The Bachelorette 2015 Kaitlyn Bristowe Recap and Spoilers – Eliminations and Roses: Season 11 Episode 3

The Bachelorette 2015 Kaitlyn Bristowe Recap - Eliminations and Roses: Season 11 Episode 3

The Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe airs tonight on ABC with an all new June 1 season 11 episode 3 and spoilers. On tonight’s episode Kaitlyn makes a decision that sends shock waves through the mansion; Kaitlyn and six bachelors get trained in sumo wrestling; the one-on-one date traps Kaitlyn and her companion in an “escape room”; Kaitlyn takes six guys to an elementary school to teach sex education; 16 bachelors are left after the rose ceremony.

On the last episode, eight excited bachelors arrived at a boxing gym to meet Kaitlyn. Little did they know what hit them – literally! Undefeated World Boxing Champion Laila Ali was waiting to train them, putting the men through a rigorous boxing workout. Afterwards, Laila landed a surprise punch when she announced that the guys had to battle one another in a sudden death boxing competition. The winner would get more alone time with Kaitlyn. Ben Z., who was built like a prize fighter, was so intimidating; the other bachelors hadsecond thoughts. Much to Kaitlyn’s surprise, the guys didn’t pull any punches and were truly invested in slugging it out to win her heart. However, one decisive match between Ben Z. and a scrappy underdog went awry in a major way. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the ABC synopsis “the drama continues as a disgruntled bachelor refuses to leave – even after Kaitlyn sends him home. Her well-meaning talk with the man goes awry, and after this unexpected confrontation, she decides to cut the cocktail party short and go directly to the rose ceremony. Sixteen men move on in an attempt to capture Kaitlyn’s heart. World Champion sumo wrestlers Biyamba and Yama give six bachelors a wake-up call they won’t soon forget, and one unhappy guy vocalizes his displeasure with the day’s activity. Ben Z. goes on a mysterious one-on-one date with Kaitlyn. They both need to face their fears – including scorpions and snakes — as they attempt to break out of the “Escape Room.” Six more bachelors have another kind of terror waiting them when they meet the Bachelorette at an elementary school. But the fun begins when the men find out that they need to teach a class on the “birds and bees.” Meanwhile, a budding bro-mance between two inseparable bachelors might interfere with Kaitlyn’s search for love.”

Tonight’s episode is going to have people talking and you are not going to want to miss a minute of it. The Bachelorette airs tonight at 8PM so don’t forget to come back for our live recap!

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Tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette kicks off where we left off last week – Kaitlyn Bristowe hears Kupah outside yelling and she runs outside to see what is going on. Kupah still doesn’t want to go home, but Kaitlyn informs him that she is not going to change her mind and he is just making everyone feel uncomfortable. After Kaitlyn heads back inside, Kupah begins talking to the camera guy again. Kaitlyn heads back inside and cries in the diary room while all of the other guys sit at the party and wait for her. Kaitlyn can’t believe that Kupah insulted her.

Kaitlyn heads back to the party, she explains to the other guys that she sent Kupah home. She tells them that every time she tried to talk to him they ended up arguing, Kaitlyn explains that being The Bachelorette is much harder than she thought it would be – and she needs all of the guys to be open with her. Chris Harrison arrives and says that it is time for the next rose ceremony.

The guys line up for the rose ceremony, and Kaitlyn apologizes that the night didn’t go as planned. She begins passing out her roses to: Jared, Ben H., Shawn, Jonathan, Tanner, Chris, Ryan, Justin, Joshua, Joe, Corey, and Tony. Daniel and Cory are officially eliminated from The Bachelorette.

The next morning the remaining guys are woken up by special guests – a couple of professional sumo wrestlers. The sumo wrestlers head in to the guys’ bedrooms and start banging gongs and creating a racket to wake them up. Chris Harrison arrives and introduces them to the wrestlers – he reveals that Clint, Chris, Tony, JJ, Joe, and Shawn are going on a group date to sumo wrestle. The guys are provided with traditional sumo wrestling outfits and they head to the backyard to train. Kaitlyn Bristowe heads to the backyard and laughs hysterically when she sees the guys in their “thong man diapers.” She gets flashed by more than one of them, and laughs that she “already knows everything Joe has to offer – because it is hanging out.”

The guys begin training with the sumo wrestlers in the backyard before their group date – Tony can’t wait to take down the 600 pound sumo wrestler. But, when it is his turn to wrestle with the sumo wrestler, he gets tossed aside and totally annihilated. Tony storms back in to the mansion, and Kaitlyn chases after him to see if he is okay. Tony begins ranting that he is a peaceful man and he doesn’t see why everything that they do is about violence, he believes in “peace and love.” While Tony and Kaitlyn are arguing about the date and sumo wrestling, JJ runs over and starts shouting at Tony and starts an uproar.

After everything settles down, Kaitlyn heads back in to the mansion to try and talk to Tony. He reassures her that he is here “for the right reasons,” Tony says that he has worked really hard to get where he is spiritually and he refuses to “revert back to primal instincts.” Kaitlyn says that she really thought the sumo wrestling date would be fun, she didn’t mean to upset him. Tony argues that he shouldn’t have to prove himself for a date by wrestling, Kaitlyn tells him that she totally understands and he can sit out the date for the day.

Kaitlyn heads back downstairs and tells the other guys that are sumo wrestling that for the second half of the date they are going to an exhibition and wrestling in front of a huge crowd. They all agree, and they can’t wait to show off their skills – even if Tony decides not to go with them.

The remaining five guys on the group date head to the exhibition – before they begin Kaitlyn steps in to the ring and pretends to wrestle with one of the wrestles, named “Yama.” JJ is up next, and he is sumo wrestling against Joe in their man diapers. JJ brags that he is “going to sumo the shit out of Joe.” But, Joe quickly pushes JJ out of the ring. Clint is up next and Joe is furious when he picks him up and body slams him outside of the ring. Joe thinks that he is trying too hard – and is going to seriously hurt someone with his high-school wrestling moves. Meanwhile, Tony is back at the Bachelor mansion ranting to Jonathan that he is done “with the primal dates.” He doesn’t understand why everything has to be a contest and they can’t just go to the zoo. Tony heads in to his bedroom and packs his suitcase – he has decided to quit and leave the show.

Tony hops in a car with his suitcase and heads to the hotel where Kaitlyn is having a cocktail party with the guys on the sumo wrestling date. He picks a flower for Kaitlyn and tells her that he is leaving, he just “can’t participate in the circus anymore.” Tony hugs her and tells her goodbye.

After saying goodbye to Tony, the remaining five guys arrive at the hotel to have drinks with Kaitlyn. After the sumo wrestling date, Clint is upset – he tells JJ that he isn’t going out of his way to talk to Kaitlyn. He is going to wait until Kaitlyn makes the first move and comes and talks to him. JJ warns Clint that his plan is going to backfire. Shawn is a little upset too, he grumbles to the other guys that he just wants to hang out with Kaitlyn alone. At the end of the group date Kaitlyn gives the rose to Shawn – and she tells Clint that he needs to step his game up, she’s not happy that he ignored her all night. After the dates is over, Clint confesses in to the camera that he doesn’t like Kaitlyn but he is staying on the show because he doesn’t want to leave JJ and he thinks that JJ is a “sweetheart.”

The next day Kaitlyn heads to the mansion, Chris Harrison has planned a 1-on-1 date for her and Ben Z. Kaitlyn and Ben head to an abandoned looking warehouse, and they find Chris Harrison waiting for them. Chris explains that being in a relationship is “all about trust,” and they have a challenge to complete. They are going to be locked in a scary room full of obstacles that they will have to overcome before they can get the code to unlock the door and get out.

Kaitlyn and Ben head in to the dark room, which is set up like a haunted house with fake blood and monsters everywhere. They learn that they have 45 minutes to figure out the clues before gas will start being pumped in to the room. After squealing for a good ten minutes, Kaitlyn finally gets her life together and helps Ben start looking for clues. They find a picture of Britt, a bible, a video, and half a deck of cards. They start trying to piece the clues together, and they only have a five minutes left. Ben and Kaitlyn realize that they are missing a clue – they find a door to a bathroom and it is full of snakes. Ben manages to overcome his fear and fishes out the last piece of the puzzle – they enter the code in to the keypad and get out of the room with just ten seconds to spare.

After their haunted house date, Kaitlyn takes Ben back to her house to have drinks with her. They sit down and get to know each other, Ben opens up to Kaitlyn and tells her about the day that his mother died. He confesses that he regrets that he didn’t cry when his mom cried – and he hasn’t cried in 11 years, sometimes he tried to make himself cry but he can’t. Meanwhile back at the mansion the next group date card arrives. Jonathan, Ben H, Joshua, Ryan, Jared, and Tanner are heading on the next date with Kaitlyn. The card tells them that they will “learn how to love.”

Back at Kaitlyn’s house, she and Ben Z. get in their bathing suits and hop in the hot tub together to have some champagne. While they are in the hot tub together, Kaitlyn gives Ben Z. the date rose and raves that she was secretly hoping they go to go on a 1-on-1 date together. After Ben accepts the rose, they share a passionate kiss.

The next day Kaitlyn heads on her next group date – she and the guys head to an elementary school where they will be teaching the students about sex education. While they are awkwardly making their lesson plans, back at the mansion the other guys are feeling a little awkward around JJ and Clint – their bromance is over the top, they spend the day laying around in their boxers together on the couch.

At the elementary school the guys get up in front of the kids and try to tell them about the female anatomy, the kids begin asking them crazy questions like “how do you hit a home run” and “how many sex positions are there.” Joshua tries to demonstrate how a woman uses tampons. Ben H. is up next – he has to explain how reproduction works. Little do the guys know, they are actually teaching child actors, and Kaitlyn told them to ask the questions that they are asking.

Ben H. clearly nails his sex education class – he even scores brownie points by using Kaitlyn as a prop and manages to their relationship in to his lesson plan. Afterwards, Kaitlyn and the guys head out for a cocktail party together so that they can get some alone time with The Bachelorette. Joshua makes a huge confession to Kaitlyn when they are alone, he admits that he never even kissed a girl until he was in college. Kaitlyn understands that Josh is shy, but she thinks that he needs to “step it up” because she is already developing relationships with some of the other guys.

Ben H. and Kaitlyn slow dance on the roof together and share a romantic kiss – Kaitlyn squeals about how romantic and passionate Ben is, plus he is a great kisser. While Ben and Kaitlyn are enjoying a magical moment, JJ and Clint are having a moment with each other back at the mansion. Shawn is grossed out about how much time they spend together. Clint raves in the diary room about how close he and JJ are, he admits on camera that he is falling in love with JJ.

Back on the group date, Kaitlyn decides to take Jared back to her hotel room. She hasn’t had any alone time with him since he got injured on the boxing date. Kaitlyn dances with him too, and they make out in her hotel room. Jared confesses that he feels himself falling for Kaitlyn and she makes him feel more alive than he has felt in a long time. At the end of the group date – Kaitlyn gives the date rose to Ben H. Jared is obviously upset that he didn’t get the rose.

It’s time for the next cocktail party before the rose ceremony. Ben H, Ben Z, and Shawn all have roses – so they have nothing to worry about. Kaitlyn arrives, and she brags that she believes her future husband is in the room – but she is concerned about some of the things she has heard about what is going on in the house with JJ and Clint. Clint realizes that Kaitlyn is thinking about sending him home, so he takes her outside for some alone time. He wants to get a rose from her so that he can stay in the house with JJ. When they head outside, Clint makes up an excuse that the sumo wrestling date made him uncomfortable – and he feels a little insecure in group settings. Kaitlyn buys everything that Clint is saying hook, line, and sinker – and then he gives her a big kiss.

Afterwards, Kaitlyn sits down with Justin and kisses him. Clint and JJ watch from around the corner and pound drinks and make fun of Kaitlyn and Justin. Ian sits down with Kaitlyn and tells her that there are some “sour apples” in the bachelor mansion, a few more guys sit down afterwards and tell Kaitlyn what Clint has been up to and saying behind her back. Kaitlyn marches back inside and tells Clint that she needs to talk to him ASAP…

To Be Continued..