Fear The Walking Dead Recap 4/24/16: Season 2 Episode 3 “Ouroboros”

Fear The Walking Dead Recap 4/24/16: Season 2 Episode 3 "Ouroboros"

Fear The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday April 24, Season 2 episode 3 called “Ouroboros” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Madison (Kim Dickens) confronts Strand (Colman Domingo) about his mysterious destination.

On the last episode of Fear The Walking Dead, the group sought shelter with a survivalist family; and Madison tried to uncover the family’s true motives. Meanwhile, Salazar worked to discover Strand’s intentions. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “Madison confronts Strand about his mysterious destination. Meanwhile, Nick, Alicia and others inspect wreckage from a plane crash.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight and neither do I. We’ll be recapping the season 2 episode 3 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from the season 2 episode 3. Who do you think is going to die tonight, any major characters or just the regular walkers.

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#FTWD #FeartheWalkingDead starts with people and luggage in the water. A woman calls out for Jake and swims for him. He turns and is burned horribly. There are people in a life raft. It’s the people from the flight 462 that went down. They pull people into the life rafts.

One guy has a bite on his leg and another hits him with an oar and knocks him overboard. Luggage and plane debris is all around them. The man begs Alex to put the boy out of his misery. The boy speaks up and says it’s okay. He’s wheezing, burned and in awful shape.

Strand makes a call on his satellite phone and finally gets an answer but it’s static. He says he’s coming and is 80 miles away. The call cuts off. Travis lies awake in bed and so does Madison. She asks if he can’t sleep and he kisses her hand. She asks if he’s there. He says yeah.

He kisses her and rolls on top of her. They hear a loud noise and stop what they’re doing. He says what the hell and gets out of bed. He goes upstairs and tries to figure out what’s going on with the engine. He says something is clogging it. Travis says they have to go under the boat.

Madison says they need to wait until daylight but Strand says they need to go now. Travis says he’ll go under. He puts on SCUBA gear and goes down under the boat with a light to look around. There’s an infected and his arm is stuck in the intake. It’s one of the plane people.

Back on the boat, Travis works on the engine and Strand comes to check on him. He takes apart part of the water intake system and puts a bucket under it. It’s full of infected gore. Both Strand and Travis gag as it comes out. Travis says it’s in the whole system.

He says he needs to pump it all out and see if it works. Strand asks how long and Travis says he doesn’t know since he works on cars, not boats. Strand says they don’t have all day and says get it done. Travis says he’s not the help and Strand says clearly.

Strand then sees he’s annoyed and apologizes and says please fix the goddamned boat. Daniel comes to check on Ofelia and notices her wound is infected and she says she’s out of antibiotics. He says this is a family matter and tells her not to tell anyone else on the boat.

Alicia comes running up calling for Madison and hands her the binoculars. She found lots of luggage on the shore and says they need supplies. She says she sees no infected. Madison worries but Alicia says stop putting me at the kids table. Nick says they can go while Travis fixes the engine.

Travis comes up and Nick and Alicia says they’re going. Daniel says he’ll go along and if anything goes badly, they’ll come right back. Madison says look for jackets but Daniel says they’ll be warmer in Mexico. He tells her in private that he found charts for Baja and says that’s Strand’s plan.

Daniel suggests she ask Strand what’s in Baja and says she can be more diplomatic about it. Daniel takes the three kids and goes ashore. They pull the launch on shore and head up the hill towards the luggage to plunder it. There’s a chunk of the airplane there and a couple of bodies.

Daniel says let’s be quick and stay where I can see you. He says fill your bags and come back. Travis puts the SCUBA gear back on and tells Madison he’ll just be a minute and she says be careful. He goes back under the boat. She watches the shore with binoculars.

She goes up and peers over the side to watch for Travis. She sees bubbles from his gear. Chris looks around and the others are already poking around. When their backs are turned, he walks further away. Madison peers over the edge and then looks back at the shore.

She hears a thump and quietly cheers for Travis. There’s a lot of bubbles then blood and goo and she yells worried it’s Travis. It’s the body of the infected that he killed. He floats up with a knife in his eye. Travis then comes back up and he’s fine.

Nick opens a suitcase and puts on a floppy hat he finds and then finds a knife and pockets it. He puts the hat on his sister’s head and sits down near her. She tosses him a shirt and says she spent so many years not knowing where he was and now he’s there.

Chris is up near the main section of the plane now and looks inside. Chris finds an infected growling and kills it. There’s a guy who looks dead but then comes to  – he’s alive and asks Chris to help him. Chris is shocked someone survived the crash.

Madison comes to ask Strand why they’re going to Mexico. He asks who’s meddling in his business and if it’s Daniel. He says he saved Nick from the death camp and them on his boat and she still doesn’t trust him. She asks again about Mexico.

Strand tells her about a house south of Baja that is the only safe place. He says San Diego is no longer safe and she asks why he lied and if he’ll abandon them. Madison says they’re all coming with him and they need to trust each other.

He says people are the real danger on the ocean. She says they can’t eat each other alive and need to be back to back to survive it. They agree on that point and then she tells him if he looks wrong at anyone and she’ll throw him overboard. He says she’s not a killer but she levels a stare at him.

Daniel finds rosary beads and moves on. Nick comes over and says he has something for him and shows him a blue shirt that will bring out his eyes. Daniel says it’s bad luck to steal form the dad and Nick notices he has pills in his hands. Nick looks at it and says he needs the cillins and codones to help her.

He says what’s in his hand is useless. Daniel looks around and asks where’s Chris. He tells him to stay with Alicia and goes to call to him. Chris moves stuff around trying to help the survivor. He gets the guy out of his seat and he falls down.

Chris sees a chunk of his spine is sticking out his back. The man bets Chris to help him. He tries to give the guy some water but he refuses it. The man begs Chris to help him. Chris grabs a chunk of metal and then tears up. He looks away and then bashes the guy in the head with it a couple of times.

The guy looks at him and Chris hits him several more times and finishes him off. He sits back horrified when he’s done. Daniel calls to Chris cursing and Alicia and Nick wonder where Daniel and Chris got to. He says Daniel went to look for Chris. Alicia says this is taking too long.

Nick tells her to hang on when she wants to go look. Nick finds a bag with antibiotics in it and grabs them out. Travis is working on the engine when Madison comes down and says he has a place in Baja that’s stocked, safe and fortified.

She says it’s their best chance and they should trust him. Travis says they have no choice so it’s not about trust. She says without a destination, they’re drifting and waiting to die. Travis says he’s not sure. Daniel looks around some more then squints and sees someone running down the dunes.

It’s Alex. She says they’re coming. Run. He sees the infected begin to stagger across the dunes. Daniels pulls his gun but there are far too many.

Nick hears growling and looks around. He looks down a crevasse and sees half a body with crabs consuming it. Nick loses his footing and slides down into the crevasse into the creature’s grip. He has the knife and pulls it out and puts it into the thing’s brain. He lies there for a moment.

Another walker is up above him and he curses right before it falls in the crevasse with him. Alicia finds Chris with a tool in his hand with blood on it. She asks if he killed one and he nods. They hear gunshots and see Daniel shooting. Madison hears and calls to Strand. She says they need to move. Travis runs back down. Alicia asks where’s Nick and then the infected are on them and Daniel is out of bullets.

Alex starts killing them and they each get a weapon. Travis hurries to clear the gore out of the intake. He tells Madison to tell Strand to try the engine. He watches as the power comes back on. They all fight the infected but there are so many.

They look around for Nick as they fight. They edge towards the water but it looks like they are cornered. Alex, Alicia, Chris and Daniel keep on fighting then one gets hold of Alicia. Nick is there covered in blood and takes out one about to bite Alicia.

They run from the infected and then Nick notices they’re not paying attention to him – he’s covered in gore and they seem indifferent to him. He gets right in the face of one and it does nothing. Alicia screams for him and they all run back to the launch. Alicia asks if he’s bit and hugs him.

He says he’s okay. They push the boat into the water and Alex says they need to make a stop. Strand watches on the binoculars and says they’re all there and more. He hands her the binoculars and she sees the launch is dragging a life boat. Madison is pleased he brought back the kids.

Strand says the two others can’t come on board. Madison says Strand has a place in Baja and invited them to stay til things clear. Nick says things will never clear. They ask why they’re just hearing about it now and Travis says now they need to know and that’s their destinated.

Alicia asks about them. Strand says the boy is a liability and Strand says he’ll die and turn. Alicia is outraged they’re debating it. Travis says they can tow them to San Diego in their raft and then cut them loose. He says that way they’re not on the boat.

Travis tells Alex they can give them food and water. The bring some supplies down to them and Alex gets back in the boat with the injured guy. Alicia says why does it have to be like this. Madison says it’s the best they can do. She loosens the line so the raft drifts behind them on the tow line.

Madison and Travis stare at them. Strand is back in the cockpit and he’s pacing. Ofelia sits on the deck and Nick comes to sit with her. He’s cleaned off some of the gore but she says he smells like death. He hands her the rosary beads and she smiles.

Alex tells the guy this is the worst and it will never hurt worse than it does right now and every day will be better. She says this is the worse it will ever be. Madison watches them from the deck. Strand runs down and cuts the tow line even though Madison begs him not to. He walks away as the raft disappears in the distance.