‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Carter Learns Maya Used to Be a Man – Nicole Hints Maya Lying To Rick

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Carter Learns Maya Used to Be a Man - Nicole Hints Maya Lying To Rick

“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers tease that the tension between Nicole (Reign Edwards) and Maya (Karla Mosley) will reach an all-time high as Nicole continues making demands. Nicole knows Maya’s secret and it’s given her all the power she needs. Between a free room at the mansion and a potential modeling job, the knowledge that Maya used to be a man is coming in quite handy. Maya and Nicole have reached an understanding, but it looks like Nicole is curious how far she can take this blackmail scheme.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers indicate that Nicole will start dropping a few hints around Rick (Jacob Young) and Maya won’t appreciate it. Maya will become defensive when Nicole implies that she’s not being completely honest with Rick. Nicole should really think twice before she starts making Rick suspicious. After all, if Maya gets the boot, then Nicole probably will as well. Other than making her sister suffer, Nicole won’t really benefit once the truth is exposed. At this point, it serves both Maya and Nicole to keep the whole thing under wraps.

Fortunately for B&B viewers, the secret is about to come out anyway. “The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers say that Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) will overhear the news that Maya was once Myron. Since Carter and Maya used to date, it should be fun to see Carter’s reaction. Of course, the most important aspect of this reveal is that one more person will find out about Maya’s history. We all know that secrets don’t stay secrets for very long on soaps. One character learns the truth and then another. Eventually, the whole thing blows up into a big, soapy mess.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers tease that Carter will suggest Maya hasn’t told Rick all he needs to know about her past. Naturally, Rick will stand up for Maya in his usual, belligerent way. When Rick finally discovers the truth (and he definitely will), there’s a good chance he’ll go ballistic. The woman Rick thought he knew so completely has been keeping a major secret throughout their entire relationship. Once he gets over the shock, will Rick consider being with a transgender woman? The rumors say it’s a possibility. Stay tuned to the CBS soap to see what Rick will decide.

So B&B fans, what do you think about the rising tension between Maya and Nicole? When Carter gets updates on Maya’s past, how long will he keep quiet? If Rick doesn’t take the hint, will Carter have to spell it out for him? How will Rick feel about Maya’s big secret? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for the latest “Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers, rumors, updates and news.