Beyoncé Divorce: Jay-Z Wants Post-Nup Agreement – Afraid of Cheating Allegations?

Beyoncé Divorce: Jay-Z Wants Post-Nup Agreement - Afraid of Cheating Allegations?

Are Beyoncé and Jay Z headed for divorce – that buzz has made the rounds for quite some time. But it is alleged that Jay is rushing to get a post-nuptial agreement in place as quickly as possible, afraid cheating allegations may surface.

Apparently Jay and Bey-Bey decided it was time to make sure all their bases were covered and called in the lawyers. An insider revealed to Radar Online that a legal team has “taken months to go through all their assets with a fine-tooth comb.” There’s no reason for alarm the source says – Beyoncé and Jay Z just want to update everything.

There’s an estimated $1 billion at stake in the event of a Queen Bey and Jazzy divorce. Sure, Sasha Fierce and Jay have a pre-nuptial agreement, but a massive joint empire has been created since the couple married in 2008. If Beyonce finds out Jay Z has been cheating do you really think the “Single Ladies” singer is going to calmly sit down and divide up the post “I Do” assets?

But is Jay Z pushing for a post-nup because the uber-successful entrepreneur can see a divorce brewing? Has he been cheating all along? Did Rihanna and Jay have an affair despite all the denials? If RiRi and Jay were together did the relationship truly ever end?

What kinds of secrets could come out about Jay in divorce court? Has Jay Z been cheating on Beyoncé all along? Yes, Queen B is a prima donna, even maybe a little cray-cray, but she’s been faithful to Jazzy. Can the same be said about Jay?

There had to be a reason Solange Knowles was beating on her brother-in-law in an elevator. Was it because little sister discovered Jay was unfaithful to Beyonce?

Previous reports have revealed that Beyonce and Jay moved into separate bedrooms at opposites of their brand new mansion. Those in the know have revealed that Bey and Jay live completely separate lives.

It could be that Beyoncé Knowles and Jay Z are just being prudent and proactive in updating their financial arrangements. It’s always a good idea, especially when you’re mega wealthy, to keep tabs on your assets.

But it could be that Jay is making certain that everything that belongs to him is spelled out in an iron-clad post-nuptial document before Beyonce gets details on Jay’s alleged extracurricular activities.

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