The Originals Recap 11/12/15: Season 3 Episode 6 “Beautiful Mistake”

The Originals Recap 11/12/15: Season 3 Episode 6 "Beautiful Mistake"

Tonight on the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Thursday November 12, season 3 episode 6 called “Beautiful Mistake,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Elijah ( Daniel Gillies) and Freya (Riley Voelkel)  try to protect Rebekah (Claire Holt). from the Strix; Klaus (Joseph Morgan) spends time with Aurora to determine where her loyalties lie.

On the last episode, Klaus’ past came back to haunt him when he received an unexpected visit; Elijah suspected Tristan was hiding something; Davina struggled with her role as Regent and seeks advice from Hayley; the Mikaelson brothers were threatened by an ancient secret that was uncovered. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Elijah and Freya try to protect Rebekah from the Strix; Klaus spends time with Aurora to determine where her loyalties lie; Hayley and Marcel make an unsettling discovery when they have a dangerous encounter with a member of the Strix; Lucien creates an elaborate scheme that forces Cami to make a difficult decision and leaves Det. Kinney to fight for his life.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season unfolds.

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#TheOriginals begins with Aurora asleep in Klaus’s bed. He checks his phone as she wakes. She tells him to come closer. He says she needs to be out of arm’s reach. She tells him that she’ll reveal everything she knows. 24 hours before, Freya sat going a spell with a map of the middle east. Then we see she magics herself to see Rebekah in Morocco. She’s still in her witch body. Rebekah says Lucien is a pain in the ass and Lucien is stuck up. Freya says she may come to join her there.

Rebekah says she’s got a lead on bringing back Kol. Freya says Elijah and Klaus are hot and cold on each other. Rebekah says she has to go meet a witch and they wish each other safe passage and toast to family. Freya is back in New Orleans. Rebekah is intercepted and she tells the man to think twice before making trouble then her throat is slit by Aya who says that’s the trouble with a wtich’s body – it’s not much use when the real monsters show up.

Freya comes home and sees chaos. She gets flashes of what went on when Elijah and Klaus fought brutally and destroyed the courtyard. She sees her two brothers at a table looking sullen and bloody. Klaus puts his blood into a glass. Freya asks what happened and Klaus says they had a chat. Elijah says Lucien and Tristan are allied against them. Freya asks what understanding they reached. Elijah says they agreed to kill their first sired. Elijah sips his brother’s blood to cure the bite.

Cami rants at Kinney while he hauls her to the car. He says prove she’s the victim and he’ll protect her. Lucien is there and takes out Kinney then knocks Cami unconscious then says they have a big day ahead. Hayley calls Davina to say she’s running late then notices she’s being followed and says she’ll be a little longer. Hayley goes into an alley and a Strix follows. He creeps closer as a paint can rolls towards him. He looks around then she’s behind him.

She fights him and he beats then chokes her. She bites him and kicks him back. Elijah pours a glass of his blood for Freya to sip for her hangover after drinking with Rebekah. Elijah tells her that Klaus thinks Aurora can help end all this sire drama. Freya asks why Lucien and Tristan are working together. Elijah says hatred is a hell of a thing and she asks why. She says they just sired them but he turns his back. Freya asks what he did. He sighs and says he compelled their first sired.

He says he compelled them they were Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah and their father spent a century chasing their false personas then when they were daggered, the compulsion failed. Elijah says they will end them if they are working against them. Elijah then pours her a whiskey. Her handshakes and she says something is wrong and they need to call Rebekah now. Aurora admires a necklace and a woman hands it over. Klaus asks if she’s taking candy from toddlers next and puts the necklace on her.

He says come along and promises he won’t bite. He says he cleared his calendar to show him around. He says it would be rude to ask what side she’s on without first buying her lunch. She says that sounds lovely. Cami wakes to a crackling fire on a couch in Lucien’s place. She sees stacks of boxes and opens a lid. Lucien says he took off her handcuffs then hands her a glass of juice. She says she doesn’t like him and only drinks with friends.

He says this could have gone easier. He calls in Kinney and says to come cute up the mirepoix. Lucien compels him to cook for them and Lucien says he texted Vincent to tell him that she’s out of jail and watching Real Housewives. Lucien tells Kinney to throw his knife at her face. He does and Lucien stops it. He says he’s vervained her and says she needs to help him find a particular dark object. He tells Kinney to keep cooking. The boxes are Cami’s things and she starts going through them.

Freya uses magic to connect to Rebekah and says her witch body is gone. Rebekah wakes in her old body in the coffin and says – bloody hell. Aya comes in and Rebekah calls her Elijah’s little protégé. She says she knows she did this to her old body to lure her out. Rebekah says she needed that body and owes her now. Aya says she has chains for her. She says she met her special friend Marcel and says she can send her one of her heads as a souvenir.

Rebekah asks if she wants to throw the first punch. Aya says – you first – and they square off. Lucien sits and eats and tells Kinney it’s a good job. He says he’s going to stab Lucien in the heart and Cami explains he’s been compelled and can’t do anything. Cami says she cataloged all the family stuff and it’s not there. Lucien says it’s there and built into something else. Cami asks if this is all because he stole his girl and Lucien says he stole his girl and 100 years of his life. He says loss is a big motivator.

He tells Kinney to slice open an artery in his leg and he does. Lucien says he’ll bleed out soon without help and tells Cami tick-tock. Aurora eats someone and says it’s delicious. She asks what he wants to know. Klaus says being with her again is intoxicating and asks if she feels the same. She says she’s not his enemy or Rebekah’s. She says she hates Elijah for what he did to them. Klaus says Lucien was beneath her and her brother locked her away yet she allies with him.

She says the three of them spent 100 years running from his father. She says when the compulsion went away it was like someone peeled off their skin. She says they knew they were a red herring but Mikael was still after them. She says they swore a pact of vengeance and spent a century looking for weapons to kill them. Klaus says if they die so do all of them. Aurora says that’s the beautiful mystery. She says she’d like dessert and asks him to take her for a walk around the city.

Hayley has Shen Min and takes him to Marcel. He tells Hayley he was a torture consultant for hundreds of years. Hayley asks why he was following her and he says he doesn’t know. Marcel says they’re on the same side and she says prove it. Freya uses Elijah’s blood to hunt Rebekah down. He says Lucien and Tristan distracted them there while they hunted down Rebekah. She’s still fighting with Aya who says she’s still out of sorts.

Several other Strix show up and Freya is there and says she can’t leave her alone. Aya comes at her but goes right through her. Freya magics down the Strix and Rebekah asks now what. Freya says run.

Lucien takes a call about their issues. Cami continues hunting and asks Kinney how he is. He says he’s gushing blood into a bucket so he doesn’t stain the vampire’s floor. She tries to put a tourniquet on him but he pulls a knife on him and says more tricks from Mr Transylvania. He asks if this is what happened to her brother. He says they got mixed up in the supernatural world and someone made him do what he did. He says no one should have to go through that.

He tells her he has a sister and in case he doesn’t make it but she says no. She says she needs to find what Lucien needs. Klaus brings Aurora to the cemetery and he says they call these cities for the dead and says they’re all buried above ground. He asks about her intentions and she says over the centuries, she dreamed of him. She says he was her bright light. She says she never felt love like that since but says she knows it’s an interrogation that look like pleasantries.

Klaus says she should not doubt his feelings and says their tour has one final stop. Elijah says Rebekah can’t fight them alone. Elijah gets a call from Marcel who tells him one of Tristan’s guys was tailing Hayley then says it’s Shen Min. Elijah says kill him immediately and says he was known as the Red Sorrow before he was a vampire. Elijah says tear out his heart before he wakes. Freya chants and takes Elijah’s hands. This puts them with Rebekah. He says it’s time to come home but she says no.

They tell her Kol has to make and says the Strix are making their move. They tell her Shen Min is with Hayley and she says go stop the lunatic. She says her niece better be alive when she gets there and she agrees. They magic away. Shen Min wakes. Hayley stares at him and says about time. Marcel comes up behind him. She says we can get started and Shen says – yes we can. Hayley pokes the bite and says there’s time to heal him.

She asks why and he says when he gets free, he’s going to break her jaw and slowly pull out her intestines. Shen tells Marcel he knew he was filth from the start then says Marcel will watch her die screaming. Marcel says her turn is over and he has to die. He come at Shen who breaks his chair and gets free and attacks them both. Marcel holds him and tells Hayley to take him but then he gets the best of both of them.

He hold both their hearts and says they’ll die together but then Elijah is there and puts a stake into him. Elijah tells Marcel next time he tells him to take out the trash, don’t dally. He saved them. Freya tells Rebekah she has to go but she says the answers to bringing back Kol are a few streets away. She says she can’t go home with nothing. Freya says arguing with her is a waste and Rebekah walks out. Klaus brings Aurora to his house and says the wreckage is from a fight with Elijah.

He tells her to come along if she wants to know what has been in his heart for centuries. They go upstairs and he rips apart a brick wall with his bare hands. She asks what this is and he says 200 years ago it was his art studio then became a tomb for his memory of her. She sees a portrait of herself. He says he painted to try and cure himself of his memory and love but he was never more wrong about anything. She kisses him.

Shen is still alive but bleeding out plus he has the bite. Elijah pulls out the stake and says he wants answers. Shen tries to attack but he compels him to answer. Shen says he was ordered to remove her from the playing field so they can get Davina to activate a weapon to use against the Originals. He asks what weapon and Shen says he’d rather die and immolates himself. Lucien comes back and asks if Cami has found it yet. She says he wins then says to save him.

She says heal him then she’ll show him. He bites his arm and puts it in a glass. Cami tells him to drink and heal and he does. Cami says this is the only place it could be and shows him a small skull. He touches sit and he screams in agony. She tries to knife him but he stabs it. He says he sees why Klaus is so fond of her then says he thinks she knows where the medallion is. He tells Kinney knife to the throat and the cop does it.

He tells Kinney to slit his throat and she hands over what he wants. He smashes the wooden object and we see the medallion. He says they make quite a team. Cami stares at him in horror. In Morocco, Freya and Rebekah go see the witch and Freya asks where the witch is. Rebekah thinks it’s the spell. Freya says they have to go now. The witch chants and everything shakes then Aya is there. Rebekah is trapped. Rebekah says she can’t beat her but Aya says the witch can.

Freya tries to use her magic but it’s blocked. Aya says her magic has no power there. She tells Rebekah and Freya to say their farewells. Freya threatens to rip her apart and the other witch magics her away. Rebekah says it was a lie but Aya says the spell is real and she wanted to see the look when she took it from her. Aya says this won’t kill her just put her to sleep a very long time. Rebekah says when she wakes, she’ll kill Aya first. Aya says try it and slides the stake into her. Rebekah collapses.

Aya says it’s time to get her back to New Orleans. Lucien tells Kinney to report back that he arrested the wrong suspect. Kinney says he’ll come back for him but Lucien says he won’t. Lucien compels him that the investigation will make no progress then tells him he will hate himself and begin to believe he’s nothing. Cami asks him not to do this. Lucien says once the vervain is out of her system, he’ll make her forget as well. He says humans always lose against vampires.

Aurora sleeps in Klaus’ bed. He sits tenderly at her side. Freya comes to and panics and does a spell to find Rebekah. Hayley tells Elijah she was once consumed with finding her family then when she found them she wanted a home and says it’s New Orleans. She says the Strix are trying to take this. He says we won’t let them. Marcel and Freya come in and she says they have to call Klaus. Elijah asks where Rebekah is. They call him and we’re back to the start where Aurora asks him to come closer.

He says she should stay out of arm’s reach. She says she’ll tell him everything she knows about what happened to day. She says the serratura is a weapon that can produce an unbreakable boundary. She says Tristan and Lucien want to lock the three originals away forever. She says she set up a plan of her own and says she made sure that Rebekah’s body would not go where they want. We see two of her men kill the other guards. She says Rebekah is safe and says he has her word. She tells him to come back to bed.