Elementary Recap 11/27/16: Season 5 Episode 8 “How the Sausage Is Made”

Elementary Recap 11/27/16: Season 5 Episode 8 "How the Sausage Is Made"

Tonight on CBS their crime comedy-drama Elementary premieres with an all-new Sunday, November 27, 2016, season 5 episode 8 episode and we have your Elementary recap for you below. On tonight’s Elementary Season 5 episode 8 Joan (Lucy Liu) worries Sherlock’s (Jonny Lee Miller) sobriety is at risk when she learns he has been lying to her about attending recovery meetings.

Did you watch the last episode of Elementary where Holmes and Watson searched for two murderers after a base jumper was shot out of the sky by one killer and had his parachute sabotaged by another?  If you missed it and want to get caught up before tonight’s episode we have a full and detailed Elementary recap, right here.

On tonight’s Elementary season 5 episode 8 as per the CBS synopsis, “Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Joan (Lucy Liu) discover a man’s death caused by ingesting poisoned sausage is connected to a lab working on a breakthrough in the artificial meat industry.”

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#Elementary starts with Joan in the kitchen and sees a note Sherlock left her. He says he’s at a messing and says don’t use the fridge, I’m doing an experiment. A British man comes to the door named Holder who asks to leave a briefcase with her.

Inside the case is a crown. He says Sherlock will like it and Joan asks why he’s giving him a coronet. He says Holmes helped him and then he wouldn’t cash the checks he sent. She says Sherlock is at a meeting at St Olaf’s and Holder says he hasn’t been there in a month.

Sherlock texts her and she says she’ll keep the crown. She meets Sherlock at the ME office and a guy named Albright died from a horse tranquilizer. The ME shows him sausage casings he found in his stomach and they had human remains in them.

The human remains had the sedative in them that killed him. Sherlock lies to Joan and says he was at the St Olaf’s meeting. Marcus shows up and says no one has declared a human sausage missing. They wonder if Albright knew he was eating people.

Cannibal concerns

Marcus says Albright doesn’t strike him as a cannibal. Sherlock says the guy was whether he knew it or not. Sherlock sniffs the bag of casings and says he smells anise. They’re looking into Musgrave. Sherlock hands back the bag of goo and they go to a meat shop.

The owner says his meat comes from cruelty free sources. They ask the owner if anyone has access to the shop but says there was a break-in last week. Sherlock pokes around the basement and he and Joan talk about the possible victim.

Joan thinks it’s thin but Sherlock says you need flexible intellect. Joan asks him about his recovery and says they don’t talk about it often. He says they don’t talk about it since she’s not his sober coach. He says his recovery is part of his routine.

He finds fresh skin and hair on the steps to the basement and says they have no pigment and it was someone young and possibly an albino. He says call Marcus. Sherlock wakes Joan the next morning – she fell asleep in a chair watching security cameras from the sausage shop.

Sherlock lies, Joan stalks

Sherlock says he found something on the footage while she slept. She says Mr Durant has been giving lessons on butchering your own meat and shows her some footage and there’s an argument and the guy has vitiligo.

Sherlock shows her an argument then says he’s going to St Olaf’s to a meeting. Joan follows him. He’s in a park carrying a bag. He stops by a group playing string instruments and he pulls out an instrument and joins them.

Joan gets a text and goes to meet Marcus. He says the guy was arguing with Alma Cabrera, an oncology nurse. She says the guy’s name is Joaquin Pareya. They ask if she’s seen him in the last week and she says no but he gets caught up in work.

They ask her for something that might have his DNA on it. She says they finally got him and says he was a biotech guy. She says he was a genius and his work was going to change everything. She pulls an envelope out of the fridge of meat. Joan asks if it’s human.

Meat the spy

Turns out it’s bio-engineered meat. They clone meat cells and make meat instead of slaughtering animals. They head to a facility and that makes it and Sherlock sniffs it then tastes it. He says it’s a bit antiseptic and they till him they’re still working on texture.

He says it tastes like what a cow raised on breakfast cereal would taste like. They talk to Joaquin’s boss and Sherlock confirms he’s dead after a text from the ME comes in. He says Brendan knows something is up and he worked under Joaquin.

The boss, Werner, shows them his desk and says the guy was a genius. He was their Mozart of meat. Sherlock asks about the lady in the white coat and if she uses the desk. The boss says no. They pull her references and the boss confronts Corinne.

Sherlock says she’s a spy sent to look in on Joaquin. Marcus tells her that she’d better tell them who placed her there because he was murdered. She says Midwest cattle ranchers put her there and she knows nothing about murder and will help.

Sobriety confrontation

Joan is looking through Corinne’s emails for leads. Sherlock says he looked at Midwest’s computers and had to call in Everyone and they require him to do observational comedy at a local open mic night. Joan gives him the coronet.

Sherlock says it goes with nothing I own. He closes the case and Sherlock asks if the man told him he hadn’t been at meetings. He says the guy needs a lesson on anonymity. He says he knows she followed him this morning.

Joan says sorry and he says sorry for lying. Sherlock says he’s not going to meetings anymore and says he’s removing the safety net from his sobriety. He says going to meetings has become a bore so he increased the level of difficulty but hasn’t slipped.

Joan says he’s arrogant and thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. He says he is. Joan says others get bored at meetings and says that doesn’t make you different, but typical. She says the ones that stay sober keep going.

Assassin’s daughter

Joan says she has nothing to do with his sobriety anymore and he can do what he wants, meetings or no. She walks off to do more research. Joan wakes to a note and breakfast. He says one is made from their sausage and one from shmeat (a sheet of meat).

Joan says thanks but I’m passing on the lab-grown meat. He says lab grown cells are better for grafts than cadaver cells. He says she’s a woman of science and she says labs are not where you want food. He asks if she’s ever seen a slaughterhouse.

Sherlock says Everyone helped him and found they paid $100k to Thomas Colburn, a performance consultant. He’s likely a corporate hit man and has been linked to other murders but always was able to alibi himself.

Sherlock says Coburn has an adult daughter named Grace and they are supposed to be estranged and he thinks she’s the link since she was in several cities. Marcus calls Grace into the NYPD. Marcus says they found lots of evidence against her.

Confession to assassination

Marcus says they’re picking her dad up now and she can make a deal. Grace says she didn’t kill Joaquin. She says you have proof we killed eight then says they didn’t do that. She says they were hired to kill him but then they canceled the contract before they did the job.

She says the FDA ruled it as a meat substitute instead of meat so that helped the cattle company. She says someone else killed your guy. Gregson congratulates Marcus for nailing the hit man and daughter and Marcus says they still need to find who killed Joaquin.

Marcus says Sherlock told him no genius would submit flawed work. Marcus points out the FDA report and Sherlock got the raw research and Marcus says he thinks it was doctored before it went to the FDA. Marcus finds a difference.

He says a couple of numbers are off and sends some pics to Sherlock who pings right back and says get here immediately and says he had a Salieri. Farley is the second who worked under him and Marcus and Sherlock quiz him on sabotaging the work and killing Joaquin.

Sabotage not homicide

Farley says even if he sabotaged his work that doesn’t mean he killed the guy. Farley admits to fudging the data and hopes he doesn’t ruin the career. He says he was out of the country when Joaquin was killed at a wedding. He has proof.

Joan studies more papers when Sherlock comes in and says Farley’s alibi held up under scrutiny. They wonder who else wanted him dead. Joan says he’s bored with recovery because he’s not saying what’s on his mind.

Joan says you have to say what you’re thinking at meetings. She says the people there can handle him being an arrogant jerk. She says she’s seen this end badly with other clients. He walks out reading a report.

Joan wakes to another note. This one says compose yourself before you come downstairs and says he’s having a salon downstairs. Sherlock has men of religion in the living room. Joan asks Sherlock what that is and he says he talked to Jewish and Muslim men about the food.

The boss did it!

Sherlock says pareve is a third class of food. It’s neutral and he says if shmeat is ruled meat, it opens it up to kosher concerns. He says if shmeat is not classified as meat, it can be pareve. He says it would change food for Muslims and the Jewish.

Sherlock says Werner Platz, the CEO, might be the killer. They call Farley into the NYPD. They tell him they think he’s part of a conspiracy to kill Joaquin. Marcus shows him footage of Werner near the meat shop the night that Joaquin was ground up.

Sherlock say she peeked at his bank records and Joan says his mortgage was just paid off and they’re tying it back to Werner. Marcus says he knows Werner wanted schmeat to not be classified as meat and Joaquin was an obstacle so he killed him.

They tell him to roll over on Werner or else. Farley says they have nothing on him and says he’s leaving his lawyer’s number and says don’t call me and walks out. Joan says they have no proof of this. Sherlock says both will be rich when it hits the kosher market.

Shmeat the killer

Sherlock tells Joan they’ll check the neighborhood again for witnesses. Joan is frustrated and says they have brought down criminal geniuses and these guys are morons who killed for money. She doesn’t want them to get away with it.

Sherlock says they can punish them. He says let’s reconvene the council of rabbis and imams. Joan and Sherlock head to see Werner who tells them he’s going to sue them. Sherlock says they found no new evidence and Joan says they made a good argument.

Joan says they met with the top rabbis and imams and presented their case. Joan says the message was that murder is not kosher. Sherlock says no one will bless them with the labels and will make sure other certifying bodies give them the labels.

Werner says this is retribution. Joan says they will reverse their ruling when someone is convicted of the murder. Sherlock says since Werner did the murder, Farley can offer evidence and make the money on the product. He rolls over on Werner.

Sherlock goes to a meeting

Sherlock asks Joan if this is satisfactory and she says she’ll take it. Sherlock says he’s going to a meeting and asks if she’ll follow to confirm. She asks if she needs to. At the meeting, Sherlock raises his hand to speak.

He says he’s the cleverest person in the room and smarter than his peers and thinks he feels boredom more acutely than others. He says that’s why he’s coping with arrogance. He says he thinks that might be an obstacle to his recovery.