Devious Maids Premiere Recap 6/6/16: Season 4 Episode 1 “Once More Unto the Bleach”

Devious Maids Premiere Recap 6/6/16: Season 4 Episode 1 "Once More Unto the Bleach"

Tonight on Lifetime DEVIOUS MAIDS continues with an all new Monday, June 6 season 4 premiere called, “Once More Unto the Bleach,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode in the fourth-season premiere, lives are changed forever.

On the last episode, Carmen and Sebastian decided to get married. Evelyn also decided that she wanted a divorce from Adrian after they both lost Deion. In retaliation, Adrian canceled the mansion sale so they could split their assets when they divorced. Rosie visited Spence, only to find his apartment wrecked and he was in the hospital with amnesia.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episodes per  the Lifetime “in the fourth-season premiere, lives are changed forever following the explosion at the Powell mansion.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another fun one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Devious Maids Season 4 premiere— tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for the episode, tell us how excited you are for season 4 of Devious Maids.

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Tonight’s episode of Devious Maids kicks off with a maid, Eva, running frantically through a mansion, she grabs a pad of paper and writes a note and slips it in to a book. A masked man comes in and stabs her to death, and then the director yells “cut!” They’re on the set of a movie, Marisol is watching with the director, they’re making her books in to a movie.

At Evelyn’s house, she is in mourning, people are stopping by her table at the club to pay their respects because the house is a total loss after the explosion. Adrian is fine though, but he is paralyzed and in a motorized wheel chair.

At Genevieve’s house, Rosie is working as her maid, she rushes to tell Genevieve that she had a visitor. It’s Zoila, she just got back from visiting Valentina in NYC. Zoila went out of town to get her mind off from the baby. Genevieve is thrilled that Zoila is back – but Zoila says that she isn’t coming back to work for her, she doesn’t want to steal Rosie’s job. Genevieve says she will just have two maids then.

Marisol stops by Peter’s office at the production office. She tells him that she has some concerns about the movie. Marisol is upset because Perry Westmore is turning the movie in to something that she hates, and not staying true to the book. Peter doesn’t have time to talk, he tries to get her to go out to dinner later to discuss it…but Marisol says that is inappropriate.

Perry and Spence are doing a live interview, Perry discusses Spence’s brain injury and says that they are getting remarried. Spence still doesn’t even remember being married to Rosie. Meanwhile, Rosie is watching the interview at home. Genevieve tells Rosie to take the week off and try to win Spence back.

A girl named Daniela shows up on Adrian and Evelyn’s house. She announces that she is Carmen’s cousin’s daughter, and she was vacationing in Los Angeles and wanted to meet her. Carmen freaks out and won’t hug Daniela and runs out of the room. Spence follows Carmen in to the hallway, Carmen confesses that Daniela is actually her daughter and her cousin adopted her. Carmen gave up her baby because she was a teenager and Daniela has no idea that Carmen is actually her mother. Adrian is thrilled by the drama and invited Daniela to stay in their guest room.
Meanwhile, Evelyn is meeting with their interior decorator Gail, their house is still under construction from the explosion. Evelyn confesses to Gail that she wants to divorce Adrian, she says that as soon as Adrian can walk – she is leaving him.

Zoila finds Genevieve in the kitchen washing dishes. Zoila tells her to stop doing her work for her, she is sick of Genevieve feeling sorry for her and taking pity on her because of the baby. Zoila gives her a speech about babying her and tells Genevieve to just be the “same old shrew that she has always been.”

Rosie tries to take Genevieve’s advice and heads to Spence and Perry’s house. She never makes it inside though, because their butler/bodyguard Jesse grabs her and won’t let her talk to Spence. Rosie leaves and meets up with Carmen and Marisol. Marisol is shocked to hear that her ex Jesse is still in town, and working for Spence and Perry.

Spence’s sponsor Ben shows up at the house, Perry called him because she is “worried about him.” In actuality, Ben is helping Perry make sure that Spence doesn’t remember anything about when he was married to Rosie.

At the Powell House, Adrian announces that Daniela and Carmen should go sight seeing together. Daniela invites Carmen to crash a party with her, but Carmen turns her down. Daniela can tell that something is up with Carmen, she demands to know why she doesn’t want her there. Daniela yells that she is a bitch and then she storms out.

Marisol meets up with Jesse, Marisol fills him all in on Rosie and Perry’s drama with Spence. She wants to know why Jesse didn’t tell her he was in LA. He confesses that he never went home to Seattle, he just made that up so that Marisol would leave him alone. Marisol insists that she is over Jesse, and lies and says that she is seeing someone….Peter.

Tensions finally reach a boiling point at Genevieve’s house. Zoila snaps at her and shouts that she made the wrong decision at the hospital, she wishes Genevieve had let her die and told the doctors to save the baby instead. Zoila sobs and says that she can’t stand seeing her every day and gives her back her house keys.

Jesse heads back to Perry’s house and catches her and Ben talking in private. Then they hug…very romantically. Jesse rushes over to Genevieve’s house, he tells Rosie that she was right and something is definitely going on and Spence needs her help.

Marisol helps Zoila find a new maid gig. She sets her up in a house, she says that the boss is leaving town for 6 months – so that means Zoila will be all alone in the house. She reassures Marisol that she will be just fine, and she is actually excited about being alone.

Perry hosts a huge party at her and Spence’s house – Jesse is running interference between her and the catering staff. He sneaks Rosie in dressed as a member of the catering staff. Rosie sneaks upstairs to talk to Spence. Spence shouts at her that she tricked him in to loving her, he says that Rosie is out of her mind. She kisses him to try and jog his memory, but it doesn’t work. Spence shouts at her to get the hell out of his house. As she is leaving, Rosie calls him Mister Spence, and he suddenly remembers her. He chases her through the house to try and stop her, but he slips on the floor and falls, when he hits his head he suddenly remembers his life with Rosie.

Marisol heads out to dinner with Peter, she confesses that she ran in to a friend and he made her realize that life is too short. Marisol starts rambling about Jesse, and it’s obvious that she isn’t over him. Things get awkward quickly.

At Evelyn’s house she is drinking away her sorrows because the doctor told her that Adrian will never work. She snaps at Adrian and says that she wanted to leave him months ago, but she only stayed because he is in his stupid wheelchair. Adrian promises to make it his life’s work to make her fall in love with him again.

Daniela sneaks out of the house, she tries to crash Spence and Perry’s party. While she is trying to sweet talk her way past Jesse, all hell breaks loose. Spence is drunk, he slams Perry against the wall and tells her that he remembers everything about Rosie and she lied to him. OF course, people start snapping pictures of their fight.

Zoila is living it up in her new house, she’s getting drunk and playing dress-up in her new boss’s clothes. A guy shows up on the doorstep and introduces himself as Kyle, he says that he will be her neighbor, and gives her a bottle of champagne. Zoila pretends that she is the owner of the house.

Peter drops Marisol off at her house, he tells her that there won’t be another date. He is a “grown ass man” and he knows that she is still hung up on Jesse. He thinks she is sexy and smart and she’s exactly his type, but he is not going to date someone that is hung up on her ex.

Adrian’s doctor stops by for a secret meeting with him, and to get his check. Adrian can walk, he’s not paralyzed, and he is paying his doctor to lie to Evelyn.

Spence wakes up with a massive hangover, he finds Perry laying on the floor, next to the bed … dead. She was stabbed in the neck with her Academy Award.

The End!