The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Maya’s Parents Arrive and Expose Myron – Won’t Accept Transgender Child

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Maya's Parents Arrive and Expose Myron - Won't Accept Transgender Child

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers are ready to dish all about the next characters getting set to air on B&B. These newbie’s are paying a visit to Los Angeles and their two children, only knowing one is actually there. Some of the latest Bold and Beautiful rumors are divulging that Mr. and Mrs. Avant make a surprise trip traveling from the Mid-West to the West Coast to visit their daughter Nicole [Reign Edwards] who is suppose to be a freshman at the University of California majoring in Computer Technology.

When the happy parents arrive, they find that wayward Nicole has dropped out of college and has taken a modelling job at Forrester Creations alongside her transgender sister Maya [Karla Mosley]. Living in a mansion and dating Wyatt [Darin Brooks], a much older man, is not what the Avants planned for their little girl at this time in her life. Also, additional teasers are reporting when Nicole’s parents finally find out that her brother Myron turned into sister Maya has been responsible for Nicole’s new job and living agreements, they try and pull Nicole away from Maya and what they see as her disgraced lifestyle.

Additional Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers are telling the tail of how hurt Maya has been her entire life. Her own parents turned their back on their son Myron his whole entire life. They could never accept the fact that their son Myron wasn’t who they thought he actually was, but thought he was a female living inside a male’s body. Even after many years have passed, The Avant’s still can not wrap their heads around the fact their once little boy, is now a gorgeous beautiful woman!

Apparently through the Avant parents’ visit, the news of Maya being a transgender male will be made widely known and she will be fully supported by her finance Rick Forrester [Jacob Young]. Her parents still think of Maya as Myron and will not give their blessing and refuse to attend their son’s wedding when it does take place. Can Rick finally be able to make the elder Avant’s see their oldest child, whether a male or female, was raised to be a loving compassionate person? Maybe Nicole will side with Maya also and explain how much they really share and have in common. Hopefully, by the end of their visit, the Avant’s will be educated enough to see that their child is really happy being the person she always thought and wanted to be. Come back to CDL for more The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, news and updates!