Dance Moms Finale Recap – Maddie and Mackenzie Leave Team: Season 6 Episode 18 “One Last Dance”

Dance Moms Finale Recap - Maddie and Mackenzie Leave Team: Season 6 Episode 18 "One Last Dance"

Tonight on Lifetime Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Moms continues with an all new Tuesday May 3 season 6 finale called, “One Last Dance,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, in the Season 6 finale, Maddie and Mackenzie perform in their last competition with the team, but Abby’s more concerned about a new mini.

On the last episode the moms became upset with Abby for assigning Brynn a dance inspired by Maddie’s old routine. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, “in the Season 6 finale, Maddie and Mackenzie perform in their last competition with the team, but Abby’s more concerned about a new mini. Later, the moms encourage Melissa to stand up to Abby, but she takes out her frustration on the wrong person.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed evening, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Dance Mom’s season 6 finale– tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new episode of Dance Moms tonight!

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#DanceMoms starts at ALDC LA and Melissa has a bunch of Abby Lee gear she’s brought in for the others to have. Jill says she can’t imagine the team without Melissa, Maddie and Mackenzie. Maddie says she hopes they get good dances and Abby doesn’t scream at them.

Holly says it would be great if there was fabulous behavior and they say they need to tell the mini moms that. Melissa thinks that the minis shouldn’t be competing this week and it should be all about Mackenzie and Maddie.

Jill asks the mini moms to make this about the two girls leaving and not about them. Abby starts pyramid. She says the only group that won was the minis. She says it was fun and sassy and says they’re doing head shots tomorrow. Jessa asks if they’re her new team.

Abby says could be. Maddie says no one can replace them and Abby asks if they should throw in the towel because she is. Melissa says that’s not what’s happening. Maddie says it’s your team and do what you want. Abby says there are other stars, life goes on.

She says if Melissa had her kids at another studio, they wouldn’t be here now. She says she’s the vehicle to get kids from their middle class lives in Pennsylvania to the Great White Way. Holly thinks this is awkward and embarrassing.

Holly says she thinks Abby is lashing out because she can’t handle this. At the bottom of the pyramid is Brynn for her third place solo. Then it’s Kendall and she says she doesn’t pay attention to detail. JoJo is next and Abby says her lyrical needs work.

Next is Nia and Abby says she was good but others were better. Then it’s Mackenzie and she says she did well. Then it’s Kalani and she says outstanding. Then it’s Maddie at the top and says she tried to create a winner with her and did that.

Ashlee says she knew Brynn would be punished for 3rd place but doesn’t know why Maddie is at the top for 4th place. This week it’s New York Dance Experience. She says they slap you in the face with critiques and they need to bring it.

Abby says the group will be hip hop. Abby says it’s Maddie and Mackenzie’s last week so she’s letting them have what they want. Mackenzie gets a solo called Hero that’s jazz acrobatic. Maddie gets a solo also and it’s a lyrical called Hostage.

The minis get a group routine called Kiss Kiss that’s jazz. Abby says Kendall will assist Gianna with the mini number since she did a number like that before. Jill thinks that means Abby sees leadership potential in Kendall. Ari gets a lyrical solo dedicated to her brother.

Sari says her son ad open heart surgery when he was just a baby and died for almost an hour and now doesn’t walk or talk because of the brain injury. Sari says it makes her happy to see Ari dance and she needs something to make her happy.

Sari says she’s made a lot of sacrifices to have Ari there since her son needs constant care. Sari thinks Abby is very compassionate to develop this solo for her. Holly asks if she has anything special planned for Maddie and Mackenzie’s last week and she says no.

Abby says she’s not going to crumble because they’re leaving and has to focus on the future. Kendall starts to work with the minis. Abby watches the mini rehearsal and Abby says if they keep winning, she will make them an official team.

Jessa asks Melissa what she thinks about Abby’s attitude and Holly says there should be something special to signify the end of this chapter. Jessa thinks Abby is hiding her feelings and that’s why she’s not talking to Melissa.

Abby works with Maddie on her Hostage solo inspired by the movie Room. The mini moms ask Melissa her girls’ first solos and they pull up a video of a very young Maddie doing a tap and lyrical number. Melissa is smiling and the moms talk about Maddie looking like a baby.

Ashlee asks why Abby is being emotional about Sari’s solo but not about the girls leaving. Jessa says Abby should have put more thought into Maddie and Mackenzie’s solos and Holly says maybe Abby wishes she could hold Maddie hostage for real.

Holly thinks the solo that Mackenzie is doing is not good enough since she’s going up against Areana with her solo about her disabled brother. The moms are crying and Melissa says she doesn’t want to be without them.

Two days before the competition, it’s time to shoot the minis’ head shots. Tiffanie says Abby is seeing the potential in the mini team now and is excited about this. Tiffanie tells Sari the elite moms will be mad that Abby is validating them this way.

Abby says her studio did not begin or end with Maddie and Mackenzie and the legacy will continue. She says everyone is replaceable. Abby tells the girls to show personality since these are for pyramid and will be on the wall.

Abby looks over the head shots while the elite team has group rehearsal. Melissa is annoyed that Abby doesn’t care that they’re leaving. Jill says she can’t believe that Abby isn’t teaching them their final group number and Ashlee says Melissa must be happy not to have to deal with this more.

Holly wonders why Melissa is not talking to Abby about this and thinks Melissa will eventually snap. Abby does come out and coaches Ari on her solo about her brother. Abby says Ari dances, speaks and acts older and says there’s always someone at home who needs more care – her brother.

Abby says that’s why she wanted to give Ari the opportunity to tell her story. Sari says her son is coming, his nurse, and her parents. She says Ari is nervous. Melissa then breaks in and says this is not about her daughters and she’s upset.

Kerri takes offense and says Sari was talking about her disabled son and then Melissa has to make it all about her. Melissa is horrible and says to Sari, sorry about your son, but this is my daughters’ last week here and it should be fun and about them.

Melissa says she’s not trying to be rude and feels for her, but this is her kids’ week. They show on the break unaired dances from JoJo, Kalani and Kendall.

 The elite moms go out to lunch and even invite Ashlee along. She thanks her for letting her come along and Jessa and Holly tell her that she’s done really good lately. Ashlee is excited to be at the popular table like it’s high school.

Melissa says she didn’t want the minis being asses and says it’s about them. Jessa says Abby’s behavior is disappointing. Jessa says Ari’s solo is meaningful and her girls don’t. Melissa says let’s just turn this around and make it fun.

Holly says Melissa hates confrontation and this is not the Melissa we know. Holly thinks Melissa should let it all hang out since she has nothing to lose. Jill toasts Melissa and says she knows she’ll always be there for her and says she’ll miss her so much.

Back at the studio, Abby watches the elite group rehearsal. Jill says it’s the last time Melissa will be sitting there. Abby yells at them and asks what’s wrong with them. Holly says Abby can’t express herself in a rational normal way right now.

Jessa worries they’ll lose instead of winning and going out on a good note. It’s competition day and the ladies all have on black hats and dresses. They tell them they’re in mourning. Holly asks the mini moms to move out of the way so the elite team can walk in together one last time.

Keri says that’s fine since they’re going to take their place. Yolanda says they’re stuck up. Sari says she doesn’t like the way they’re acting out. Upstairs, Holly says Abby is in denial about the girls leaving and says the elite team will never be the same.

Jill asks Abby if she’s sad they’re leaving and Abby says she has to worry about the kids that are there. She says she wanted to move on first and take the kids with her. Jill says it’s not Abby moving on, it’s Maddie and Mackenzie.

The girls come in and get ready. Abby tells Ari that she’ll be compared to Mackenzie at that age and says it takes a lot more thought. She says take the audience somewhere else and says in dance, acting and modeling, sometimes you forget people and someone new comes along.

Abby says then sometimes you don’t remember that star you liked 10 years ago. Maddie knows that Abby is talking to her and knows she has a hard time with her leaving and thought she’d be on the team forever. Alexus talks to Ari before her solo.

Abby comes over to talk to Jordan, her brother, and says they’re glad he’s there today. He smiles at her. Sari says she’s excited about Ari’s solo and hopes she can beat Mackenzie and dance well. Ari is up first with her solo called “For My Brother.”

The kid is tiny yet impressive. Her brother is there but can’t be aware she’s dancing for him. So sad. The emcee asks about the number and Ari says her brother had a hard time growing up and she wanted to make it feel like she knows what he’s going through.

They ask about her brother and she goes to hug him then comes back for her critique. Abby even cries. Phil Laduca, a judge, says she has magic and flair and her technique was flawless and says her performance level brought it over the top.

Nia congratulates her and Kalani says have fun at their last competition together. Now it’s Mackenzie’s solo called Hero. Nia is nervous since Ari killed it and Mackenzie is doing her last solo and has nothing that compares to that solo.

Mackenzie does a great job. Caitlin Wheeler says it was intensity from the minute she took the stage and says she lost a bit of endurance at the end and says she’s a pocket rocket. The moms giggle and say maybe it means something different in Australia than pocket rocket does her.

Nia tells Maddie she’s really happy for her and she gets hugs all around. Maddie’s last solo is next and she’s doing “The Hostage.” It’s a pretty amazing number. Abby is captivated and Maddie gets a big standing ovation from the crowd.

Judge Caitlin Wheeler says when she feels this way, she really did her job. She says her emotions were next level and her technique is flawless. Rachelle says Maddie is a glorious example of what a young lady is. Abby is crying and so is Gianna.

Backstage, Maddie hugs the girls and she’s crying and says her mom was crying in the audience. The moms talk about how there wasn’t a dry eye in the house after that. Maddie says it hit her and Kalani says she thinks Abby was in denial.

Abby is over with the minis and Melissa says Abby’s behavior is f-ing awful and she’s out and Abby will look like an idiot. Abby congratulates Ari on her solo then Abby speaks t Melissa and she goes off on her. Jill says Abby won’t get the opportunity to say goodbye if this keeps up.

Now it’s time to get ready for groups. Abby asks if Kendall has any words of advice for the minis and she gives them a couple of tips. Then Abby lines up the elite team and says this is the last time that she works with Maddie and Mackenzie.

She says it’s like when you graduate from high school and go off to something new. She says it’s not a sad thing and says for some of them, it might be a blessing in disguise. She says Melissa thinks she has it all planned out and maybe it works out or not.

Holly and Jill talk about how Abby wasn’t nice. Sari says maybe it’s coming back to them since they have all been disrespectful to the mini moms. Kira goes off on Sari and says Melissa and her girls paved the way for her.

Melissa says they haven’t been through what she has and says screw them and that their girls will be nothing. She says f-k all of you and storms out. Holly says Melissa had higher expectations for this week than what happened and that’s why she went off.

The mini solo is up first and the moms hope they’ll do well so the mini team will be a permanent part of the ALDC competition team. Their number is really cute. Judge Phil  says they were beautiful and kept their poise the whole time.

The elite team does their pre-dance ritual then takes the stage. Maddie tells the girls it’s been the best six years of her life dancing with them. It’s a great routine. Joshua Allen, another judge, says it was great start to finish and reminded him of Janet Jackson.

The girls all hug afterwards but then the tears start. Now it’s awards time. Melissa says it’s been a long amazing journey and it’s hard to be their last awards ceremonies. She hopes her girls leave as champions. Junior solos are first and it’s Ari and Mackenzie in the same category.

Ari takes second place for her solo. Mackenzie doesn’t win. Jill says poor Mackenzie and blames Abby that she didn’t place this week because Abby gave her no encouragement. Now it’s senior solo. Maddie hopes she wins for her last competition.

We see an unaired group number, a Maddie ad Kendall duet, a Mackenzie solo. Then we find out that Maddie took first place for her last number. Melissa says she’s so proud and is happy she’s leaving as a champion. Now it’s group awards.

Tiffanie hopes they get first to show Abby the minis are the future of ALDC. The minis win first for Kiss Kiss. Abby says the minis have all improved and are coming along nicely. Now it’s the senior group. First place goes to ALDC for Boss Ladies.

Abby is thrilled and Melissa is crying. Maddie says this is how she wanted to end her experience on the team with a bang. She says it’s a great day. Rachelle the emcee calls Maddie and Mackenzie up and gives them flowers.

She says these girls and this show has changed dance a lot. She asks Maddie if it’s easy to be great and she says no. Then she asks Mackenzie if it’s easy to sacrifice at home and she says no. Rachelle says Abby always says everyone is replaceable and says she disagrees and says Maddie and Mackenzie are not.

Rachelle calls Melissa to the stage and she’s crying. Melissa says she wants to thank Abby for everything she’s done for her kids through the years and tells Gia she adores her like a daughter. Maddie thanks Abby, Gia and all the other dance mms and girls.

Rachelle says they have touched their lives forever. The moms have a surprise set up backstage as a goodbye for Maddie and Mackenzie with cake and balloons. Maddie says she’s sad and it’s been an amazing experience.

Abby congratulates them and hugs them. Abby calls over the minis and says the win will put them on the pyramid and says they’ll see them as official members of the ALDC. Abby says this is fun time and says she’s glad she got to dance with the elite team.

Abby says they will be official members of the ALDC but are not a finished product. She says she expects the kids to train hard so they look like ALDC at the start of the next season. Holly asks Abby if she has any words for them and Abby says she has no final words since there is no finale.

She tells the others to practice over the break and gives them technical notes. Abby says she’s looking forward to a break more than anything and needs to regroup and reconsider her options and her future. Abby says there’s a time to laugh and a time to dance.

Abby says she saw mistakes in Maddie’s and Mackenzie’s solos and proceeds to give notes. Melissa is stunned. Jessa says they did well and Abby shrugs. Maddie goes to change and Holly asks if Abby has anything else to say. She doesn’t.

Melissa says she’s not doing this and walks out. Jill tells Abby she needs to talk to her and Jessa says talk to your friend. Abby says Melissa should be grateful. Melissa says just wrap it up and walks out. Melissa says their time at the ALDC has been more good than bad.

The producer asks if she has any final words you want to say to get it all out and Melissa says no. Abby is fighting tears and Jill says she can’t imagine what the future holds for the team without Maddie and Mackenzie but says the kids have worked too hard to let it go to waste.