The Walking Dead Season 6 Spoilers: The Untouchables – Who Won’t Die?

The Walking Dead Season 6 Spoilers: The Untouchables - Who Won't Die?

The Walking Dead spoilers for Season 6 look at who is untouchable and won’t die this coming season. When it comes to losing characters, The Walking Dead has kind of cornered the market. The very premise of the show demands that people die and they deliver on a regular basis. Throughout five seasons, shocking deaths have dotted the landscape and left viewers completely clueless about who might be next. With a new season coming, the sixth in the franchise, it is fairly common to start talking about who is untouchable. Who are the characters that simply could never be killed off?

Creators for The Walking Dead want us thinking that there are no such characters. For the coming Season, I say hogwash.

Here are four characters who I see as untouchable in Season 6:

Rick Grimes

I mean come on. The entire show is circling around him and not much is likely to change in the coming season. With his old buddy Morgan now calmly residing by his side, Rick is sure to be front and center. No way will they kill off Rick… right?

Carl Grimes

In a world where zombies actually kill kids, Carl dying could certainly happen. What won’t happen, however, is Carl dying in season six. Carl is too important to kill off at this point and he provides the writers with all kinds of options. As he moves into his teen years, his growth and life will be a key factor to the show.

Daryl Dixon

If Daryl were killed off, the entire Walking Dead community would riot. Without the resident bad-ass, The Walking Dead would be a very sad place. Daryl needs to have a replacement firmly in place long before they think about offing him. That can’t happen in a single season. They will need to introduce someone new, build his fan base and then maybe get rid of Daryl. Nah…. they need to just keep Daryl.

Deanna Monroe

Deanna is not one you would think of as “untouchable” at first glance, but she surely is. As the flip side of Alexandria to Rick’s group, her presence guarantees something that The Walking Dead depends on….drama. Deanna will be around at least until the end of season six. Mark it down… Deanna will be around for a good while yet.

Who do you think is going to be TWD untouchable in season 6? Come back to CDL often for more The Walking Dead Season 6 spoilers, new, and updates.