Elementary Recap 11/20/16: Season 5 Episode 7 “Bang Bang Shoot Chute”

Elementary Recap 11/20/16: Season 5 Episode 7 "Bang Bang Shoot Chute"

Tonight on CBS their crime comedy-drama Elementary premieres with an all-new Sunday, November 20, 2016, season 5 episode 7 episode and we have your Elementary recap for you below. On tonight’s Elementary Season 5 episode 7 Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson  (Lucy Liu) search for two murderers after a base jumper is shot out of the sky by one killer and has his parachute sabotaged by another.

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On tonight’s Elementary season 5 episode 7 as per the CBS synopsis, “Holmes and Watson search for two murderers after a base jumper is shot out of the sky by one killer and has his parachute sabotaged by another. Also, after Joan’s sister, Lin (Samantha Quan), thinks she sees Shinwell with a member of his old gang, Joan takes drastic measures to make sure he won’t be drawn back into a life of crime.”

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#Elementary starts with Joan and her sister Lin having dinner and talking. She says Shinwell got a visitor that looked like a bad guy. She says Shinwell didn’t want to be seen talking to the guy and Joan says it could be a parole violation.

Two guys are on a rooftop prepping for a base jump. They jump and a sniper shoots one on his way down. Marcus and Sherlock are at the crime scene. The dead guy is Bennett and Marcus says he was a former soldier and YouTube star.

Marcus says he was shot twice on the way down from the bushes nearby and no prints on the shell casings they found. Marcus says someone saw them jump and heard the two gunshots. One landed safely and ran off.

Marcus shows they also found a bracelet that might have smashed on impact. Sherlock looks around and wanders off. He goes into some hedges nearby and pulls out a small chute. He says chutes don’t have a rip cord and says his pilot chute was missing.

Bennett’s wife comes in

Sherlock says the chute was sabotaged and he was dead when he jumped. Sherlock says maybe two people tried to kill him. The shoot and the saboteur. They bring in Bennett’s pregnant wife and Sherlock says his other chutes in their shed had all been sabotaged.

The wife says Bennett never locked it since they live in a safe neighborhood. They ask where she was when he died. She says she was out with friends and always does it when he jumps so she won’t worry. She was the designated driver and dropped her last pal out at 3 am.

She says she begged him to call it off and come home. She asks what Mark said – the camera man. She asks if he was hurt. Joan says another jumper landed safely and ran off. The wife says maybe Mark sabotaged the chute. She says they had another partner Arturo.

She says Arturo was another jumper and Bennett and he bumped while jumping and Arturo was knocked out then couldn’t deploy his chute and died. She says Mark was angry and blamed Bennett. Sherlock watches some base jumping videos at home.

Mark in interrogation

Joan says Marcus called and said Mark tossed his phone and the cops found it. Sherlock says the cops will have him soon and says there is a new camera they were using that has WiFi and Bluetooth and he tracked it from metadata and they hope to find him using the camera.

Marcus says they have Mark and the camera and fond him at a hotel. Joan and Sherlock go down to the cop shop. Lin is there and Joan says she has her sister looking at photos to see who Shinwell was talking to the other day.

They watch the video of Mark says “for Arturo” before they jumped. Sherlock says they know he and Bennett argued. Mark says they blamed each other for Arturo’s death but says he loved Bennett like a brother.

Marcus shows him an email of them arguing over footage of Arturo’s death and Mark says Arturo loved publicity and would have liked it. Bennett wouldn’t sign off on it for the documentary Mark was planning. Mark says he backed off it and this was their last jump.

Book and sister

Sherlock asks why he was hiding and Mark says he’s afraid he was next and says she might kill him too. They head to West Point to talk to Alzado, a military cadet. She says she’s on a strict schedule and couldn’t have snuck out to shoot him.

She asks if Mark sent them to her. She’s Arturo’s sister and says her brother loved base jumping and was living on borrowed time and they all knew it. She says Bennett tried to make things right and was a good man and brings up Arturo’s book.

She says her brother had almost finished the book and Bennett was going to finish it and Arturo’s kids were going to get the money. She offers to let them test her rifle for ballistics. Joan tells Sherlock that they let Mark go since they have no evidence.

Sherlock has a copy of the memoir from the sister and there is a photo from the war with stacks of millions of dollars. Joan says Bennett’s financials don’t show lots of cash but he has a shell account that just got $500k and it’s tied to an Air Force commando unit called Hell Jumpers.

More suspects

Joan points out the tattoos from the photo on some men and she wonders if Bennett was blackmailing some of his old buddies because they stole a bunch of the money and he decided he wanted a share. Those men have the skills to do what killed Bennett.

Sherlock bring in a guy he uses from time to time, Theodore, and asks him about the pic and he tells them the beads look like they’re from a set of prayer beads. Sherlock asks him about the photo and the men in them. He says he’s paid his debt to Sherlock.

Sherlock offers him the name of a woman who is smitten with him. Sherlock offers him that name for the names of the guys in the photo. Joan brings in Laquan to the cop shop and asks about his gang. She asks him about Shinwell and why he came to see him.

Joan says seeing him is violating his probation. She tells him to stay away from Shinwell. Laquan says Shinwell called him and asked him to come by. He tells her to talk to Shinwell. Declan Boyle stops by to see Sherlock on orders from Theodore.

Human smuggling

Sherlock says he seems to be doing well financially and thinks he stole money in Iraq. Sherlock says he just wants to know if he murdered someone over it. Declan says they took a little and called it a handling fee but says he never killed Bennett. Sherlock asks why he paid him $500k.

He says the money he took wasn’t nearly enough to pay this and says he loaned him money – he’s a loan shark and says Bennett was paying him regularly. Joan and Sherlock go see the skydiving plane that Bennett bought with the loan money. Sherlock asks her about Laquan.

Joan repeats the info to her partner. Sherlock says that means Shinwell is intentionally breaking parole and says Joan isn’t responsible. Marcus meets them at the hangar and says Bennett didn’t fly the plane and had a partner named Chet Polian. Bennett has dual citizenship.

They think Bennett was smuggling something with the plane. Sherlock pries open the hatch under the plane and they see passenger seats in the cargo hold. They were smuggling people. They take the evidence to Gregson that Bennet was a concierge coyote.

Importing terror?

Chet is a fake name so they don’t know who was using the guy’s pilot’s license. Prints turned up no names. Marcus is pulling security footage. Gregson says this could be anyone that killed Bennett. Marcus shows them footage from a couple months ago.

It’s a man and woman getting into a limo. He says one of the cops recognized the man as Qadir, a Taliban warrior. Marcus goes to meet the driver of the limo to ask if he knew he was driving a terrorist. He’s a friend of Bennett’s that picked up the smuggled people.

The guy says he wants a lawyer and Marcus shows him a pic of Qadir. Shinwell is playing chess in the park with Vadim. He wins and then Sherlock sits down to play him next. Sherlock says hustling chess is a parole violation. Sherlock asks him about his glory days as a drug dealer and if he’s tempted.

Sherlock says avoiding your temptations can help you avoid relapse. He says Joan is worried about him and his meeting with Laquan. He tells Shinwell that Joan thinks he has potential and he thanks Sherlock for the warning. He gets a text and Sherlock forfeits then tells him how he would have won.

Trouble with the Taliban

Gregson brings in Qadir and asks where is his daughter. They show him photos of them and they have his wife with him too. Qadir’s wife says one of the photos is her son. Sherlock asks the wife if she spent time in England. She was educated there.

Gregson tells Qadir to answer questions about the man that smuggled them. Nazria says the Taliban has a death warrant out on them. She says they need asylum. She says her husband was a village chief and he cooperated with NATO and the Taliban came back and burned them out.

She says they went to Pakistan then Canada and then Bennett brought them to the US. They ask if Bennett was killed over this. She says Bennett was supposed to bring the rest of the family over next week. Qadir says Bennett and the pilot were arguing.

She says the pilot shoved Bennett and called him a traitor. She says they left and Gregson asks about the pilot. Marcus, Joan and Sherlock go to talk to Kasdan. They found him from the sketch. He admits he flew the plane for Bennett. He plays dumb on the smuggling.

Like father, like daughter

He denies knowing there were people in the cargo hold. Marcus asks him about the argument with Bennett. He says he was in Ottowa the night Bennett was shot. They tell him that doesn’t excuse him for sabotaging the chute. Kasdan says he did it, he sabotaged the chute.

Sherlock says please take off your gloves. He pulls them off and holds out his hands. Sherlock says everything he told them was a lie. He says you want us to think you killed Bennett. They bring the wife back in and Sherlock asks her if she plucks between her eyebrows.

He mentions three conditions that she shares with Gordie Kasdan. Sherlock says that’s her father based on shared conditions. Joan asks if her dad confessed to save her. She says she was relieved her was shot because that meant her sabotaging his chute didn’t kill him.

She says she heard him talking on the phone to some woman late at night and found he had a second phone he hid. Someone named Jaam. She says he promised her he would leave her. She says she told her dad and said she decided to solve her problem with a pair of scissors.

Snip snip, splat splat

She says she didn’t want him to die and that’s why she begged him to call off the jump. She’s crying. Joan says that’s the chute, not the sniper. Sherlock says he thinks the sniper was also motivated by the affair. Sherlock thinks the shooter will strike again.

They bring in Qadir and his wife and show them the beads they found where Bennett died. Sherlock knows what they’re saying and thinks the prayer beads belong to their daughter whom he was having an affair with. The parents didn’t know.

The mom says their daughter ran off and said she was going to live life as a modern woman and they sent their son Majaan after her. She says the Taliban trained Majaan and poisoned him. The mom says in their culture if a woman sleeps with a man outside of wedlock, blood must be paid.

The parents tell them that Majaan would have killed them both. Sherlock asks them to help save her. We see a sniper looking through a scope at a woman. It’s Majaan looking at his sister. The cops surround him and Marcus says your parents sent us. They get her to safety.

Marcus kicks Joan out

Marcus tells him to put the gun down so they don’t have to hurt him. He sets it down. They arrest him. At the station, Majaan is brought in cuffed up. His parents are furious. Their daughter also shows up and they run to her and hug her.

Joan gets a text from Shinwell asking her to come see him to talk. She goes. He says he heard she talked to Laquan. She asks if he called the guy and asks if he knows what would happen. He says he’s not her problem anymore. Joan says he asked her for help.

Shinwell tells her she can’t help him and tells her this is not her world and he has to live and survive here. She asks why he’s saying this. He says this world isn’t safe for him and especially not for her. He slams the table aside and says it’s now or never doc. Joan stares then goes. Shinwell looks upset over it.