The Strain Recap 8/2/15: Season 2 Episode 4 “The Silver Angel”

The Strain Recap 8/2/15: Season 2 Episode 4 "The Silver Angel"

Tonight on FX The Strain airs with another all new Sunday August 2, season 2 episode 4 called “The Silver Angel,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Fet [Kevin Durand] takes charge of security in Red Hook.

For those of you who don’t know, the show is about a vampiric virus spreads through New York City.

On the last episode, Gus and Vaun attacked Palmer; Eph had a hard time connecting with Zack; Councilwoman Faraldo said the other boroughs are next for her extermination policies. Did you watch the last episode?   If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FX synopsis “Fet takes charge of security in Red Hook; Dutch and Setrakian head for Staten Island to look for Fitzwilliam, Palmer’s one-time bodyguard; Eph and Nora witness their virus in action.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s “The Strain” season 2 Episode 4 at 10 PM EST!

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#TheStrain begins with an old black and white movie that looks like a Nacho Libre type thing strangely enough. It’s called Angel vs Vampire. Someone fast forwards through the wrestling scene. The mask comes off and we see vampire teeth and the creature hisses. Angel pulls out crosses and burns the creature which then explodes and turns into a bat. The wrestler gives chase. Fast forward to Angel at the castle with a torch. The vampire’s side kick stalks him.

Angel finds the lair and some sexy vampire ladies. Angel scares them off with crosses. He grapples with the human servant who is then electrocuted by a death machine. More fast forwarding. The sexy vamps have Angel then the vampire shows up. Angel, a waiter, watches the movie until he’s told his break is over. He clicks off the TV and takes the tape out of the VCR. It was him in the movie playing the vampire fighting masked wrestler.

Fet, Eph and Nora are in the truck in Brooklyn and Fet says this is the strangest thing yet. They have the infect Mr McGeever tied up in back of the truck. They open the back of the truck and cut the vamp loose It looses its bonds and Eph says to scram and go find the nest. He doesn’t go into the subway and Eph says time for Plan B. Fet says that sounds fun. In Red Hook, they follow the creature. McGeever heads to a mental hospital and some other vamps swarm them.

They fight them off and head inside. Eph wonders why there and Nora finds file on Evan McGeever – the guy’s schizophrenic son. They find him in a nest of lunatic vampires and Eph says hopefully he’ll infect the others and now they wait to see. Gus is on the streets and heads to the Tandoori Palace where Angel is a waiter. He asks what he wants and Gus asks for food. He shows he has money and they seat him. Gus is clueless about the food choices and the hostess says she’ll find him something.

Abraham is researching when Dutch knocks at his door. She says she can’t stop thinking about Palmer and she says Fet said that Fitzwilliam wasn’t with him. She says Fitzwilliam didn’t kill them when ordered and she thinks maybe he went to his brother Curtis’ place. Abraham says that sounds good and grabs his jacket so they can leave. Dutch is pleased. On the Staten Island Ferry, Dutch and Abraham hear it will take three hours to go through the security screening.

Back in 1966, we see Palmer come to see Abraham. There’s a black guy named Fitzwilliam with him. Abraham tells Palmer about his research and says he thinks the Lumen was on a Nazi train bound for a nunnery in Austria. Later that month, in Austria, Abraham is at the site with Palmer. They notice the smell of ammonia and Abraham says they’re too late. The books are all gone. They hear a scratching sound and Abe pulls his sword.

He goes to a cabinet and opens it. A young boy is hidden there. Rudyard tells them that the bad men were there. Palmer asks him about the book and he says Mother Superior burned the book. Palmer asks him to show them where. They hear someone calling for help and Abe goes to check it out. Eichorst walks into the room and addresses Palmer. He tells him he knows he’s seeking eternity and asks if he wants to know more. Palmer asks what he knows and Eichorst says everything.

Abe finds a blooded corpse and decapitates it then calls for Rudyard. The boy is gone. Something rushes by fast and Abe says it’s not safe for him down there. Abe kills another and calls to the boy and says to go to the light. He hears the boy calling for help. Two vamps have him cornered. The monks have all been turned. More vamps come and Abe shoves one into the sunlight. He throws his sword cane at another killing it.

Abe finds Palmer waiting and he says the Lumen is destroyed and he wants to back to New York since the quest is over. Abraham asks him to help rid the world of the evil of vampires but Palmer says the world always has evil and says they need to go. Now, in Harlem, Gus goes back to his old place and looks around. He sees his brother’s rotting body and then he packs some clothes. His mom is there as a vamp and Gus begs her not to make him do it. She comes at him and he has to fight her off.

He says he won’t do it and then his mother says – he failed. She’s speaking with the Master’s voice. He says the ancients are the past and he’s the future. Gus says he’s not fighting for them, just himself. The Master says it’s cowardice and ignorance. Gus asks why he cares then and what he wants. The Master says his mother’s disappointment is there and he knows he tormented his mother when she was alive and says she had a dumb animal love for her criminal son. Gus throws her aside when she comes back at him. He walks out of the apartment and locks the door behind him.

Fet, Eph and Nora come back from their run. Nora tells Eph he needs to sleep until the sun goes down. She says to do something with Zack if he won’t sleep. He goes looking for the angry kid. He asks where he was and Eph says he was baby sitting a vampire. He sees he has the Jeter foul ball. Eph says they can go do something fun and tosses the ball to him. Fet listens to the news and packs up explosives. It’s Feraldo. Fet calls Nora to listen.

Feraldo says she’s dealing with Red Hook next. He says it’s manageable since it’s surrounded by water on three sides. Nora says martial law is dangerous but Fet says not more dangerous than vampires. In Brooklyn, Eph and Zack are at a batting cage. Zack is thinking about how good his mom was at the batting cage as he misses ball after ball. He even stops swinging. Eph comes into the cage and Zach takes off the helmet. He just wants to leave.

Palmer is at the Federal Reserve Bank and has major banks and investment company chiefs there to talk about New York reopening for business. He says market trading will restart tomorrow but then all hell breaks loose. Vampires attack the men. Palmer watches Bolivar as he leads the charge. He tells his driver to move on slowly while the others are slaughtered. Fitzwilliam takes a cab to his brother’s fire station and they head inside.

Abe and Dutch are there and Curtis tells Reggie to talk to them. Dutch says he did the right thing by leaving Palmer. Abe introduces himself and Reggie says he couldn’t get Palmer to change his mind. Dutch says they can save the city and says she made a mistake. Curtis tells Reggie there will be a panic at the bank’s tomorrow since only Palmer survived. Abe asks about the Lumen. Reggie says he hasn’t heard about it in a while. He says Palmer thinks it doesn’t exist.

Abe says he hasn’t retired from Palmer yet and reminds him of his father. He says he doesn’t think he’s afraid of Palmer, he just thinks it’s too late and evil has won. Abraham gives him their address but Reggie says he won’t change his mind. Abe says he already has. Gus goes back to the Tandoori Palace and knocks at the door. Angel looks at him. Raya finally opens the door. Gus thanks them. He says he had no place else to go.

Gus sits at the table while Angel stares. Her mother calls Raya over and they bicker and she tells Gus her mother will serve him tonight. Gus says no one will never love her like her mom and she should appreciate it. Raya says her mother doesn’t want her talking to someone like him. Angel comes over and tells him that Raya is out of his league. They argue and Gus grabs his bag and walks out. Angel takes out the trash later and Gus is there.

Gus says he knows him – he says he’s Angel de la Plata, the silver Angel. He says he’s got the stance and everything. Gus tells him he liked the bad guy but Angel was the baddest good guy ever. Angel says he’s wrong and tells him to go. He goes back inside and Gus walks away aggravated. Eph complains that they’re late to check on the infection. They find the vamps gone and Eph says they have to track them. Nora asks Fet not to blow up the subway station.

Eph says he thought he liked architecture and Fet says he does but likes killing vamps more. Nora worries what if the infection didn’t work. They hear a growl and spot one lying down with sores. They snap photos. Eph kills it and he says this is spreading and works. Nora wonders where the other ones are and they hear a noise. They find another infected vamp. Then they see a bunch of vamps on the roof and they’re jumping off.

Eph says the Master is making them kill themselves so they don’t spread it. Fet is in the subway getting read to blow the entrance. He lights the fuse and walks away. He hears people and some humans come in. Fet greets them and they tell him there’s a curfew. They ask what’s in the box and he says dirty laundry.

He talks about movie and says he hates when the big explosion happens and the good guy walks way. The bomb goes off and he says he just helped them and says he just cut off the main vampire route into Red Hook. He says he’s just on the job. One guy hits him then Fet fights back. They haul him out. Eph says they have to move fast with this and they know it works since the Master was trying to shut it down. Eph finds Zack sleeping with his headphones on – he’s listening to Bolivar.

He turns off the music. The Feelers find Zack’s scent at the batting cage. Kelly is there and pets them and says Zack is near.