Fear The Walking Dead (FTWD) Finale Recap 10/2/16: Season 2 episode 14 and 15

Fear The Walking Dead (FTWD) Finale Recap 10/2/16: Season 2 episode 14 and 15

On AMC tonight Fear The Walking Dead (FTWD) airs with an all-new Sunday, October 2, 2016, double episode finale and we have your Fear The Walking Dead Recap below!  On tonight’s FTWD double episode finale called, “Wrath/North,” Nick takes on leadership of the Colonia as Narcos close in as the second season ends.

On last week’s episode, Travis lamented to Madison how he failed to take care of Chris, and regretted that he never told him he loved him before parting ways. Madison talked with Alicia and revealed that her father’s car crash was not accidental, but suicide.

On tonight’s Fear The Walking Dead finale episode as per the AMC synopsis, “In the second-season finale, Travis’ rage causes unrest at the RBH; and Madison must decide if she will stand by Travis. Meanwhile, Nick takes on leadership of the Colonia as Narcos close in.”

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#FearTheWalkingDead starts with Ofelia’s truck running hot and coming to a steamy stop by a border wall. She checks it out and a walker creeps up on her then another. She takes them out and then another comes and she kills him too. There are more coming.

She kills one after another. She can see more nearby. She puts on her backpack and walks off with a jug of water before they can get too close. She has a long road ahead. Nick wakes and slips out while his GF sleeps. He and his buddy take the pills then go to make the trade.

Madison tries to talk reason to Travis about what has happened with Chris. She leaves him alone to think. Nick and is pal approach Marco’s shop. Nick says he has the oxy and shows the armed guards what he brought and asks to talk to Marco.

Travis gets a reality check

Alicia brings Travis some food. She says they cook everything in lard so it’s delicious. She opens the drapes and lets the sun stream in. Alicia says she’s sorry about Chris and Travis says Chris is sick and he didn’t see it because he’s his son.

Travis says sorry for not believing her and protecting her better. The guards take Nick to Marco who is looking at a map and getting info on how to break into the compound where the oxy is kept. Nick says he knows they found them and is there to make an offer.

Nick says they’ll deliver every week if they will leave them alone. Marco says he likes him and says he’s not like other gringos. He says the game is over and says he united with another group and says he’ll soon have a fortress.

Nick has to deliver a grim message

He tells Nick if he wants to live, to listen. He shows Nick the dead bodies of the people who left the compound. He tells Nick to run back and tell everyone to leave the compound or die. Alicia and Madison work in the basement.

Madison sees a couple of teens and they’re being awful. Alicia says Andreas hasn’t slept because too many need medical attention. Madison comes over to talk to them and tells them to be quiet – looks like the guys that were with Chris.

They tell her their buddy that was driving died. Brandon and Derek bicker about the guy not having his license. She hears them mention LA and stares at them. Madison runs to Strand and says the guys that were with Chris are here.

Travis and Madison debate the truth

Strand says Travis can’t find out that they’re there. Madison worries about not telling Travis the truth. Madison says she told Travis leaving Chris was the right thing to do. Strand tells her that telling Travis the truth will kill any hope and he can’t survive losing it.

Nick is back at the compound and tells Lucy that Marco and his men are coming soon. He says they need to tell Alejandro. They go him and tell him what’s coming. Nick says we have to leave now. A patient comes back as a zombie and attacks.

He and Nick struggle and he falls over a balcony with him. Alejandro is bitten, then the nurse and another patient. Nick puts his fingers through the guy’s eyes and kills him to stop the attacks. He’s horrified but it works.

Alejandro is tested

Alejandro stares at the bite on his arm. He lowers his sleeve and Nick stares at him hard. Ofelia ducks through a gap in the fence and faces a desert in front of her. She is thrilled she made it past the wall. At the compound, the bitten prepare to face their fate.

Their loved ones hug them. Nick watches as they enter the bus to join the dead. Lucy asks Nick what’s up and he says he’s worried about the time before Marco and his men come. Lucy is confident the moat of walkers will protect them.

Madison brings Andres to tend to Derek and Brandon. The other refugees see them and ask why the gringos are getting medical attention and are being taken away. A riot starts. They rush Brandon and Derek away.

Travis misreads the situation

Travis gets dressed and goes to see what all the noise is. He sees the guys being led away to be kicked out of the compound. Travis screams for Chris. Strand tries to stop him but Travis goes running out. Brandon and Derek fight back but Madison says they have to go.

Travis runs up and into the crowd and asks where’s Chris. Travis demands the truth. Nick packs and tells Lucy he’s leaving and says she needs to come with him. She says Alejandro needs them and then Alejandro is there.

Nick asks if he cleaned the bite good then says he’s afraid of the bite and he sees it. Nick says he’s lying to them. Nick tells Alejandro to tell her. He says they’re coming to kill them and Lucy needs the truth so she’ll come with him and save her life.

Alejandro comes clean

Alejandro admits to Lucy that he’s not immune. Lucy touches his head and feels a fever. Nick says he’s infected and Lucy says she saw him but and Alejandro says she saw what she wanted to see and he let her. Lucy is angry and asks why.

Alejandro says he used it to get them to build the place to protect them all. He says people survived because of his lie. Nick says no one will survive what’s coming. Nick tells Lucy to come with him. Alejandro tells her that he lied but she is his daughter and he loves her.

Lucy tells Alejandro that he’s dead to her now. He leaves. Nick hugs her as she cries. Then he says they have to go. She says she won’t leave. Nick says they have to go now. Lucy says no and says this is her home and Nick says she’ll die for it.

Nick writes Lucy a reality check

Lucy says their faith will protect them. She says this is the first time many of them had a place or family. She says she won’t go. Ofelia climbs up a hill and stops. Someone takes a shot at her. She ducks and runs. She scrambles behind a tree and pulls her knife then prays.

A man approaches with a rifle. He tells her to hand over the knife and she does. He says welcome to America. Travis takes Derek and Brandon into the office to talk. They beg him to first fix Derek’s shoulder. Travis asks for the truth again as Andres pops the shoulder back in.

Travis says tell me what happened to my son. Derek says they’re scared and Travis hurts him. Brandon says they need assurances. Madison promises they can have a car. Brandon says they didn’t get far and says they were on no sleep and couldn’t stay awake.

Chris death tale

They tell him that Chris volunteered to drive and so they slept in the back of the truck. They tell Travis that Chris must have dozed off because the truck hit something and started rolling. They tell him they were thrown and the truck rolled and Chris was dead when they found him.

Travis asks if he really was dead when they found him. Brandon says his neck was torn up and it went through the window glass. Travis is stunned. He asks where is Chris’ body. Brandon says they buried him by a tree. Travis hears inconsistencies in their story.

One says they pulled him out, the other says he was thrown. Travis shuts the door and locks Madison out. He’s in there alone with Derek and Brandon. The boys are scared. Travis beats Brandon then demands Derek tell him the truth then hits him too.

Chris takes a bullet

They beg him to stop and tell him they’ll tell him. Madison tries to get him to stop and bangs on the door. They tell Travis they killed him but says they had to. We see flashback to Chris crawling out of the wreck with a broken leg with the bone sticking out.

He tried to crawl away from Brandon and Derek but they came up to him with the gun and shot him dead. They tell Travis and he brutally assaults them. Madison begs him to stop. Brandon fights back against him. The guys get the door keys and try to get in.

Travis blocks the door and continues the beating. One hits Travis with a chair and then kicks him. Travis gets back up and beats Brandon some more. He chokes him. Both guys are nearly dead but Travis wont’ stop. He throws Brandon through a glass door then stomps the other guy’s head.

Judge, jury and executioner

Madison begs him to stop but he doesn’t. We see Derek and Brandon walk past Chris’ dead body. Now Travis walks past their dead bodies and sits down exhausted. He’s battered but alive. The two boys are dead, though.

The other guys break in to get to Travis. They let Madison in and she finds him almost catatonic. Others come in and grab Travis under Elena’s orders. They also grab up Oscar who was injured by Travis when he tried to get in.

They tell Madison that Travis killed two people and has to be dealt with. Strand talks Madison down and she asks for Alicia’s knife. Madison takes it and goes back into the café where the brawl took place. She nudges Brandon with her foot then puts the knife in his ear so he won’t come back.

Now they’re really dead

Strand points out that Derek is wiggling even though his head was stomped in and she puts the knife through his eye. It’s done and over. Strand looks concerned.

Lucy wants to put make up on him so no one will know what’s happening with him. She says she doesn’t want the others to lose faith. They talk about the coming attack and death outside the walls. Alejandro says he tried to save them and Lucy says he failed.

He tells her Nick is right and Lucy tells him to lie to the others and then go. She leaves him. Strand tells Madison that Travis compromised them and tells her to think about Alicia. She says she’ll talk to Elena. Strand says they will exile him and it was Madison’s rule about no tolerance for violence.

Alicia prepares for exile

Alicia says Travis found them and it matters. Strand says he agrees that Travis can’t stay. Alicia says he can’t stay and says they can all leave with him. Strand doesn’t like it. Alicia says they can’t kick him out and says they’re past this and says they can find another place.

She says they already lost too many. Strand reminds Madison that Travis abandoned her. Madison asks Strand to come with them. He says he has no interest in killing himself and won’t die for any of them. Madison asks about Oscar and is told he’s still unconscious.

Madison tells Elena that they’ll all leave with Travis in the morning. Elena says okay. Madison wants Travis to be released to her and Alicia says she’ll make sure he doesn’t hurt anyone. Elena bickers with Hector then says they can have Travis but must leave at dawn.

Madison lays down the law with Travis

Madison faces Travis and says he has to leave. She says they’re going along. He says no. Madison says she won’t send him out there to die. She says they’ll leave in the morning at first light. At the colony, Nick has his bags packed and is ready to leave.

He sees Lucy talking to some men and runs over. She asks why he’s still there and he asks her again to leave with him. Nick says when a place is no longer safe, you have to go. He says they’ll all die and she knows he’s right.

Lucy says they will meet their fate. She calls him a boy and tells him to run away. Alicia goes to talk to Andres and offers to help. He says Oscar is still out and there’s nothing more to do. He checks his eyes and says his pupils are dilated and he has to remove a piece of his skull to relieve the pressure.

Alicia watches and worries

Alicia says she’s not excusing what Travis did. Andres and Hector prepare to do brain surgery. Andres cuts into Oscar’s head. Alicia stands nearby and watches. Alejandro comes out to face the people of the colony and Lucy is there among them.

He is not doing well. Alejandro says the rumors are true and Marco and his men are coming with guns – probably tonight. Nick faces the wall of walkers beyond the fence. Alejandro says they will be banished if they live. Nick climbs up on top of the bus and looks down.

Alejandro talks about their faith protecting them and says they won’t die today. Nick coats himself in zombie goo and walks away from the compound. Alejandro sys their faith is more powerful than weapons or evil. Alejandro tells them to prepare themselves.

Madison and Travis get real

Nick hears a noise and used binoculars. He curses as he sees a chopper cruising in the distance. Andres drills into his brother’s skull. Travis sits stewing and frustrated looking out the window. Travis says he’s not the same man she once knew.

Madison says she knows. Travis says he’s not sorry they’re dead and Madison agrees they deserved it and says she’s no better – she’s worse. She says she killed Celia by locking her in with the dead to protect Nick. Travis is stunned.

Madison says the world has changed but she’s been like that a long time. She says she knows what he did and why and says he’ll do it again and she’ll understand then, too. She says they’ll have to do it again. Madison says she can face it if she has him with her.

Happy ending, new beginning

Travis tells her that he’s there. They embrace. Oscar is dead and Andres is crying and upset. Hector tells Elena this is wrong but she says they made a deal with them. Andres puts the knife into his brother’s brain so he won’t come back and they all glare.

Travis hears a noise and goes on alert. Hector and Andres attack Travis and tell Madison that Oscar died. Madison says they’ll go now and to let him go. Andres points a gun at Travis and says he had to cut his brother open and end it.

Travis says don’t do it here – just not in front of them. Alicia stabs Andres to stop him. Travis beats them down but then Strand is there and grabs the gun. He kicks out the others and says they have to run now. Strand looks at the situation, debates and then tells Madison he can’t go.

A sad farewell

Strand tells her he’ll be okay and tells her they need to go now. Madison takes the gun and climbs into the SUV. She, Travis and Alicia peal out. They bust through the gates and drive off. Strand watches as they leave him behind as requested.

Travis drives and the women stare out the windows. Madison tells Alicia that Strand will be okay. Alejandro is near death when Nick returns and comes to see him. Nick says he saw something and came back. He lowers the curtain so no one can see inside.

Nick sits by him and prepares the drugs for Alejandro to take. He crushes the oxy and asks Alejandro if he’s afraid of dying. Alejandro says he can still fight and help. Nick says if Marco’s men come, the others will die and he’s already dead.

Nick talks sense

Nick tells Alejandro that he knows he wants to be a great man. Nick says let them go. Give them permission to run. Nick prepares the syringe and says they can go North and says he saw a helicopter land across the border.

Nick says his people will never find out about him if he sends them away. Alejandro tells Nick there is a weight that comes from leading these people. Nick says Lucy believed in Alejandro because he’s fearless. He says his people can live and he will die a beautiful death if he lets them go.

Nick shoots him with the drugs. Alejandro’s pain eases. Nick stares at him as he goes limp. Travis, Madison and Alicia stop the SUV and get out at Marco’s store. It’s abandoned. She says there were 100 people there and an office upstairs.

Madison follows Nick’s trail

She tells them Marco was talking about Nick and the colony. They head for the office then smell death. They see the three dead from the colony and Madison says those are the ones that knew Nick. She searches their bodies for clues.

Alicia watches them from across the room. Travis finds an address. Alicia asks what are you doing – stunned that her mom is chasing Nick again at all costs. Marco and his men pull up outside the colony. They get out with guns at the ready.

They break open the gate and face the moat of walkers. They open fire. They clear a path to the bus. Marco says it’s too easy and thinks the people ran. They get out of the bus on the other side of the wall. No one is there to defend it.

Bus pass!

Marco and his men look around cautiously. Alejandro is hiding from them. His wound is seeping. When they pass, he stands. Marco tells the others that the people ran off. He says they went and hid like cockroaches. They laugh and fire their guns into the air.

Alejandro goes to the bus and climbs on. He cranks the bus and pulls it into gear. He drives forward releasing all the walkers. He slumps over the steering wheel near death as the walkers move in mass into the colony.

Marco and his men come back to deal with the threat. They run down and open fire. The men begin to panic and run back as more and more walkers stream towards them. Nick and the colony people walk down the city street together with the zombie goo on them to keep them safe.

A new hope in the North

Lucy and Nick lead the people onwards. Walkers ignore them. A little girl asks Lucy where they’re going and she says “North.” They head towards the US border and to where there is smoke rising in the distance and Nick saw the chopper.

Travis, Alicia and Madison make it to the colony. They tell Alicia to wait in the car and they head inside the broken fence to look around. Alicia ignores them. She goes to the bus that still has the blinker on. Travis and Madison walk deeper into the compound and he scoops up a bloody rifle.

He grabs a gun for Madison and more weapons as they go. There are walkers all around. Madison says everyone is dead and we see Marco and his men are walkers too. Madison looks around for Nick and then they have to back away.

Alejandro delivers a message

Alicia is with Alejandro. Madison comes onto the bus. Alicia says he’s alive but hasn’t spoken. Travis says they don’t have much time. Madison asks him about Nick. Alejandro says border and says he saw something there. Then he dies.

Alicia and Madison share a look. Nick and his group are at the border crossing. They walk through a sea of abandoned cars. A walker is trapped in the border guard booth. Nick continues with the others behind him. He pulls out his binoculars and looks ahead.

Nick sees a chopper and says he thinks it’s a refugee camp. He hands the lenses to Lucy and says he thinks it’s just a couple of hours’ walk. The others see it too. Then someone opens fire on them. Lucy is shot and Nick drags her away.

A man runs over to them with a riddle and shouts at the others. Alicia opens her knife and hands it to her mom who closes Alejandro’s eyes. Walkers are closer to the bus now. Lucy is pulled away from Nick and they’re both thrown to the ground. Nick tries to get to her. A guy kicks him in the head.