Big Brother 18 LIVE Recap: Season 18 Episode 9 “Nomination & Roadkill Results”

Big Brother 18 LIVE Recap: Season 18 Episode 9 "Nomination & Roadkill Results"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 18 airs with an all new Sunday, July 10, season 18 episode 9 and we’ve got your Big Brother 18 recap down below! On tonight’s episode, nominations for eviction are revealed.

On the last episode, it was eviction night, another houseguest found themselves leaving the compound. Bronte, Victor and Tiffany were up for elimination, but in the end, Victor was sent home. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Big Brother 18 recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB18 as per the CBS synopsis, “the nominations for the upcoming eviction are revealed and the Roadkill Results are revealed too!”

The Big Brother 18 recap begins tonight at 9pm with an exciting new episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about the Big Brother 18 recap tonight? Who are you rooting for to win? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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#BigBrother18 #BB18 starts with a look back at the action from Frank telling Paulie about the 8-Pack and Da’Vonne scheming against Frank because she’s decided he’s a rat. But then Tiffany survived and Victor was evicted.

The show picks up right after the HoH comp when Bridgette won Head of Household. She worries because she wants to be friends with everyone. Paul knows he might be next to leave the house but hopes to lay low so bigger targets go out before him.

Frank is thrilled and hopes to knock out Tiffany using Bridgette. He wants to keep the 8-Pack alliance safe. Da’Vonne knows she can’t get Frank out this week since he’s safe. She thinks Bridgette being HoH is almost the same as Frank being HoH since he influences her.

Frank and Paulie are happy and they tell Bridgette good job. Bridgette paces and Frank asks what she’s thinking. She shrugs. Tiffany comes in and Frank decides that Bridgette’s indecision could be good for his game.

Da’Vonne flips out

Da’Vonne and Zakiyah talk in the bathroom and Z is upset and hopes that none of them go up but knows she isn’t close to Bridgette. She’s crying and is concerned she’ll be nominated. Day tells Zakiyah not to show her fear on her face and reassures her.

Bronte tells Bridgette to hide out so people won’t overwhelm her. Natalie is happy since she’s safe and Bridette is HoH. Bridgette asks James for HoH advice and says she doesn’t want anyone to hate her next week. James says don’t let people pressure you.

Da’Vonne is done being a Have Not. She says her alliances are crumbling and she has to be nice to Frank or Bridgette so she won’t be nommed. Frank comes to talk to Day and he says Bridgette will do what the f-k he tells her to do.

He says he’s going to try and get her to put up Tiffany and either Bronte or Paul. Paulie is there talking but then Paul comes in and they have to cut off the convo. Tiffany is already freaking out and asks Nicole if she or Corey will talk to Bridgette.

Tiffany knows she’s a target

He says no because she’ll know why. Tiffany says she has a 90% chance of going up and asks how can she make Bridgette believe she’s not targeting Frank. Tiffany thinks that Frank will get Bridgette to nom two girls.

Tiffany says this is worst-case since Bridgette is Frank’s side piece and since she squabbled with Frank, she knows there’s a target on her. Frank talks to Bridgette and she says she has some ideas but isn’t sure what’s legit.

Frank says tell me your ideas. She says Corey and either Nicole or Tiffany. Frank says he can protect her from Corey and tries to talk her away from Nicole. Frank says he would like to see Tiffany on the block and go home.

He says if Tiffany goes home, no one will be mad at Bridgette and recommends she put Paul up since he won’t come after her. Bridgette worries about Nicole and Corey being a power couple or she can put up Tiffany to protect Frank.

 Nicole can’t get Corey off her mind

James tells Nicole she’s a good cuddler and teases her about Corey and her crush on him. Nicole says she didn’t come in looking for a showmance but she really likes Corey. She says he’s the best-looking guy she’s ever seen in real life and finds him really distracting.

We see her rubbing his hair and complimenting it. Then James tells Nicole she has the inside ticket on Corey but she says sometimes she doesn’t listen to what Corey says because he’s too good looking. Zakiyah laughs at her.

Corey hands Nicole a flower and then we see him complimenting her and flirting with her. Nicole say she wishes he wouldn’t flirt with her because it makes her game harder. Frank jokes later than he’s the best-looking guy in the house because he’s got pretty teeth.

Nicole tells him she hates his jokes. Frank says he loves this game and is going to have fun. We see him tormenting some of the others and ducking Nicole in the pool. Nicole says sometimes his jokes go too far.

Frank alienates the ladies

We see him asking someone to wax Nicole’s mustache and then we see him slapping the girls’ butts and calling Zakiyah a hussy because her shirt is short. Z doesn’t like him and thinks he’s not nice. We see her calling him a douche.

Then Frank calls Da’Vonne a slut and she plays it off but she’s aggravated. Day tells the others when he called her a slut, she almost smacked him. Z says he’s rubbing people the wrong way. Bridgette calls everyone to see her HoH room.

They head upstairs. Da’Vonne thinks Bridgette is HoH in name only since Frank is running things. Da’Vonne is annoyed that Frank told her – shut your mouth woman – and vents to others. Nicole tells her he’s not worth the tears.

Day says he needs to go and she’s crying. She says she hates it because she was a fan of his and Nicole says Frank will be terrible this week because he’s safe. Da’Vonne says now she knows why people wanted him out in his season.

Frank goes too far and puts a target on himself

Frank slaps Day on the butt again and she yells at him. Corey and Paulie follow her into the Have Not room and she’s crying. Frank comes in and sees her crying and apologizes. She walks off and goes to the Diary Room. She’s bawling.

Corey and Paulie tell him that Day was flooding tears. Da’Vonne says she doesn’t want her daughter to see the way Frank is talking to her and think that treatment is okay. Later Frank comes back into the room and tells James that she almost hit Frank.

Day tells Zakiyah and Tiffany she has nothing to say to him and she says every time she walks past him, he makes cracks about her bootie. Tiffany says don’t let Frank risk your game and Da’Vonne says she knows that but doesn’t know how to balance it.

Zakiyah says it’s almost over for Frank. Da’Vonne says in the DR that she’s going to “get his ass” and they all agree that next week, when he won’t be protected, they will target Frank for eviction.

Frank knows he stepped in it

James asks Frank what happened with Da’Vonne. He says he just popped her butt and it’s not the first time and says usually she laughs. He says he does it with his mom and nana and they all pinch each other’s butts at home.

Frank says he doesn’t want Da’Vonne upset and doesn’t want to make her feel bad. Frank takes her aside and says he didn’t mean to offend and says it’s a sign of friendship but he won’t cross the line if it makes her uncomfortable.

He says he’s sorry and doesn’t mean anything bad. She says he’s just Frank and laughs it off and he says he doesn’t want to offend her because he feels close to her. She accepts his apology and they hug and she thanks him for coming to her.

But in the Diary Room, Da’Vonne says she had to play along but he’s still her target and she’s going to “get his a**” next week. Bridgette sits everyone down for the #Nominations. She nominates Paul who rolls his eyes but smiles.

Nominations revealed – Paul and Tiffany on the chopping block

She also nominated Tiffany. Bridgette says it’s just a game move and they can talk about it over Cheetos if they want to. She adjourns the meeting and seems very nervous about making noms. Bridgette doesn’t think she can trust Tiffany.

Tiffany isn’t surprised since she knows Frank wants her out and got into Bridgette’s ear. Paul isn’t happy and says she threw him on the block like a piece of meat. He jokes that he’ll tie Johnny Mac with nominations.

Da’Vonne says those noms confirm that Frank influences Bridgette. Upstairs, Bronte tells Bridgette that Tiffany knows her nom came from Frank. Bridgette says it was her, not Frank. Then Bronte tells her that some people are annoyed with Frank.

Bronte says if there’s any backlash, it’ll hit Frank, not her. Bridgette says she doesn’t want people thinking she has no backbone. Zakiyah comes and tells Tiffany not to freak out. Tiffany says she has to be able to win Roadkill so she can put up a bigger target. Tiffany tells Nicole if she survives this week, she’s taking Frank down with a f-ing vengeance.

James crushes on Natalie

James calls Natalie on the upstairs-downstairs phone and they flirt. James thinks Natalie is sweet. They have a #Flirtmance. We see him teaching her to square dance. He says they have a lot of #GT girl talk. He says he’s there for her when she needs a laugh.

We see him tickling her and them pillow fighting. Natalie says she would date James in the real world and says he makes her feel good but doesn’t want them to hurt each other. She says they need time to see where this goes.

The #BBRoadkill RV shows up and honks and they head outside. Frank is up first. He reads the instruction for Roadkill #3. He says you get to honk horns to hear different sounds. Then you hear a sequence of eight sound effects and you have to hit the horns in order.

Frank dominates Roadkill comp

The person that gets the sequence in the shortest time will win the RK comp. We hear it and Frank messes up the first time and has to start again. He finally gets it right. We see each of the houseguests playing in turn.

James says he has a memory like a fish and he can’t recall more than one or two things. We see him flop, flop, flop. Natalie says she hates when people honk at her because she drives slow. Zakiyah thinks this comp is annoying and it feels like 5 pm traffic.

Tiffany is frantic to win since she thinks she’s the main target this week. Paul hopes to win to stir the pot and wreak havoc. The houseguests open their tackle boxes to see if they won or not. Paul doesn’t like it that he’s a loser.

Tiffany is upset she didn’t win and hopes an ally won. Da’Vonne isn’t happy to see the word loser again and hopes that Frank didn’t win. Frank won the challenge  – he got done in less than a minute.

Frank is clueless about forces aligned against him

Frank is thrilled and decides to tell the rest of his alliance that things are good to go. Paul hopes that someone goes up that’s a bigger target than him so he won’t be evicted. Tiffany curses and talks to the girls and says she thinks that Frank won.

They agree and Nicole asks – why is he so good. Then Nicole goes and high fives Frank in the bathroom and Corey comes in. Nicole isn’t surprised that he won and she hopes since he told her that he won, that means he won’t nominate her.

Frank tells Michelle he thinks she won it. Then he reveals he won and tells her and James. He tells them he won’t tell Bridgette but will put up Bronte. Zakiyah is happy that Frank thinks they’re still working together. Z says he better keep his word.

James tells Michelle and Z that Frank is too dangerous to be in this game. They all agree. Everyone sits for the #RoadkillReveal. Bridgette says #Category4 is safe since she’s HoH. The Roadkill graphic comes up on the screen and everyone watches.

Frank nominates Bronte as RK

The reveal shows that Bronte is back on the block as the third nominee. Bronte goes to sit between Tiffany and Paul on the nomination couch. Bronte says it’s de ja vu. Bronte knows she’s outnumbered and says she feels defeated. She’s upset.

Bridgette isn’t happy since Bronte is one of her BFFs and says she’ll come after whoever won Roadkill. Tiffany thinks that Bronte is a bigger target and she’ll be safe this week. Frank is confident that Tiffany will be sent home like he wants.

Da’Vonne says in the DR that she wants to make sure that this week, the person that Frank most wants to go home – Tiffany – is safe and that she outlasts Frank in the BB18 house.