Criminal Minds Recap – Van Gogh Style: Season 11 Episode 13 “The Bond”

Criminal Minds Recap - Van Gogh Style: Season 11 Episode 13 "The Bond"

Tonight on CBS Criminal Minds continues with an all new Wednesday January 27, season 11 episode 13 called “The Bond,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the BAU searches for a motive in a new case.

On the last episode, when several murder victims are found scattered throughout Boston, Massachusetts, displayed publicly and all of whom having had their heads severed, the investigation leads the BAU to believe that the killings are connected to a ride share service or taxi-adjacent agency. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “the BAU searches for a motive and an UnSub when victims are found in truck stop restrooms along highways throughout the South.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going it going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Criminal Minds at 9:00 PM EST!

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The Unsubs just keep getting weirder and weirder. The latest UnSub on tonight’s episode of “Criminal Minds” had killed two victims by time the BAU had been assigned to the case. And in all honesty the initial MO stumped them.

The UnSub had first attacked a homeless man who was unfortunately considered to be high risk in such scenarios because he technically wouldn’t be missed. And yet the UnSub’s second victim had been an older and married woman who lived in the same house for the last twenty years. Meaning she would be considered low risk but also that UnSub went out of his away in order to target her.

And another thing that hadn’t made sense was the killing itself. Both victims had been placed on display at truck stops. Though there had been a number of abandoned buildings that had laid between the two truck stops. So he had purposely gone past those abandoned buildings that would have typically been ideal to dispose of the bodies in order to reach the more populated truck stops.

So that had led the team to believe that he might have scouted the area and the route before the murders. And that the two victims they found might not have been the first. However, the stab wounds on the victims showed signs of hesitation. As if he was killer that wasn’t comfortable with killing.

And therefore both Reid and Morgan had come with his own theory about the UnSub. They said he must have been fantasizing about killing for quite some time and that the deed itself wasn’t quite living up to expectations. Which he probably thought would get rid of his nightmares.

The UnSub you see had been killing people but it was not actually according to his plan. It had been his mother’s.

His name was Randy Jacobs and he originally been Randy Martin when thanks to his victims he had been removed from his mother’s care and placed in the foster care system. The first victim hadn’t been homeless all his life. He had originally worked in family court and Randy’s case had come across his desk after the young boy’s teacher had noticed signs of abuse. The second victim now had been said teacher and though she never had kids herself – she treated the children that came into her classroom as an extended part of her family. So she had been the one to turn the cops onto Flora Martin.

Flora the mother had been a hitchhiker when she was younger and one trucker had sexually assaulted her. Although that unfortunate situation resulted in her son. And so Flora had her son but she had raised him to believe that truckers were all evil.

And not only did she taint his view of the world but Flora had also killed several truckers. Who she then arranged in numerous truck stops all across Georgia.

So Flora had been the true mastermind behind the killings and she had begun manipulating her son into completing her life’s work the moment they reconnected. Which had been three months ago and since then she had him give up on his medication. Though the meds had appeared to be the only thing that was controlling the other side to Randy.

But when the BAU figured this all out, Lewis had noticed something was off in the original killing spree. Flora had murdered six truckers yet she had also stopped after her last victim. And that wouldn’t make sense unless she had actually found then murdered Randy’s father all those years ago.

So Lewis tried to get Flora who was still locked up in a prison asylum to explain why she still wanted to kill so bad that she used her own son to do it. And the reason was both weak and deplorable. The woman had wanted him to kill because secretly she wanted him to be just as bad as she was.

And the reason Randy had seemed so skilled was because Flora used to take him with her when she killed the truckers. Though he had only participated in father’s death. Which he had basically blacked out until he had started seeing his mother again and she had put ideas on his dead.

That’s why when the BAU did catch up to Randy, he had been intent on killing his longtime girlfriend and fiancée Chloe Andrews at the same place Flora had made him bury his father.

Flora had been jealous of Chloe’s influence on Randy so she told him to kill her. Only when he finally began to let go of his hesitation, he couldn’t think of any place to carry out the job than at the abandoned barn his mother had once taken him to. So Flora had ultimately helped the team because she had told Lewis where the barn was.

But after Chloe was saved and Randy was put in psychiatric care, his mother didn’t get to have the relationship with him that had she always wanted.

In the end he realized how toxic she was and had cut off his own ear in order to tune her out.