Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale Recap: Jon King of North – Cersei Queen on Iron Throne – Daenerys Sails for Westeros

Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale Recap: Jon King of North - Cersei Queen on Iron Throne - Daenerys Sails for Westeros

Tonight on HBO, Game of Thrones is back with an all-new Sunday, June 26 season 6 finale called “The Winds of Winter,” and we’ve got your Game of Thrones recap down below! On this evening’s episode, in the Season 6 finale, Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) counsels Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) on the upcoming campaign.

On the last episode, it’s an all-out war between Jon Snow and Ramsay. We finally saw the death of Ramsay at the hands of Sansa? Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed Game Of Thrones recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the HBO synopsis, “in the Season 6 finale, Tyrion counsels Daenerys on the upcoming campaign; Jon and Sansa discuss their future; and trials begin in King’s Landing.”

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The #GameOfThrones season 6 finale starts in King’s Landing with Cersei looking out the window and listening to the bells of the High Sept. We see people getting dressed in King’s Landing. Margaery has her hair down and Tommen’s crown is placed on his head.

The doors of the Great Sept open and crowds trickle in for the trials. Loras is taken out of his cell. The High Sparrow comes into the room and Margaery comes to stand beside her father Mace. Tommen sits in his chair looking out the window. He’s told the trial is starting soon.

Cersei also gets dressed. Tommen sits looking numb. Grand Maester Pycelle puts on his chains and the prostitute with him asks for her money. He says later and tells her to go away. A child approaches him outside his chamber and whispers in his ear.

In the Great Sept, Loras is lead in and taken to the center of the room. The High Sparrow stands and speaks his name then asks if he’s ready to stand trial before The Seven. Loras says no need for a trial. He confesses to his crimes.

Loras pleads guilty and is punished

Loras says he’s guilty of all of them and says he was with other men including Renly Baratheon. He says he’s guilty of depravity, lies, and more. He says he sees it now. He says he humbles himself before the Seven and will accept just punishment.

The High Sparrow says the judgment is fierce but fair. He says the Mother shows mercy to those who kneel and Loras does and says he takes responsibility for what he’s done. He says he wants to be a living example of grace.

The High Sparrow asks if he understands what this means. Loras says he will renounce his lordship and his family name, will never marry nor father children. The High Sparrow asks to dedicate his live to the Seven then asks if he will fight to defend the faith.

Loras says he will. The High Sparrow touches his face and then nods. Some of the brothers pull him up and they take a blade and carve into his head and Mace snaps in outrage. Margaery holds him back and tells him faith is the way.

Tommen kept at the castle

Tommen says he’s ready to go to his mother’s trial but Franken-Gregor won’t let him leave the room. Margaery is upset at the High Sparrow that he harmed Loras but he says he will be set free. Lancel Lannister tells the High Sparrow that Cersei didn’t show for her trial.

The High Sparrow says to go get her. Lancel sees a child spying on them and follows. The kid runs down into a long tunnel with a torch. Pycelle is lead down a hallway by a child. Qyburn waits for him there, not Tommen as he was expecting.

He asks what Qyburn is up to and then Pycelle says he won’t waste time on him Qyburn has one of the children there with a knife. Lancel follows the child down the hall. Pycelle says forgive me and says sometimes we need to put the old to rest.

Pervy Pycelle is pierced

Children surround Pycelle with blades. They stab him to death brutally while Qyburn watches. Lancel finds the torch the child dropped. He calls out to the child and threatens it. The child comes out of the dark and stabs him and leaves him there.

Margaery looks around as her brother drips blood. Lancel looks around at the room he’s in – there are barrels around him. The child left the torch burning nearby. Lansel crawls to the torch. Cersei watches out the window.

Margaery looks around curiously. Lancel crawls over and sees the barrels are dripping green. Margaery goes to the High Sparrow and says something is wrong but he says it’s fine. Margaery says Tommen and Cersei are not here.

Margaery says listen and says Cersei is absent and will not suffer the consequences. She says they all need to leave now. The High Sparrow scoffs. Lancel sees candles floating in the green liquid seeping from barrels. He tries to crawl to them.

The Great Sept of Baelor goes boom

Margaery tells everyone they need to leave. She goes to Loras and tries to get him out. Others follow. The Faith Militant block the doors and won’t let anyone out. The High Sparrow looks around. Lancel crawls to a candle just as the flame catches the liquid.

It blows up and out the tunnel – it’s the wildfire that Tyrion used! The Great Sept is consumed in green fire and Cersei smirks. The High Sparrow is dead, Margaery is dead, Loras is dead and the Faith Militant are wiped out. She sips her wine.

Tommen stares out the window in horror. Cersei has Septa Unella – the bell ringing shamester. She tells her to confess to how much she liked beating, starving and humiliating her. Cersei says she did it because she liked it.

Cersei says she does things because they feel good so she understands. Cersei says she drinks and killed her husband because both felt good. She says she f-ks her brother because it feels good to have him inside her and lies about it because that feels good too.

Septa Unella gets some shame of her own

Cersei tells Unella it felt good to watch the High Sparrow and Faith Militant burn and says the thought of their pain gives her great joy. Cersei has her on a table and asks if she remembered when she told Unella that her face is the last she’ll see before she dies.

Unella says she’s ready to meet the Gods. Cersei asks now today? Then she says you’re not going to die today or for quite a while. She calls over Franken Gregor. Cersei says he’s quiet too. He pulls off his helmet and Cersei says her gods have forsaken her.

Gregor steps into the light and Unella sees his undead horror. She struggles and Cersei says shame, shame, shame and shuts the door behind her as Unella screams and Gregor goes to work on her. A servant tells Tommen he’s sorry.

Tommen takes a leap

Tommen stands staring out the window at the smoking ruins of the Sept. He takes off his crown. He jumps out the window to his death. Jaime is at The Twins at a feast the Freys are hosting to celebrate the taking of Riverrun.

Walder Frey talks about their triumph and his men cheer. Walder says their motto is “the Freys and the Lannister send their regards.” Bronn checks out a servant who is checking out Jaime. Bronn says the girl wants Jaime’s golden fingers up their tw-ts.

Jaime tells some giggling girls that Bronn is the hero of Blackwater Bay and he goes off with them. Walder comes to talk to Jaime and says Jaime’s father would be pleased. He says Edmure is back in a cell since he can’t kill his son-in-law.

Walder says the legendary warrior Blackfish was killed by common foot soldiers. Jaime asks if Walder has ever fought. Walder says he fights in other ways. Jaime calls him a great conquerer. Walder says the Starks and Tullys mocked him for years nad where are they now.

Then Walder says Robb Stark conquered Jaime and then says they’re both kingslayers. Jaime says no one fears the Freys – they only fear the Lannisters. He says they keep having to bail out Walder, so why do they need him.

Qyburn goes to Cersei who is shocked and wants to see her son’s body. She insists when Qyburn hesitates. That was her last child. Qyburn asks her about plans for the king’s funeral. She says she wants him with his grandfather and siblings. She says burn him and bury his ashes where the Sept once stood.

Sam arrives at Maester University in Oldtown

A cart stops and lets Samwell Tarly, Gilly and little Sam out. They are at Oldtown. Sam hands over his letter from Jon Snow of the Night’s Watch about his Maester training. The guy looks at it then opens a book and says Mormont is Lord Commander at the Watch by their records.

Sam updates them on the loss of the Lord Commander and Maester of the Night’s Watch. The guy says the Arch Maester can discuss these irregularities with him and says he can use the library for now. He says no women or children allowed.

Sam gives Gilly a nod of apology and runs after the guy. They go into the library and Sam looks around in wonder. He touches the books reverently and then reaches the end of the row and looks around at the massiveness of the library. It climbs several stories and must contain a million books.

Melisandre is exiled

At Winterfell, Jon touches the chair where Ned used to sit in the dining hall. He tells Melisandre the family sat at this table and he sat down there among others. She says he’s lucky to have had feasts and family. Davos comes in and tosses the carved stag at Melisandre.

She catches it and Jon asks what it is. Davos says tell him who it belonged to. She says Shireen and Davos demands she tell Jon what she did to her. Melisandre says they burned her at the stake. Jon is stunned. Davos asks why she did it.

Melisandre says it was the only way and says she did what her Lord commands. Davos says if her Lord commands her to burn children, he is evil. Davos says he loved that child like she was his own. Melisandre said Shireen’s parents loved her and knew.

Davos says she told Stannis he was the one and she lied. Melisandre says she didn’t lie, she was wrong. Davos asks how many lives that mistake cost. Davos asks Jon to execute Melisandre for murder. Jon asks what she has to say for herself.

Melisandre says she would die if the Lord was done with her. She says the army of the dead is coming and she can help him win that war. She says her work is not done. Jon nears her and says ride South today. He says he’ll hang her if she ever comes North again.

Melisandre lays the stag down and Davos promises to execute her personally if she ever comes back there. She rides away alone and Jon watches her go.

Sansa names Jon her brother and a Stark

Sansa joins him on the battlements. He says he’s having the Lord’s chamber prepared for her. She says Jon should take it but he says he’s not a Stark. Sansa says he is a Stark to her.

He says she saved the day and the Knights of the Vale came because of her. He asks about Littlefinger selling her to the Boltons and she says he can’t be trusted. Sansa says she’s sorry for not telling him she wrote to Petyr about the Vale army.

Jon steps closer and says they need to trust each other because they have so many enemies now. He kisses her forehead. Sansa tells him a white Raven came from the citadel. She says winter is here. Jon smiles up at the falling snow and says father always promised, didn’t he? Sansa smiles.

Destiny sparks in Dorne

Olenna is in Dorne meeting with Ellaria. The Sand Snakes and their mother invited her to Dorne. Olenna tells the girls to shut up. She says let the grown women speak. Ellaria says they must ally since the Lannisters declared war on them.

Olenna says Cersei stole the future from her and she’s after more than survival. Ellaria says she offers her heart’s desire and rings a bell. She says she offers Olenna vengeance and justice. Varys comes out and says fire and blood.

Daario tells Daenerys the ships are nearly ready – they are painting the last sails. Dany tells Daario that he’s not coming with her. She says he’s staying there with the Second Sons. She says he will stay in Meereen and keep the peace while the people elect leaders.

He says f-k Meereen and says he pledged to her and this is what she commands. She says she must make alliances in Westeros to rule and must marry. He asks who and she says she doesn’t know and maybe no one. He calls her fish bait.

Daenerys dumps Daario and names a hand

Daenerys says she can’t bring a lover to Westeros. Daario says he can be her guy-mistress and doesn’t want a crown just her. He says he loves her and makes her happy. He begs her to bring him along and let him fight for her.

Dany touches his face and says she can’t. He’s stunned. He says the dwarf told her to do this and she denies it. She says don’t be angry and he says he’s not angry, he’s sad. She says he’ll have other women. She says he will leave specific orders for the Bay of Dragons – the new name of Slaver’s Bay.

Daario says she’ll get her throne and he hopes it brings her happiness. He says he pities the Lords of Westeros. She tells him farewell and he bows to her and exits. Daenerys finds Tyrion who asks how Daario took it. She says no tears.

Tyrion says he know the man truly loved her and knows that was hard. He says that’s the kind of self-sacrifice that makes for a good ruler if it’s any consolation. She says it’s not and he says he’s bad at consoling and she says he is.

Tyrion says this is really happening. He says she has armies, dragons and ships – all that she wanted – and Westeros is hers for the taking. He asks if she’s afraid then says good – she’s in the great game now and it’s terrifying.

He says the only people not afraid of failing are madmen like her father. Dany says what scares her is that she said goodbye to a man who loves her because she was impatient to get on with it. Tyrion says Daario wasn’t the first man to love her or the last.

Dany says he’s failed to console her. Tyrion says he’s been a cynic and people told him to believe in things but he said no thanks. He said here he is and he believes in her. He says it’s embarrassing and doesn’t have a sword to swear to her.

She says she needs his council and he says it’s hers now and always. Daenerys says she had something made for him. She pins it to his tunic. It’s the symbol of the hand and she names him hand of the queen. He’s near tears. He kneels before her.

Walder Frey is served pie and karma by Arya

Walder Frey sits eating at his table and a servant girl delivers pie. He slaps her bottom and mentions that she’s not one of his. He asks where his sons are and she says they’re here. She says again they’re already here and he looks around.

She gestures to his plate. He opens the pie and sees a finger. She says they weren’t easy to carve especially Black Walder. Arya pulls off the face she was wearing. She tells him her name and says the last thing he will see is a Stark smiling down at him as he dies.

She slits his throats and holds his head while he bleeds out. He looks up at her face as he bleeds to death and she looks pleased with herself.

Sansa gives Littlefinger the cold shoulder

Littlefinger finds Sansa in the Godswood and asks if she’s at prayer. She says she’s done with that. She says she came there as a stupid girl and prayed for things she didn’t have. She asks what he wants and he says she knows what he wants.

Littlefinger says he thinks about her with every decision he makes – whether it will help him get closer to her. He steps closer. He says he pictures himself on the Iron Throne with her by his side. He leans in and she pushes him back.

She says it’s a pretty picture and walks past him. He says news of this battle will spread quickly and says he’ll declare for House Stark. She says he’s declared for other houses. He says she’s the future of House Stark.

He says the people can declare for her a true-born Stark or a motherless bastard born in the South. She walks away from him. Benjen leaves Bran and Meera before they get to the wall. He says there is strong magic there as part of the wall.

He says as long as the wall stands and it’s magic neither he nor the dead can pass. He pulls Bran off his horse and tells them he fights for the living and will do what he can. He leaves them by a tree not too far from the wall.

Tower of Joy reveal at long last

Bran thanks his Uncle Benjen and he wishes them good fortune. He rides way. Bran looks at the Godswood they’re near and leans over to it. Meera drags him closer so he can touch its bleeding eyes but asks if he’s ready.

He says he’s the three-eyed raven now and has to be ready. He touches it and he’s back at the scene of the Tower of Joy. Ned hears screams and runs up the stairs. Bran follows him. Ned finds Lyanna in bed and she’s weak and looks ill.

There’s blood all over the bed. She asks if he’s a dream. He says he’s there. Lyanna says she’s missed her big brother. He says him too. Bran watches. She says she wants to be brave. A servant stands in the corner. She says she doesn’t want to die.

Ned says she won’t. Lyanna pulls Ned close and whispers to him – she says you have to protect him and makes him promise. Ned looks over at the baby the servant has and she hands it to him. Lyanna says promise me. He does. It’s Jon he’s holding.

The King of the North declared

Jon presides over a discussion at Winterfell. The Freefolk and Northerners bicker. Some talk about winter being there and that they need to ride home. Jon says the war is not over and true enemy will bring a worse storm with him.

Whispers break out. Sansa sits at his side. Lyanna Mormont stands and calls out the lords out by name and talks about how they each refused the call. She reminds them the things that were done to their houses and they didn’t come.

She says they know no king but the king of the North whose name is Stark and says she doesn’t care if he’s a bastard. She says Jon is her king and will be until his dying day. She sits. Another lord stands and says his son died for Robb and he didn’t think they would find another king.

Manderly says Jon Snow is the White Wolf and avenged the Red Wedding and calls Jon the King in the North. Littlefinger watches with great interest. Another Lord stands and asks Jon to forgive him  – Jon says nothing to forgive and Lord Glover pledges to Jon.

Sansa sits at Jon’s side as the Lords raise their swords to Jon and shout the King in the North. Davos stands too. Jon finally stands and looks to Sansa. Sansa is pleased and looks over at Littlefinger. She wonders why he doesn’t look surprised.

Cersei takes the throne

Jaime and Bronn see the smoke rising out of King’s Landing when they ride up. Jaime rides faster. Jaime comes in, followed by Gregor just as Jaime enters the back of the throne room. Cersei sits the Iron Throne. Qyburn proclaims her Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

Qyburn puts a crown on her head. She stares at Jaime. Qyburn says, long may she reign and those gathered repeat his words. Theon is on a ship with Yara as they set sail out of the Bay of Dragons. The ships carry Dany and her Unsullied, the Dothraki, and those from the Iron Islands.

The dragons soar in the air above the ships. Daenerys is on the lead ship with Tyrion, Varys, Grey Worm, and Missandei.