The Strain Finale Recap: Season 2 “Night Train”

The Strain Finale Recap: Season 2 "Night Train"

Tonight on FX The Strain airs with another all new Sunday October 4, season 2 finale called “Night Train,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, in the Season 2 finale, Setrakian (David Bradley) and Fet (Kevin Durand) fight for possession of the Occido Lumen and get help from a surprising source.

On the last episode, Eph faced a tough choice between Zack’s safety and the security of New York City’s population. Meanwhile, Eph’s relationship with Nora came to a crossroads; and Gus and Angel recruited an unusual group of Sun-hunters. Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FX synopsis “in the Season 2 finale, Setrakian and Fet fight for possession of the Occido Lumen and get help from a surprising source. Also: Eph, Nora and Zack face a massive attack as they try to escape from New York.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s “The Strain” season 2 finale at 10 PM EST!



[10/4/15, 9:34:29 PM] Rachel Rowan: #TheStrain begins with Eichorst smiling wickedly. He tells Ortega they’ve made a lot of progress and it’s impressive. He asks if it’s a European model. There are enclosures, meat hooks and incinerators. Ortega says it seems a strange time to build an animal processing plant and asks what type of animals. Eichorst smiles and says sheep. It’s a huge people processing facility! Fet reinforces the truck to make it more Strigoi resilient. Nora, Eph and Zack pack to leave and Abe tells the boy to travel safe.

Eph takes a picture of Zack with Abe who doesn’t smile. Abe says he’s said too many goodbyes. They wish him luck on getting the book and he wishes Eph luck. Nora tells him to take care of himself. Fet come sin and asks if they’re kissing then hugs Zack and says to send a postcard. Fet says he thought it was a quick trip and says he’s still working on the bio bomb. Fet says to look him up and Nora says they’ll find him then tells them it’s time to go. Fet locks the door after them.

At Palmer’s place, Coco hugs him and says he needs to make them respect him. She says they can’t succeed without him and says he doesn’t need to die and they don’t ever have to lose what they have. She kisses him. He says ever and hugs her. Fet and Abe drive and Fet asks how much gold they’re talking about. Abe says he has no idea how much the Ancients have but says they’ll get the Lumen one way or another. He says they’ll win it, take it or die trying. Fet says maybe skip the third option.

Eph, Nora and Zack are at Penn Station and they are told they’re on the last train out because the National Guard is gathering up the trains. Gunshots sound and Eph and Nora grab up Zack and run. The announcer says it’s a two bag limit. The train isn’t there yet. Nora tells Eph it’s hard to do the right thing. He says in DC, they’ll have a fresh shot at doing the bio weapon. She says focus on getting there. Eph wants to talk about their relationship but she doesn’t but she does take his hand.

Kelly is nearby in the train tunnels and sees her son. She snarls. Gus introduces the gangsters to Quinlan and says he’s the one responsible for them being out. They tell Gus he’s one of them but Quinlan says he’s not. He cracks the guy’s neck when he pulls a gun on him. He asks if any other of them have any issues. Quinlan tells them human life is fleeting and says he’s seen good and bad men perish. He says what makes the honorable different, they conducted themselves better.

He asks if they want to be remembered as warriors or human animals. He says today they fight for the human tribe and says the color of their blood is all that matters – red vs white. He says today they define who they are. He says they will spill white blood and change the future. He tells Gus – let us fight – once they cheer for him. The train arrives at the station and Zack, Nora and Eph get on board. They are told the train is full but there’s a seat for each of them. They are told they’ll leave within the hour.

Fet and Abe meet with Alonso who greets them and takes their weapons. Eichorst shows up and says he’s there on Palmer’s behalf. Alonso says to register his funds with his man. Abe asks where Palmer is and Eichorst says it’s too important to entrust to Palmer. Eichorst tells him that their fight will end with a simple transaction in gold. Abe says it will end with a transaction in silver. Abe asks if it hurts to be passed over in favor of Bolivar. Eichorst reminds him all the things he’s taken from him.

Abe calls him a creature of filth. Eichorst says he would suck him dry and snap his neck but the Master has a plan for him and wants him to turn and bear witness to what he’s been fighting. Abe says he will release him to die like the soulless appendage he is. Alonso asks Fet to step back when he threatens Eichorst. Alonso’s guy says the credit lines are verified. Alonso says the highest bid wins and Abe offers $5 million. They get up to $50 million quickly then into the hundreds of millions.

Alonso says the one with the most gold wins for $1 more than that. They agree. Alonso tells James to check the account limits. They hear that Abe has $323 million. Then Alonso asks for the German’s limit. It’s $351.8 million. Eichorst smiles. Alonso says the German wins and Eichorst says nothing can stop the Master now. Alonso goes to hand over the book then James calls him over. He says the German’s access to the account was cut off. He tells Eichorst he’s out of luck and tells Abe he gets the book.

Eichorst says he’ll call the bank and Alonso says it’s not jack shit to him. Eichorst comes at him but there are armed men all around. He tells him to just try it then tells him to step away. Abe says Palmer would rather he got the book than the Master. Abe says that’s interesting. Eichorst congratulates him and calls him by his concentration camp number. Eichorst says he’ll see him soon. Alonso tells Eichorst to get off his island and thanks Abe for making him rich. He hands him the book.

Fet tells him they should go. Alonso says he hopes he has some money to get a helicopter since it will be dark soon. Abe grabs his cane and they leave.
[10/4/15, 10:01:47 PM] Rachel Rowan: Fet and Abe leave in the truck and Alonso’s guys close up the island. Abe tells Fet to be vigilant for an attack and asks why he didn’t arrange back up from the ancients. Abe says he won’t give the book to the ancients. Fet asks if they’re ripping off one gang of immortal monsters and throwing down with another. Abe says that’s it exactly. Another truck crashes into them and they see snarling creatures coming at them. Abe says they need to move. Strigoi climb on the truck. Fet gets it started but it’s hung up.

Abe shoots strigoi then his gun jams. They get it loose finally and frive away with strigoi on the windshield. They are blocked by another truck and he tells Abe to get in the back. Eichorst is there and says his victory was fleeting. He tells the strigoi to bring Abe and the book to him. They swarm the truck. Abe and Fet are safe in the back for now. Fet opens fire from a slit in the van. Then some SUVs pull up and Gus and his guys get out including Angel. Fet tells Abe someone else joined the party.

The strigoi panic and Eichorst looks unsure. The gangsters open fire on them and Eichorst goes into the back of the truck then hears growling. He looks and sees Quinlan. He calls him The Born. He asks – can you see me through him then says he was wise not to come tonight and says it was cowardly but wise. The Master speaks through Eichrost and says he fears no one. Quinlan says no do I then opens fire on Eichorst who is forced to flee. Gus gets onto the truck and checks the back.

There’s white blood but no Abe or Fet. He sees a hatch and opens it and sees they escaped into the sewers. He notices a bomb and then the truck blows. The Master watches through Eichorst’s eyes and says nothing will hinder the rise of my power, but the Master’s man lost the book. On the train, they hear the train will leave soon. Zack lies nodding off on Nora’s lap. The train pulls away from the station. Eph goes to the club car and says he’ll be back. Nora pats Zack’s back.

He goes down the train and stands in line to buy drinks. The guy in front of him makes small talk. There’s a thump and the guy wonders if something is on the tracks. Eph curses. The train runs into an army of strigoi. Eph runs back to Nora and Zack. Eichorst comes looking for Palmer and says he crossed a line that can’t be undone. Coco asks who Eichorst is to give orders. Eichorst says he humiliated him at the auction and cost them the Lumen. He says he betrayed the Master.

Palmer says his security people can get the book back from Abe this evening if he and the Master show him the respect he’s owed. Coco says they will be equals and want the white when they need it. Eichorst asks the Master what he thinks and then the Master is there. Palmer says he finally has his attention. He says the new terms don’t affect their agreement and says he can use his resources but don’t take him for granted. The Master throws out his tongue thing and kills Coco.

He tells Palmer the terms of their agreement remain unchanged and zooms out. Palmer cries over her and Eichorst says she has a new mate now and devotion is a beautiful thing. The train derailed and Nora tells Zack to get his dagger out. She gets her weapon. Zack sees the man across from them had a briefcase stuffed with cash. They walk away and Nora says EPh will find them but they can’t wait. Eph hears the strigoi and then Kelly and the feelers creep by on the top of the train. They see Eph.

Eph does looking for Zack and we see the feeler coming for him. Eph puts a hole in its head. Eph gets out of the train and calls for Zack. He runs back into the tunnel. He screams his son’s name. Another feeler is there and then another. They are on either side of him He kills one but misses the other which leaps onto his back. He stabs it in the head. Zack and Nora head for the station then see a shadow coming. It’s Kelly. Nora tells him to get behind her. She says to run when she tells him to and says go for the station.

Kelly says her son’s name. Nora tells her to come on and asks what she’s waiting for. Kelly comes at her and Nora shoots but runs out of bullets. She stabs at her and tells Zack to run. Nora slashes at her and Kelly calls his name. Zack looks tormented. She’s about to take her head when Zack screams stop. Nora hesitates and Kelly wraps her tongue around her arm. Zack begs her to let Nora go. She does but Nora is in horrible pain. Zack pulls his knife and Kelly comes closer.

He coughs – an asthma attack coming on – he asks to see her and she steps into the light. He looks horrified but then drops his knife and steps into her arms. She pets his head and says his name. Kelly hers voices whispering and then walks off holding Zack’s hand. Nora calls out to him but he keeps going with her. Abe and Fet come up out of the sewer. Fet helps the older man down. They are at a boat. Unfortunately, Gus followed them and Gus and Fet both have their guns out.

Gus tells Abe he made a deal and he’s there to make sure he honors it. Abe says he won’t give the book to anyone. Quinlan is there too – with Angel. Abe says he knows who Quinlan is and what he wants. He says he knows Quinlan doesn’t want this book. He says the Ancients will destroy it and will destroy the one person in the world the Master denies. Abe tells Quinlan this book is bait the Master will come for. Eph finds Nora alone and asks where Zack is. Nora says Kelly took him with her. She tells him not to look.

He holds the UV light on her but she’s fully infected. She tells him he’s always late when Eph says they can do something. Nora says she can already hear his voice. She says she would come for him if she turned and Zack too. He begs her not to leave him. She says it’s done. Nora holds out her sword to the third rail to kill herself. Eph screams. She’s dead. Eph has lost everything now. He holds Nora’s body.

The boat is on the water cruising. Fet steers it. Gus and Angel stand on the bow. Fet tells Abe he’s not sure about this. Abe opens the Lumen. He reads the letters and says this book has the key to the Master’s origin and demise. He says it will take time. Fet says they’re in a stolen boat, with a stolen book with two gang bangers and a half-breed strigoi on board with the Ancients and Master after them. Abe thinks about how he’s one step away from victory and wonders the Master’s plan for human kind.

We see the processing plant with the blood drain. We see that Palmer cut out Coco’s heart and holds it in his hands. It’s full of the Master’s worms. Eph staggers up out of the subway station at dawn and sees helicopters flying by. Abe says they must be as savage and ruthless as the master to beat him but without becoming monsters themselves. The boat cruises on down the river. No closure but The Strain has been renewed for season 3!