Castle Series Finale Recap – Season 8 Final Episode 22 “Crossfire” – 5/16/16

Castle Series Finale Recap - Season 8 Final Episode 22 "Crossfire" - 5/16/16

Tonight on ABC Castle starring Nathan Fillion continues with an all new Monday May 16, season 8 and series finale called “Crossfire” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s final episode ever of Castle lives are endangered unexpectedly when Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) prepare to take on LokSat.

On the Castle series and season 8 finale episode a psychiatric inmate escaped and droped dead in Castle’s PI office, and the investigation that followed had Castle surmising the Antichrist could have been involved. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per ABC’s synopsis, “with their best lead in hand, Castle and Beckett are ready to take on LokSat. But an unforeseen twist puts their case – and their lives – in jeopardy.”

A reminder for fans: LokSat is a code word for a secret drug running and moneylaundering operation. It was associated with covert CIA ops and Senator William Bracken (Jack Coleman). Kate and Castle first saw the word LokSat written in the margin of a memo sent to Bracken.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great so be sure to tune in to CASTLE on ABC at 10PM EST. We’ll be blogging all the action, be sure to hit up the comments and tell us how excited you are for season 8 finale.

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Tonight’s episode of Castle kicks off with a man driving down an alley in a car in the middle of the night – and singing a creepy song about “Sunshine.” There’s someone in the trunk of the car – they don’t show their face. He douses the car in gasoline, and then lights it on fire and leaves.

Castle and Kate are scoping a park – they are waiting for LokSat to call Caleb and give him orders. Vikram is waiting in a nearby car so that he can trace the call. It’s supposed to come in at any second now. The phone finally rings and Kate picks up – the voice gives her instructions to pick up a flashdrive and drop it off with his accountant, then he hangs up.

Vikram says the call was too short – he couldn’t trace it, it was a dead end. Kate says on to Plan B, they are going to have Caleb drop off the flashdrive so they can get Loksat’s accountant.

Lani, Esposito, and Ryan head to the alley to investigate the murder last night. Lani says that the car was stolen off a used car lot last night, so they can’t trace it back to a driver. Lani says that the victim was a male – and he was burnt alive. Esposito finds a brief case in the trunk, he’s going to try and trace the serial number. Ryan finds shoe prints and fire tracks.

Castle heads back to his office – he fills Haley in on their plan to catch LokSat through his accountant. She agrees to be their look-out, and promises Castle that if anything goes wrong, she will look after Martha and Alexis.

At the police station, Ryan fills Kate in on their murder – he thinks they have a lead on the killer’s getaway car. Ryan can tell that Beckett is acting strange, she reassures him that nothing is going on.

Castle, Haley, and Beckett take Vikram with them to the meeting Caleb has with LokSat’s accountant. They are all set up at different angles. The plan is to just get a photo of his face, and then Vikram is going to run it through facial recognition to get a lead on him.

Caleb finally arrives and he drops the flashdrive off at the designated spot. While they are watching Caleb, Esposito calls Kate and tells her that they got the DNA back on their burn victim…it’s Caleb Brown. Kate panics, she realizes that it’s not Caleb in the car that they are watching … it’s a trap.

Whoever is setting them up uses a frequency jam – Kate can’t radio Vikram and Hayley to warn them. Two SUV’s pull up and a dozen men hop out with guns and open fire. There’s a shoot out, and it doesn’t look good for Kate and Castle, they both run out of bullets. Mason, the head of the Greatest Detective Society arrives out of nowhere in a bullet proof Taco truck – he rescues Castle and Kate and gets them out of there.

Castle is thrilled and thanks Mason profusely. Kate is skeptical, she demands to know how Mason knows Castle and why he showed up. Mason reveals that he knew Castle’s step-mom Rita, he owed her a favor, and promised to keep an eye on them. Mason gives them a few more guns, says they are even, and then goes on his way.

Kate and Castle decide to split up. She tells Castle to go pick up Martha and Alexis and make sure they are safe and that LokSat can’t get to them – they agree to meet back at the PI office.
At the office, Ryan and Esposito discover that Caleb carved a message in the trunk of the car, it says “Right Hand Man.” They’re baffled, Vikram says that he was trying to say that it was LokSat’s righthand man that killed him. Esposito and Ryan are baffled, they have never even heard of LokSat, ate arrives and has no choice but to fill them in on LokSat. Meanwhile, at the PI office – Castle has to fill in his mother and Alexis on the big bad enemy too.

Vikram runs Caleb’s credit cards, and traces him at a restaurant the night that he was killed. They pull security footage and catch LokSat’s right hand man tossing him in to the trunk of the car in the parking lot – now they have a new lead!

Kate calls Castle and tells him that they got a new lead on LokSAt, she isn’t coming to the PI office to hide out with them. Castle is upset – he doesn’t think she should be out in the open, she tells him to stay put and promises that she will call back soon.

Vikram gets a lead on the right hand man’s car – and he uses traffic cameras to trace it to an address, a house in suburbia. Ryan and Esposito insist on going to the address by themselves, they tell Kate she has to stay at the police office because she has a target on her back.
They raid the house – and its empty, completely empty. Esposito calls Kate and tells her that they got played again, there is no right hand man at the house…there isn’t even furniture at the house.

Meanwhile, Castle can’t stand it any longer. He disobeys Kate’s orders and decides to go outside and take a cab to the police station to check on her. Little does Castle know, the cab he just hopped in to is being driven by LokSat’s right hand man.

Castle wakes up in an empty creepy room – tied up and harnessed down. The right hand man arrives when Castle wakes up and taunts him, he says that his name is Mr. Flynn and he is there to interrogate him. Flynn says that by the time they are done – Castle will have revealed the names of every single person who knows about LokSat. Castle thinks that he is going to torture him, instead he injects a needle in to his arm and says that it is a chemical truth agent. Within an hour, Castle will be singing like a canary.

Back at the police station – Kate and her team are seemingly back at square one. She shouts that they are basically sitting ducks – she needs a miracle. She gets a phone call from Mason, he says that he thinks he has a lead that can help her. Mason says that he heard from a source he used to work with, and he has intel on the CIA, he gives Kate an address and tells her to meet him there in an hour. Kate grabs her gun and slips out without anyone seeing her.

Vikram gets to work and starts tracking cell phones that were used near the house they raided during the time that the right hand man dropped his car off to set them up. He was able to narrow it down to one phone number. Ryan and Esposito realize that Kate is missing – they tell Vikram to trace the phone number ASAP.

The truth serum is starting to take its effects on Castle. Flynn tells him that he won’t be interrogating him – LokSat will be. LokSat arrives… and it is none other than Mason. He has been hiding right out in the open all along. No wonder he knew when to “rescue” Kate and Castle. Mason questions Castle – he reveals that Martha, Alexis, Ryan, Esposito, and Haley all know about LokSat. So, Mason is going to kill all of them. Mason tells Castle that “there is no shame in losing” and then he rushes off to meet Kate at the address that he gave her.

Now that Castle has given them all of the information that they need. Flynn gives Castle another injection and tells him that it will kill him in 12 seconds. Just as he is about to inject him – Ryan and Esposito arrive with the Swat Team and rescue him. A shootout ensues, and they can’t get back out of the room – LokSAt’s men have them pinned. Castle takes the opportunity to inject Flynn with the truth serum so that he can find out where Mason is taking Kate.

Flynn tells Castle that Mason is going to bring Kate back to the building that they are trapped in – he says there is a kill room in the basement with an incinerator. Meanwhile, Mason and Kate are pulling in to the parking lot. Castle manages to break a hole in the wall so that he can get down in to the basement while Ryan and Esposito are still in the middle of a shootout with LokSat’s men.

Kate is one step ahead of Mason, she pulls her gun on him once they are in the basement and says that she knows he is LokSat. Mason laughs and pushes a button, turning on a magnetic force field – Kate’s gun is ripped out of her fingers and flies to the ceiling. Apparently, Mason’s gun is plastic. Castle runs in in the nick of time, Kate is able to grab Mason’s gun and shoot and kill him. LokSat is finally dead.

The next morning everyone celebrates. Castle is reunited with his mother and daughter and thinks Haley for keeping them safe. Castle and Kate head back to their house – Castle is going to cook a romantic breakfast for her. Kate heads to the bedroom to get changed. Castle has an epiphany – if Mason had an incinerator, then why didn’t he just burn Caleb’s body there instead of in the trunk of the car.

Caleb’s not dead – he barges in to the apartment, with guns blazing, He shoots Castle, and then Kate comes out of the bedroom and she shoots Caleb and takes him out, not before she takes a bullet too though. Castle and Kate are both wounded and bleeding – they crawl to each other on the floor and hold hands.

Seven Years Later – Kate and Castle are both very much alive. And they have three adorable kids and lived happily ever after.