The Originals Recap 11/19/15: Season 3 Episode 7 “Out of the Easy”

The Originals Recap 11/19/15: Season 3 Episode 7 "Out of the Easy"

Tonight on the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Thursday November 19, season 3 episode 7 called “Out of the Easy,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) invite Lucien, (Andrew Lees) Tristan (Oliver Auckland) and Aurora (Rebecca Breeds) to a Thanksgiving gathering in an attempt to negotiate a truce.

On the last episode, Elijah and Freya tried to protect Rebekah from the Strix; Klaus spent time with Aurora to determine where her loyalties lied; Hayley and Marcel made an unsettling discovery when they had a dangerous encounter with a member of the Strix; Lucien created an elaborate scheme that forced Cami to make a difficult decision and left Det. Kinney to fight for his life. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Klaus and Elijah invite Lucien, Tristan and Aurora to a Thanksgiving gathering in an attempt to negotiate a truce. But when Aurora reveals she has powerful leverage over Klaus, Hayley and Freya take matters into their own hands, leading to a deadly three-way confrontation. Meanwhile, Marcel and Vincent take drastic measures when they realize Davina may be in over her head; and Cami comes face-to-face with a dangerous new threat.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season unfolds.

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#TheOriginals begins with Freya asking Elijah where Klaus is. He says forget him and tells her to try the spell again. Marcel asks if she has the juice to do an international locator spell and she says she does. Klaus and Aurora are lounging in the bedroom and she kisses him. He grabs her up roughly and kisses her then throws her onto the bed. She smiles. Freya chants and pours Elijah’s blood onto the map – it doesn’t work. Freya says she’s cloaked and tells them she has more work to do.

Elijah and Marcel argue over priorities. Marcel says he’ll handle Davina while Elijah looks for Rebekah. Hayley wants to kill and Elijah says soon and many. Elijah then goes looking for Klaus who says he’s being loud enough to wake the dead. He says Rebekah is missing but Aurora comes out and says not really and if they behave she’ll tell them where she is. Elijah demands she tell him where Rebekah is. Klaus says he and Aurora have reached an arrangement.

He tells Aurora to go back to bed while he has a word with Elijah. Once they’re alone, Elijah accuses him of fornicating with a she-devil who took their sister. He says Aurora took her from the Strix. Elijah says Aurora will protect Tristan and the three of them have an advantage. Elijah says they have to break that and Klaus asks what he has in mind. Elijah says let’s invite them over for Thanksgiving and turn them against each other. They toast to that notion.

Tristan goes to pick up a coffin and Rebekah’s body is not in it and Aurora is there. She tells him she has other plans. She tells him to trust her but he says she’s had time to poison Lucien’s witch and bed Klaus. She says next time don’t leave me locked up in a monastery. He asks where Rebekah is and she says they were keeping their plans from her. He asks what are these and he holds up two cards from the coffin and she says they are insurance.

She tells him to trust her and says put your mind at ease. She walks out. There’s a Thanksgiving run going on in the Quarter and crowds are all over. Lucien tells Cami she looks lovely then asks what’s wrong and she says he’s holding her hostage and using her minutes. Lucien mocks her and then says he has to go dine with the Mikaelsons. She asks if they’re serving his head on a platter. She says he can’t trick her friends into thinking she’s fine and will track her here.

He says in a few hours she’ll be free of vervain and he can compel her. There’s a knock and he says it’s the nanny. He introduces her to Anton and says he’s dangerous and loyal. He tells Anton to kill her if he doesn’t return by nightfall and Lucien takes off. Davina meets Marcel but she’s late. He tells her there’s new vampires in town and she says the ancestors told her about the Strix. He says the Strix are looking for her to help take down Klaus. He offers to get her out of town. She says no.

She says she’s not running from anyone and he’s annoyed. Hayley tells Jackson that Hope is down for a nap and she will go and be back for dinner. She says the sire line losers took Rebekah and he says let Klaus and Elijah handle this. She says Rebekah kept Hope safe and can’t do nothing. Jackson says let Klaus deal with the bloodbath dinner and says they don’t need her help killing anyone. He says it’s Thanksgiving. She says she hears him. He embraces her.

The run continues. Lucien pours a drink as Tristan comes in with flowers and says the well-mannered bring a gift for dinner. Klaus walks in and says Aurora must be on her way and then she walks in. He smiles at her and she greets Lucien and he says it’s been ages and she looks lovely but Klaus distracts her from Lucien and kisses her hand. Elijah comes in and says welcome to our home. He says they all face a common threat in a prophecy. He says he fears his sister has already fallen.

Elijah says they need to unite to prevent the prophecy from happening and says they need honesty. He says he knows Lucien and Tristan have a clandestine alliance. Lucien tries to lie and Klaus says they expect an honest and productive negotiation. Elijah says – shall we being and they take seats. Elijah nods at Klaus. Vincent sits at the bar when Marcel comes in and takes a chair near him. Vincent isn’t happy to see him and Marcel says he doesn’t care if he doesn’t like him.

He tells Vincent that new vampires want Davina on their side and will kill her if she won’t cooperate. He says he wants her to leave town so she’s not killed. Vincent says there may be a way but he won’t like it. Lucien mentions it’s odd celebrating an American holiday like Thanksgiving and says he likes the turkey and the lies and deceit. Tristan says he and Lucien have always been enemies so they were simply maintaining differences. Lucien says they came to protect them and themselves.

Klaus asks about the bodies on the streets and they tell him it’s business as usual with the Strix. Lucien says when you need an item from a private collection, a police investigation is a good way to get your hands on something. Lucien says Cami had it and he got her arrested to get it but did not allow any harm to come to her knowing the affection he has for her. That gets to Aurora. The vampire tells Cami to get him a beer or he’ll find another way to quench his thirst.

He sees her looking at her boxes and he says he can’t kill her but can hurt her, heal her, then do it again. She says she’s got it and he says have a drink since she’s not going anywhere. Klaus says locking them away with a medallion doesn’t seem like protecting them. Elijah says hand over the medallion and his sister. Aurora says Rebekah is safe with her and Elijah says they can compel them to cooperate but Aurora giggles and says they would never come vulnerable to that.

Tristan says the sire lines declaring war on each other is troublesome and says some upstarts want to come after them and says them allowing themselves to be sealed up would be a perfect way in a perfect world to protect them all. Klaus reminds him it’s not a perfect world. Marcel meets with a frustrated Freya who says she can’t find Rebekah. She walks out but says she’s not giving up. Vincent meets with Davina who says Marcel filled him in on what’s going on. She says she’s not scared of the Strix.

He flips a skeletal tarot card and says maybe she should be worried. She says Vincent walked away from being a witch and she doesn’t want to be hassled. She says Kara attacked her when he questions her having witches killed. She says she will take care of any threat that stands against her. She walks out and then Van is there. They used a dream catcher to catch her confession of killing Kara and the other witches are there.

Klaus tells Elijah he’s certain that Aurora will oblige them with bringing back Rebekah. Freya comes in mad and Aurora says they are all being paranoid and she says she can’t trust Rebekah with them so she put her someplace safe where no harm can come to her and she can’t be tracked down. She says she put Rebekah at the bottom of the ocean then smiles wickedly. The other Mikaelsons are all stunned and none too happy.

Klaus says she’s bluffing and Aurora says Rebekah has never been safer and has plenty of company. He goes for her but Tristan goes for Freya then Elijah attacks him. Lucien smarts off and he says if he dies, Cami will be at risk. Aurora asks who Cami and then Freya snaps and knocks her out with magic. Elijah calls Lucien and Tristan vulgar parasites and Klaus says Elijah can take the stable boy and then Klaus whispers to Lucien that if anything happens to Camille… Elijah says Lucien likely realized his error.

Vincent tells Davina if you kill a witch, you lose your place and must be shunned. Klaus tells Tristan he will tell Aurora to return Rebekah. Klaus says Aurora can watch him tear her limb from limb. Tristan threatens him with the Strix and Klaus comes at him. Tristan says there is a better solution to the prophecy and can take control of fate. He says seal his siblings for a year and Klaus can stand guard over them for a year. He says it’s his only choice.

Elijah takes Lucien into another room and he says he was horrified by Aurora’s actions. Elijah demands Cami and the medallion if he wants to keep his head. Lucien says he wanted to stop the prophecy to save himself. Elijah says Lucien could be the author of the prophecy. He says Elijah gives him too much credit. He says the rift between Klaus and Elijah is huge and Aurora makes it worse. Elijah says Klaus will always choose family and Lucien asks why Klaus isn’t punishing Aurora for dropping Rebekah in the ocean.

Aurora wakes and Freya says no one can hear what happens to her. Then Hayley is there and Aurora says she was hoping to meet the mother of Klaus’s child. Hayley says she’s going to tell them where to find Rebekah or they’re going to kill her. The lunatic vampire smirks. Vincent reads the shunning order and says her regent title is revoked and she may not contact the ancestors. He says it will be as if she was never born and the other witches chant. He tells her he’s sorry and says it’s time to go.

Davina walks down the stairs of the crypt and through the cemetery. They all turn their back son her and she feels herself disconnecting from the witches of NOLA. Hayley beats on Aurora who says she’s strong for an infant. Freya knocks her back with magic and she says that hurts and she hasn’t felt pain since the 1700s. Hayley threatens to bite her and Aurora says Klaus will heal her. Freya says to bite her brother instead but Aurora says they need Tristan to get Rebekah back.

Tristan tells Klaus that Aurora has no loyalty to Klaus and Klaus says if he daggered his brother, that would fulfill the prophecy. Tristan says they know he’s daggered his siblings before and Klaus says it’s bold to suggest he betray his own blood then threatens to kill him right now. Aurora tells Hayley and Freya that she doesn’t know where Rebekah was dropped. She says she killed the men who dropped her then had the location information split in two and she only knows half and Tristan knows the other.

Aurora smirks at them. They are all back at the table and Klaus says he doubted Elijah’s wisdom in bringing them all together. He says he realizes they must make difficult choices to ensure their collective survival. He says his choice will be the right one. He goes to stand by Elijah then attacks Tristan. He tells Aurora she shattered their love when she took his sister. He says Tristan will die slowly and painfully, a sibling for a sibling. He says give his sister back. Aurora storms out.

Then Klaus tells Lucien he will take him to Cami and hand over the medallion or he will give him such a painful end that the devil will weep. Cami tells Anton that the chances of Lucien coming back are slim. She tells him that Klaus is the most ruthless vampire in all of history and he kind of likes her. She says Anton should be the one worried about making it through the night. She’s pretending to be drunk then when he comes over to her, she hits him with a bottle and cuts off the finger with his daylight ring.

She runs out the door and he can’t follow because of the sun. She calls the elevator and the doors open but Aurora is there. She smiles at Cami wickedly and says – you must be Cami. At Lucien’s place, Klaus beats Anton and destroys the place. Anton says she took his daylight ring and left. Klaus stakes him and tells Lucien this is his fault. Lucien says it’s his fault for not doing as he says. He tells Klaus he’s trying to keep him alive. He shows him the medallion and says his efforts are to keep him alive.

Klaus asks why hand it over and Lucien says it’s a sign of loyalty since Tristan obviously can’t be trusted and his true loyalty lies with Aurora. He tells Klaus to take it and he does. Vincent sits sulking by a window and Marcel comes up to him. They agree she’s alive and that’s what’s important. Vincent says they have to keep telling themselves that. Klaus comes to Cami’s place calling for her. He tries to call her and gets voice mail. He says he needs to know she’s safe and asks her to call him back.

Cami is in the trunk of a car with two bite marks in her neck. Aurora laughs and closes the trunk. Hayley comes home and finds dinner cold and Hope in bed. Jackson is annoyed. She says the family needed her help. He says he asked her to just leave it be and she says she couldn’t do it. Jackson says no matter what Klaus does to her, him or the pack she will always answer his call. He has a bag packed and says he’s going to the bayou to be with his family. She takes his hand and he pulls her hand off him and goes.

Klaus calls Elijah and tells him he hasn’t found Cami yet but will. Elijah asks Klaus if he loves Aurora and Klaus says it’s not the point because they have this prophecy under control. Elijah says perhaps then notices the messy Thanksgiving table looks like what he saw when he bit the witch – looks like they fulfilled it instead of ending it.