Big Brother 18 Premiere Recap 6/22/16: Season 18 Episode 1

Big Brother 18 Premiere Recap 6/22/16: Season 18 Episode 1

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 18 airs with an all new Wednesday, June 22, season 18 premiere and we’ve got your Big Brother 18 recap down below! On tonight’s episode, season 18 of Big Brother begins with introductions.

Seasoned host Julie Chen returns to helm the 18th season of the reality competition that is loaded with epic challenges, juicy romances, and surprising eliminations. In this combination of a reality series and a game show, the contestants battle it out each week to maintain their places in the house, all in the hope of claiming the $500,000 prize awarded at the end of the summer. Viewers should expect the unexpected as the drama unfolds, including a head of household competitions and live eviction episodes.

On tonight’s BB18 as per the CBS synopsis “season 18 of Big Brother begins with a two-hour episode introducing the houseguests as they enter the compound”

Big Brother 18 airs tonight at 8pm with an exciting premiere episode and we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about the Big Brother 18 recap? Hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for tonight’s Big Brother 18 recap!

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#BB18 starts with a reminder from Julie Chen of the Big Brother concept. The action will kick off with 12 houseguests moving into the house. There are four stowaways already in the house – veteran players. We see a montage of the houseguest notifications and how excited they all are.

Natalie is who we see first – she’s a former pro cheerleader and now an event coordinator for children’s events. Paulie Calafiore, BB16 Cody’s brother, is playing this year and his brother tells him no showmances. Cody says if he comes home the first week, he can’t talk to him.

Bronte is a math tutor and is a Cali girl that does competitive dance and likes sports. Victor lives in New Orleans and runs a gym. He does Latin dance for fun and loves the ladies. He lives at home so that’s killing his love life. Next is Zakiyah who is a pre-school teacher from North Carolina.

She skeet shoots and calls herself a bad bitch. She says she’ll intimidate people. Coach Corey is from Dallas Texas and says he sleepwalks often and worries it might get him in trouble in the BB18 house. Glenn is the token older guy and he’s a retired cop and now a dog groomer from the Bronx.

Bridgette is an ER nurse from Ventura, California who works as a travel nurse so she can travel the world. She says she’s manipulative and that will be an asset. Jozea is a makeup artist from LA who says he’s the life of the party. He says the BB house is no problem since he grew up in the hood.

Michelle is a dietitian and has a grudge against chunky people. She lists off a roster of weird phobias. Paul is a rocker from Tarzana, CA. He says he’s the black sheep of his conservative Armenian family. Tiffany Rousso is BB17’s Vanessa’s sister and is a teacher from Florida.

Tiffany says she’s more social than her sister and admits she’s dated men and women so can flirt with both in BB18. Zakiyah, Victor, and some others talk about how they want a showmance. Bridgette says she plans to make friends with those who will end up in the jury house.

There’s a little bit of talk about their individual strategies. Some plan to play dumb, some smart, and some plan to hide what they do for a living. We see a montage of them all saying goodbye to loved ones as they prepare to ship off to LA and the Big Brother 18 house.

They are all now in the studio ready to enter the house. Julie greets them and tells them the theme is craziest summer vacation of all time. She reminds them about the $500k prize. Natalie, Victor, Michelle and Paul are the first four to head into the house.

They head inside and swap hugs. Michelle likes Paul right away but thinks his beard is gross. Victor is already checking out Natalie and says she’ll fall in love with him. Paul takes a pink bed in the Tokyo room and then goes running around.

Next into the house are Bronte, Zakiyah, Paulie and Glenn. Paul thinks Bronte is squeaky. Zakiyah checks out Paulie right away. Several of them traipse upstairs to check out the room. Corey, Tiffany, Bridgette and Jozea head in last.

They all swap hugs and greetings. Tiffany is already assessing the players and channeling Vanessa. Bronte goes into the bathroom to try and calm down since she’s anxious. They pop some bubbly and Bronte makes her introduction and says she works in childcare and doesn’t reveal she’s a mathematician.

Paulie introduces himself as a coach and gym owner. He doesn’t want to reveal he’s Cody’s brother yet. Natalie goes next and talks about dancing at bar mitzvahs. Victor is drooling over her. Corey tells them about himself and Natalie is checking him out.

Victor is next and says he’s a personal trainer and Corey says he looks like Orlando Bloom and thinks about a bromance with him. Zakiyah goes next and Paul is totally checking her out. Now it’s Paul’s turn and he talks about being in a band and running a clothing company.

Paulie says he’s loud, in your face, and the loud obnoxious players go home first. Michelle introducse herself and says she wants to cook for them. Glenn tells them he’s from the Bronx, has a daughter and is a dog groomer and is 50. They are stunned. Jozea says 50 is the new 20.

Bridgette introduces herself as a nurse then Jozea takes a turn and says he’s a makeup artist. Tiffany says she’s a middle school teacher from Florida and doesn’t mention she’s Vanessa’ sister. Michelle thinks that Tiffany looks familiar and looks like Vanessa.

Jozea wonders why there are only 12 of them. Bronte says she knows this doesn’t add up. They toast with the champagne. Julie says they are about to meet the four stowaways.

Julie talks about the four stowaways. She says it’s time for the first big twist. Julie tells them to all gather in the living room. They run in and Julie says before the sun rise tomorrow, they will meet three Big Brother twists that will challenge them like never before.

Julie says twist number one is now. She says you may wonder why there are only 12 of you and says they are not alone and says there are four stowaways in the house that have been there since they moved in. She says they haven’t seen or heard them.

Julie says the other four are playing for the $500k prize. Julie says she’ll leave them to get acquainted. They find four plates from four different places. Then a trunk pops open and it’s Nicole from BB16. We see a montage of her from BB16. The others hug her.

Paulie knows his brother got close to her in his season and worries she could wreck his game. Nicole says she’s so excited and won’t get distracted by a boy this time. She goes to look around the house. Everyone else says she had her chance once she walks out of the room.

The guys are already scheming to take her out. Another trunk opens and it’s James Huling from BB17. Bridgette is thrilled to see him there. He won American’s favorite houseguest. He says it’s weird being back and he’s going to stay focused this season.

Next is Da’Vonne also from BB17. James runs to hug her but he’s worried that she might be mad that he voted her out last season. Paul says she’ll be lucky to survive two weeks. Next is BB14’s Frank Eudy. CDL guessed the three except for James because he was promoting a fake event to fool people.

Da’Vonne says she knows she needs to play a more social game this town. Paul, Jozea and Zakiyah go into a room and start talking smack about the veterans. The four vets also talk about how the newbies will be targeting them right away. Da’Vonne says they have the fan advantage.

Paul tells the other two that if they see him talking to the veterans, he’s playing them. Paul says the veterans have to go. Jozea says the 12 need to target them and get them out. Paul tells them he thinks there’s one more person coming and can’t count to 16. The others laugh at him.

Paulie decides he needs to admit who he is since the veterans will know who he is. He tells them his brother Cody played in BB16. Paul is irritated. Natalie says he looks just like him and she knew it. Now Tiffany is worried and wonders what to do.

Da’Vonne recognizes her right away and wonders what to do. She decides to keep it to herself since she ran into trouble when she spilled the twin twist and it came back to bite her – but she’s very observant and knows right away who Tiffany is!

Julie calls them all back to the living room and tells Nicole, James, Frank and Da’Vonne that it’s nice to see them again. She says there are three twists for tonight and they were the first twist. Now the second. She says everyone loves a great summer vacation but it’s as good as your companions.

Julie says they will play in teams of four. She says they will all play a part in choosing their teams. She says more will be revealed later. Then she says get changed and head outside for the first competition of the summer.

Tiffany says the team thing can work out for her. The others talk and Da’Vonne is pissed off because she wants to play for herself and get redemption. Outside, there are rockets and different mini-towns with strange names like Safeville.

Julie says they have to pick teams first. She says the former houseguests will each be on a different team and will have first pick. They are told to each pick one carefully because the person they choose will pick the next and so on.

Julie also says when they make a pick they must choose someone of the opposite sex. Frank goes first and he chooses Michelle because he’s the only one whose name he can remember. Da’Vonne chooses Paul but accidentally says Paulie.

James chooses Natalie. Nicole picks Corey. Now they change the order of choice and Corey gets to pick. He chooses Tiffany. Natalie chooses Victor. Paul picks Zakiyah. Michelle picks Paulie. Then Paulie chooses Bridgette. Zakiyah chooses Jozea. Bronte and Glenn take spots by default.

Now the teams are set and the comp will start. They will win cash, punishments and safety. This is called Ride the Rocket. They straddle the rocket and hold on as long as possible. Once all four are off, the team is eliminated. The order of elimination is important.

Notburgh is the first which the ones who fall off get slop, cold showers and the Have Not room. The next team to fall get Mysteryland and they get a mystery punishment. The third team gets Cash City and they get money – $10k to split. The last team gets Safeville and they are all safe at two evictions.

Julie says the first eviction will happen in the two-night premiere. They all hop on the rockets. Glenn struggles to get on the rocket. James looks at the team and hopes they get the win.

Julie asks if they’re ready and the competition starts. The rockets start to tilt and sway. James’ head is in Natalie’s butt and he says it’s awkward. Each team has tried a different strategy. Then steam pours out the back and Julie says a storm is coming. The rain starts pouring.

The tilting continues and the rockets are now wet. Tiffany is the first to fall and Glenn wonders why she can’t hang on and then he falls too. Nicole worries they’re going to be have nots. She falls too when water shoots out of the rocket. Corey is worried that they all fell and left him.

Michelle and Bridgette tumble off. Frank goes too. It’s just Paulie left on their rocket. Da’Vonne and Zakiyah fall at the same time. Paul is next to go. Their rocket is down to Jozea but he falls too. That makes Paul, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah and Jozea are Have Nots for the week.

James falls off theirs. Natalie falls off. Now they get hit with fake bird poop and feathers and Bronte falls. Now Victor is alone. Corey is alone. Paulie is alone. It’s the three guys in an endurance showdown.

Paulie falls and that makes his team the Mysteryville punishment team for Frank, Bridgette, Michelle and Paulie. Now it’s Corey vs Victor. Corey finally slips and falls and Victor wins it. Victor, Natalie, James and Bronte will be safe at the next two evictions.

Julie says one of them will be leaving the game soon. Everyone cleans up and Zakiyah tells the others the veteran needs to go even though they’re on teams. Paul gives his word he’s going after them. Nicole, James and Da’Vonne are in the UK room talking and they worry about the eviction.

Da’Vonne decides to go work her team. She talks to Paul and makes a deal to keep them off the vets’ radar if they keep her off the newbies’ radar. She talks to them then leaves. After she goes, Paul laughs and says it doesn’t matter. All three talk.

James and his team go talk about their team name. Victor gets a safari cap and calls it his thinking cap. Paulie’s team talks and he suggests #Category4 for their team name. They go with that. Tiffany’s team talk and they decide on #Freakazoids.

Jozea suggests #BigSister and they go with that. James’ team is still mulling it over. They decide on #TeamUnicorn. Natalie says that brainstorm only took them an hour. Tiffany wonders if Michelle is Nicole’s sister. She swears she’s not but then asks Tiffany if she’s Vanessa’s sister.

Tiffany plays dumb but Michelle says you look and sound just like her. Tiffany hems and haws and isn’t sure what to do. Tiffany says she doesn’t want people to judge her. Michelle agrees to keep her secret and says it can benefit her. Michelle insists she’s not Nicole’s sister.

Julie pops up on the TV and calls everyone over. She says sit with your team. She congratulates Team Unicorn for their victory. She says they won’t compete in the next comp called Hit the Road. She says the winning team in round one and two are safe.

The losing team has to face off against each other as individuals in round three and the loser will be evicted and the last team will have three players left. The team with just three left will choose the HOH from among the team.

The comp is set on a beach. They have to build a sand castle pyramid of 15 pieces. Three team members will hold ropes while the fourth digs for pieces and place it on the platform the others hold. Then they swap and another team member digs.

So they have to be strong and balanced enough to hold it and be able to transition. Corey grabs the first piece and then Nicole. Glenn goes next and he does well too. The teams are all doing okay to start with. It’s a tiny plank it balances on. Category 4 gets their first row.

Nicole’s team Freakazoids makes level two and then starts the third. Big Sister is on level three but theirs falls and then Michelle knocks a bunch over on their team. Freakazoid is in the lead. Paul grabs the blocks and almost knocks them off. Da’Vonne is irritated with him.

Paul knocks them all off. Category 4 loses all of theirs. Freakazoid is stuck. Nicole struggles to transition back to Glenn because it keeps moving. Da’Vonne doesn’t like Paul talking non-stop being stupid. Da’Vonne wishes she picked Paulie instead of Paul and there’s falls again.

Freakazoids blocks all fall and Nicole is worried. Da’Vonne is rebuilding and hopeful. The teams try new building strategies. Category 4 applies their last block and Bridgette struggles to balance them so she can go hit the button. Bridgette slaps the button and Category 4 is safe from the first eviction.

Now it’s round two of the competition still at the beach. This time, they have to work together to solve a puzzle and build a giant sandcastle. Julie says there are decoy pieces that won’t fit. Everyone groans. They begin.

Paul is being bossy again and annoying Da’Vonne. The other two teams cheer them on. Glenn is trying to point out they have the pieces wrong but no one will listen. Paul is being aggressive and Da’Vonne is annoyed. Corey is certain he’s got it right.

Tiffany looks at Big Sister and stresses out since they are neck and neck. Freakazoids are close to completing theirs and Da’Vonne says she hopes Jesus intervenes.

Freakazoid realizes they did the puzzle wrong and Tiffany points out the issue with the base. Glenn is mad because that’s what he was telling them all along. Big Sister is rushing fast. They run and think they’re done but they get a negative buzzer and have to try again.

Freakazoid is falling out of this. Big Sister gets it right finally and they will be safe from the eviction. Da’Vonne is bawling she’s so happy. Glenn is annoyed since they wouldn’t listen and Nicole is worried she’ll be sent home.

The third round of the comp will be tomorrow night and we’ll find out the first person evicted, the first HOH and who’s on the chopping block. Plus there will be another twist coming soon with more power to change the game for one player.