe, Britt Nilsson, Ashley I., and Jade Roper. Ashley Salter is even going to take the stage and discuss her crazy antics during Season 19. Also, Bachelor Chris Soules is going to get put in the hot seat and have to face the music and explain his decisions to eliminate some of the heartbroken women. But, before we get started Chris Harrison shares some hilarious scenes of himself and Chris Soules crashing Bachelor viewing parties and hanging out with some fans. At one of the viewing parties they have a little game going on – and they take a shot of liquor every time Chris Soules kisses one of the contestants – which is quite a bit.

Now it is time to kick off the “Women Tell All,” after watching a highlight reel Britt Nilsson becomes emotional – she had no idea why Carly Waddell turned on her and betrayed her friendship. Carly tries to explain herself and says that she “didn’t want to create drama.” Britt demands to know why Carly pretended to be her friend to her face, and every time the cameras were rolling she talked badly about her behind her back. All of the girls start bickering and Chris Harrison interrupts them and brings Britt Nilsson up on the stage.

Chris Harrison asks Britt if she genuinely cared about Chris, she gushes that she was in love with him. Jade and Carly both chime in that Britt was being fake around Chris. Jillian begins shouting that Carly is insecure and she spent the entire season attacking all of the other women and talking badly about them – just like she did to Britt. Jillian rants that Britt was the most positive person in the house, and Carly tried to make her out to sound like a monster. Chris Harrison has to call Jillian off and tell her to settle down. Britt sobs that Ashley I. did the same thing to her that Carly did and she lied and said that Britt didn’t want to have children – when she did, and she loves children. Ashley tries to explain herself, but Britt interrupts and says that she misinterpreted the entire conversation. Ashley argues that Britt specifically said she was “in no rush to get married or have kids.”

Carly refuses to back down – she continues to argue that Britt was fake, and she told Chris Soules that Britt didn’t want to move to Iowa because she was just looking out for him. Carly is adamant that Britt completely lied to Chris’s face and she told the girls that she would never move to Arlington, then turned around and told Chris she couldn’t wait to move there. Britt insists that at first she was shell-shocked by how small Arlington was but she warmed up to the idea of living in a beautiful home in the countryside with Chris Soules.

Chris Harrison asks Britt if Carly wasn’t in the picture – would she still be in a relationship with Chris Soules? Britt cries and agrees that it is Carly’s fault that she was eliminated. She thinks that Carly was demonizing her because she was jealous of her connection with Chris. Carly begins bickering again and insists that she wasn’t jealous – she just didn’t want Britt to play Chris Soules and be fake to him. Chris Harrison has to interrupt them again and he says that Britt and Carly are just going to have to agree to disagree because they are never going to “see eye to eye.”

Now it is time for Kelsey Poe to join Chris Harrison on stage – she created quite a bit of controversy on The Bachelor and the other women even dubbed her the “black widow” and went as far as to say that she lied about being a widow and her husband passing away. Chris Harrison shares a clip of all of the women celebrating when Kelsey was eliminated by Chris Soules, after the clip Kelsey cries that she “feels betrayed.” She explains that she wanted to open her heart up to love again, and her time on The Bachelor made her close her heart again. Chris Harrison asks her why the other women on the show hate her so much. Kelsey says that it is because she “uses big words.”

Kelsey insists that her infamous panic attack was real and it was just a natural reaction to all of the stress that she was under because of the other women – she just wanted to be accepted by the other women. Chris asks Kelsey if she thinks she is better than the other women – Kelsey insists that she doesn’t think that she is better than any of them, but she thinks that she is different then them. She apologizes for hurting Ashley I. and lashing out at her on their 2-on-1 date and being so angry.

Now that Kelsey has said her peace – it is time for her to answer to the other women. Juelia, who is also a widow slams Kelsey for using her husband’s death as a bargaining chip and using it to make Chris feel guilty about sending her home. Megan chimes in that her mother is a widow and when she watched The Bachelor she was totally offended by the way Kelsey talked about her former husband and used it to get sympathy.

Kelsey accosts Ashley I. and says that she was despicable for accusing her of making up her dead husband and accusing her of faking his death. Chris Harrison points out that when she was talking about her husband passing away she called it an “amazing story” which is really strange wording for a mourning widow. Kelsey breaks down in tears and says that his death wasn’t amazing, but it is amazing that she survived losing him and was able to move on and look for love again and join The Bachelor. Kelsey says that she doesn’t regret joining The Bachelor, because it helped her move on and open herself up to finding love again.

Ashley Salter lost her marbles on The Bachelor, and completely baffled the other women and viewers at home with her outrageous behavior and rambling. On opening night she spent five minutes outside talking to a pomegranate, which she though was an onion, and her sanity only decreased from there. After sharing a clip of Chris Soules confessing that he was scared Ashley would kill him in his sleep – Chris Harrison brings Ashley up on stage for an interview. She brings Chris a gift – an onion, she says that she started growing them after she left the show. Ashley seems completely sane compared to when she was on the show, she explains that she “was just bored.” Chris brings up the scene when she was crawling on her knees through the parking lot and talking to the cat – Ashley laughs that the cat didn’t talk back to her.

Chris asks Ashley who “the real Ashley is.” She confesses that when the cameras are around it was really hard for her to not be silly, while all the other women were sitting around crying she would rather be outside picking pomegranates. Chris Harrison interrupts and asks Ashley if she would PLEASE join them on this season’s Bachelor In Paradise. Ashley refuses to answer him and just says “it’s so weird being on TV.”

Now it is time for Jade Roper to join Chris Harrison on stage for an interview, Jade and Chris had a strong connection on The Bachelor until her hometown date when she revealed to him that she had starred on a Playboy movie and nude pictures all over the internet. Jade confesses to Chris Harrison that she was blind-sighted when Chris Soules sent her home at the rose ceremony, she thinks that Chris lied to her and he really was bothered by the nude pictures. She chokes up and begins crying and tells Chris Harrison that Chris Soules “crushed her” and he hadn’t been honest with her about how he really felt. It was very hard for her to be honest with him – and he could have given her the same courtesy.

Kaitlyn Bristowe takes the “Women Tell All” stage next, she confesses that it is painful to watch clips from The Bachelor. Who wants to watch themselves getting their heart broken? Kaitlyn confesses to Chris Harrison that when she went in to the rose ceremony in Bali she was confident and never thought that Chris would send her home because the night before he told her that he was “falling in love with her.” It was difficult for Kaitlyn to let her guard down and stop using her humor as a defense mechanism – and she let Chris Soules in and he broke her heart, her heart still hurts.

Now, it’s the moment all of the women have been waiting for – Chris Soules takes the stage. Britt Nillson is up first, as soon as she sees Chris she begins crying. Britt tells Chris Soules that she doesn’t blame him for believing Carly, she cries that she respects him and she never lied to him. Chris Soules explains that what Carly said to him wasn’t why he sent her home, Britt interrupts and says that their connection was undeniable and she just wants to get some closure and have their relationship end on a positive note.

Kaitlyn Bristowe is up next, she asks Chris why he made her let her guard down only to blindside her and send her home. Kaitlyn doesn’t understand how they could have such a special night, and then have him eliminate her the next day. Chris Soules stutters that he doesn’t have an explanation – he was falling in love with three women and had no idea which one he should choose. Kaitlyn doesn’t want to hear it – she demands to know why he made her stand through the rose ceremony just to humiliate her. Chris tries to explain that going in to the rose ceremony he still had no idea who he was going to send home and he wishes he had shown her more respect, but he did the best that he could.

Jade gets a chance to talk to Chris Soules next, she takes the stage and asks The Bachelor why he lied to her and said that her nude photos didn’t bother him – but after the episode aired he wrote a blog and said that Jade’s different personalities were “disturbing.” Chris argues that Jade always acted shy and reserved around him, but her brothers referred to her as a “wild mustang.” Chris Soules reassures her that he didn’t send her home because of the nude photos and Playboy video, but Jade isn’t buying it. She cries that he wasn’t honest with her, and in interviews he said that looking at her photos was “awkward.” Chris Soules reminds her that he looked at them for her, she was the one that wanted to show him and it was awkward for both of them, he apologizes for using a “poor choice of words” in his blogs.

Tonight’s “Women Tell All” episode closes with a reel of hilarious bloopers from Season 19.