Dance Moms Recap 10/11/16: Season 6 Episode 27 “Abby, You’re Fired!”

Dance Moms Recap 10/11/16: Season 6 Episode 27 "Abby, You're Fired!"

Tonight on Lifetime after a Dance Mom returns with an all-new Tuesday, October 11, 2016, episode and we have your Dance Moms recap below. On tonight’s Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 27 “Abby, You’re Fired!,”  the media uncovers a secret from a mom’s past.

Did you miss the last episode of Dance Moms where Abby assigned duets to the elites and minis to unify the two teams, but she continued to favor the minis, leaving the elites to choreograph their own dance? We have a full and detailed Dance Moms recap of the last episode, right here for you!

On tonight’s Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 27 as per the lifetime synopsis, “Abby Lee Miller punishes the minis for their poor performance and gives the first solos of the season to the elites. Later, Abby’s infuriated with Jill after she makes a major decision about Kendall’s music; and the media uncovers a secret from a mom’s past.”

Tonight’s episode will surely be filled with the usual Dance Moms drama. So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Dance Moms recap from 9PM – 10:30PM ET! While you wait for our recap make sure to head over and check all our Dance Moms recaps, news, spoilers & more!

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On this week’s episode of Dance Moms, Jill is worried that Kendall’s music is not being distributed so she has decided to terminate her contract with Abby to be Kendall’s music distributor.

At the dance studio, the moms are speculating about the solos. Jill tells the moms, “We have to be prepared for a messed up pyramid because I had my attorney send Abby’s lawyer a letter terminating her contract as Kendall’s music manager.”

Abby comes in and begins to unveil the pyramid. First, Abby does the mini pyramid. Then, she gets to the elite pyramid. At the bottom is Jojo. Jessalyn is not happy about this at all. After she reveals the rest of the pyramid she reveals that they are going to Panarama City, Ca. They will be doing a group routine that is inspired by a video game routine called Minecraft. Abby also tells them that there will be three solos for this week. The three soloists are Kelani, who will be doing a routine called On The Edge Of My Seat; Jojo, who will be performing a routine called Ferocious; and the final soloist is Kendall. She will be performing a piece called Cold and Clear. Jill says, “Something is up. We dissolve our contract with Abby and she gives my child a solo? However, this is a gift and I refuse to look a gift in the mouth.”

Abby moves on to the minis. She tells them, “You only won the competition because there was no one else to compete in the mini category with you. Had there been others there with you you would not have won. Because of your poor performance you will not be dancing this week.” The minis are shocked to hear this while the elites are elated that they will be getting all of Abby’s attention this week. Abby goes on to tell them, “They need to learn steps that they can do together and how to work as a team, so to help them do that I am bringing in a good friend of mine and he is going to work with them.” Abby then dismisses them so that she can get to work with the elite girls. The mini moms do not go quietly however. Finally, Jill tells them, “Leave so that we can work with Abby.”

The elite girls are rehearsing their group routine. Ashlee says, “Minecraft is current and the kids are into it.” The moms are happy that they have all of Abby’s attention. They are also worried because they have just started working on the choreography and rehearsal is over.

Abby moves on to work with the soloists. Ashlee asks Jill, “When has Abby ever given Kendall the solo that you wanted with the music that you wanted? Why do you think she did that?” Jill asks her, “Why?” Ashlee says, “She wants to stay on your good side.”

While she is working with the elites, Chris, a professional choreographer, arrives and Abby directs him back to work with the minis. He heads back to work with them and the moms seem to be happy that they brought in someone to just work with the girls on timing rather than just work on a routine.

Jill is worried about Jojo’s number. She says, “Jojo’s video is going to make her a huge pop star and Abby wants Kendall to win so she gave Kendall the better number.” After rehearsal, Abby heads to talk to the moms Jill confronts Abby about Kendall’s music. She asks Abby, “What is the deal with releasing Kendall’s music? You are sitting on a number one song.” Abby tells her, “I don’t know that is all my lawyer.” Jill tells her, “You’re a liar.” Abby yells at her and says, “You’re nothing and a nobody. Before I put you in that chair you knew nothing.” Jill fires back and tells Abby, “You were nobody. When I met you your car was being repossessed. You used these kids to get where you are.” Abby tells her, “My dad had just died.”

The elite moms are discussing the solos that Abby assigned. They are not happy, especially Kira. Meanwhile Abby is in the studio working with the minis to see what they have learned with Chris. The mini moms are watching rehearsal. Jessalyn and Jill walk into the gym and tell Abby “Since you don’t have time to run the number with our girls we are going to find someone else to run it.” Tempers quickly explode and Abby tells them “I will get to them.” This is not satisfactory to Jill and Jessalyn so they storm off and decide to run rehearsal themselves.

After Abby finishes working with the minis sheso moves on to work with Kelani on her solo. While the mothers are watching solo practice Jessalyn sees an article about Kira being arrested. She asks her “What happened?” Kira tells her “I’m not at liberty to talk about it.” Kira then tells her “It was guilt by association.” Jessalynn says “If that was the case then you may have a case against these people.”

On the day of competition there is a problem with the registration for Abby’s dance school. Eventually the registration issue is settled and they are able to have the kids placed and dancing. Jessalynn asks Abby “Are solos back for good?” Abby says “I don’t want to make promises that I can’t keep.” She asks Abby “Would you prefer to have the girls dance in duos or solos?” Abby says “I would definitely rather have them do solos, but they have to win.”

The minis and their moms show up to support the elites in their performance. Jackie tells Jill “We came to support you guys and I just wanted to talk to you about some things,” Jill is not happy and she seems annoyed to have to deal with the minis and their moms. She asks Jackie “What do we have to talk about?” Jackie tells her “The unprofessional way that you have treated our girls this week.” Abby quickly diffuses the situation and sends the girls to the stage.

As the elite girls are getting ready to go on backstage Abby is worried about Kelani’s outfit. Once they find black shorts and a black bra she is all set. Kira manages to sew pieces together and she makes things look great. Abby tells them “We have three solos going up against each other. I expect you to win, I need you to win.”

Jojo is up first doing her Ferocious solo. Up next is Kelani who performs On The Edge of My Seat. Kira is not happy. She says “Kelani did the best she could with that chair.” The final solo performer is Kendall with Cold and Clear. Jill says “Kendall looked beautiful and she didn’t let the stress of letting Abby go as her manager get to her.”

After the competition Jill confronts Kira and asks her “Don’t you think your daughter deserves more?” Kira tells them “It all worked out.” Jessalynn tells her “You should fight for your daughter. She deserves better and she needs you to fight the battle for her.” Abby comes backstage and says “You didn’t think Kelani looked good?” Jessalynn says “That’s not the point. Kelani didn’t have a costume when she walked through the door today and that is not acceptable.” Kira is just sitting there looking a bit dumbfounded.

As the girls head out on stage for their group number Abby looks anxious. Everyone seems to like the group routine. It is now time to announce the winners. Jill says “Whoever wins today will prove that they can win just like Maddy did.” Kelani takes eighth place while JoJo took fourth. Kendall did not place at all. Abby says “Before they always had the excuse that Maddy beat me. What’s your excuse now girls?” Everyone at ALDC is on the edge of their seat awaiting the announcement of the winner of the group competition. Jill says “We have to win this in order to prove that we deserve Abby’s attention over the minis.” Mind Craft wins the top award in the small group category.

After the ceremony there is a confrontation and Jill blames the fact that the solos did not do well on the fact that Abby was arguing with the dance director. The mini moms are quick to tell them “The group placed first.” Jill tells them “This is why you will never be part of the team.” The mini moms leave.

The girls come backstage and Abby is frustrated with the soloists. She tells them “You placed fourth and you placed seventh and Jojo didn’t even place.” Jill asks Abby “Did you give Kendall a great solo because of what’s going on with her music?” Abby says “No. I try to keep my music and my dancing separate, “ Jill says “Really? I don’t really remember it being like that last year.” Abby just scoffs at her and walks away. Jill says “I get the feeling she is going to sue me for something.”