Criminal Minds Recap “Hostage”: Season 11 Episode 14

Criminal Minds Recap "Hostage": Season 11 Episode 14

Tonight on CBS Criminal Minds continues with an all new Wednesday February 10, season 11 episode 14 called “Hostage,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, when an 18-year-old girl escapes from a suburban home where she was held captive for years with two other women.

On the last episode, the BAU searched for a motive and an UnSub when victims were found in truck stop restrooms along highways throughout the South. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “when an 18-year-old girl escapes from a suburban home where she was held captive for years with two other women, the BAU searches for the Unsub who kidnapped them.”

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Gina Bryant had been wandering the streets by a couple of patrolmen and apparently she told that a man had been holding her and two others hostage for years on tonight’s all new episode of “Criminal Minds”.

It seems that Gina had escaped one night in order to find help because one of the girls had been sick. So when the patrol officers back to the house she had escaped, they found the sick young woman still there but the other girl had been missing. And the only name Gina had for her had been whatever their captor had told them to call her.

Therefore, the BAU were brought in to find “Violet”. She had been older than the other girls but she had also been at the house longer. Gina had been kidnapped ten years ago when she was eight and Sheila Wood had been kidnapped seven years ago when she was ten. So the team believe that “Violet” must have been taken around the same age.

And yet by time Gina had met her, Violet had been “well-conditioned”. The young woman had been so terrified of the man that had taken them that she had even helped him kidnapped Gina. Which then became a plan that had continued on with Sheila.

But neither Gina nor Sheila had been treated well in captivity. Both young women had been repeatedly beaten as well assaulted. And the mystery illness that Sheila was suffering from had been complications from a miscarriage.

So right away the team realized that it hadn’t all been sexual with their “UnSub”. He took the girls because he already been planning on the long game and more enjoyed the sense of control he had over them. And that’s why they hadn’t been his only victims.

The house in which he kept the girls had once belonged to Clara Riggins. Clara who was supposedly 108 had still been paying her taxes and whatnot yet her body had been found outback. Clara it seems had hired Michael Clarke Thompson who portrayed himself as a friendly handy-man and he had made the poor woman come to depend on him as another sick games of control. And then buried her outback when she did pass.

So the BAU had been quick with their profile and the APB on Thompson. Thompson had grown up with a misogynistic father who had married and divorced five times. And all of the late man’s ex-wives had claimed abuse and emotional torture.

Yet Thompson had grown up believing that his father had been in the right. So he had felt it was his place to suppress women because once he took them they then became his property. And so when they found Thompson with Violet in tow, he had told Violet that she couldn’t trust anyone but him.

And then he had made a run for it. Though Morgan was able to catch up to him with no trouble and that meant the only problem they had on their hands was “Violet”. Violet couldn’t remember her own name and she was fully dependent on her “daddy” whims.

However, Garcia found out “Violet” had actually been born Amelia Hawthorne. Amelia had been kidnapped when she was eight fifteen years ago and yet she refused to recognized an old picture of herself. Or of her parents.

So that led to certain questions as to why she was able to become so attached. Because Violet was tortured just as bad as the others, so there had to be some way for Thompson to give her a treat for good behavior. And Gina told the agents that Thompson used to take both Gina and Sheila to the “Disappearing Place” but never her. Not even when she began to be good for Sheila’s sake.

And so that made the team think a bit. Yet the conclusion they came to was that Sheila had been pregnant so maybe Violet could have been as well. So JJ had asked Amelia about it and eventually Amelia had told her about both of the times her stomach got really big.

But Amelia hadn’t known where her two daughters that she was made to call sisters were. Thompson had always hidden the location and he wasn’t going to say a word until there was a deal on the table. So Hotch got him a deal.

And as part of that deal, Thompson was allowed to talk to his daughter “Violet”. Only Amelia’s real parents had showed up and the older had helped her to remember who she was before Thompson. So she shouted at her kidnapper and attacked him when he came within reach.

So Thompson then told the guys “no deal”. He had lost Amelia and out of spite he was going to let their children starve to death. But then Amelia remembered the nearby grocery store near the “Disappearing Place” and so the team were able to find both of her children alive.

Though because of his own big mouth, Thompson no longer had a deal. So the guys were taunting him with what he should expect in prison when Sheila’s mother came out of nowhere and shot Thompson to death.

Sheila Woods had died because treatment had been delayed so it was actually Sheila’s mother that no longer had anything to lose.