Game of Thrones Recap – It’s A Dog Eats Bastard World: Season 6 Episode 9 “Battle of the Bastards”

Game of Thrones Recap - It's A Dog Eats Bastard World: Season 6 Episode 9 "Battle of the Bastards"

Tonight on HBO, Game of Thrones is back with an all-new Sunday, June 19 season 6 episode 9 called “Battle of the Bastards,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On this evening’s episode, it’s an all-out war between Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Ramsay. (Iwan Rheon)

On the last episode, Brienne confronted Jaime during the siege at Riverrun; Cersei delivered a defiant response; Tyrion’s plan started to come together; Arya was presented with a new challenge. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the HBO synopsis, “it’s an all-out war between Jon Snow and Ramsay. Will we finally see the death of Ramsay or will we see Jon Snow die again?”

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#GameofThrones starts with the Masters waging war on Meereen. They shoot flaming balls at the city. Daenerys watches from on high. Tyrion recommends they take shelter and says the city is on the rise. The walls rattle.

Tyrion says the Masters can’t let Meereen succeed because it proves that no one needs a master. Daenerys asks if he’s ready to begin. She says she will crucify the Masters, kill their soldiers and return their cities to the dirt.

Tyrion pulls a face and he asks if she knew her fahter’s plan for King’s Landing when the Lannister army came to the gate. He tells her about the wildfire under the major thoroughfares and buildings and was ready to burn all the citizens.

He says that’s why Jaime killed him. She says this is different and says he’d like to suggest an alternate approach. The wall implodes near them. Daenerys faces off the leader of the Masters who calls Dany a beggar king.

They tell Dany to leave her Unsullied behind and leave Meereen. He says they will kill the dragons and resell the slaves. Daenerys says they came to discuss their surrender not hers. They tell her that her reign is over.

Dany says it’s just begun. They hear the sound of horses. The masters look back. Drogon lands on the tower above them and roars. He leaps down behind her and growls at the masters. Dany climbs to his back and takes hold.

Drogon lunges into the air and the masters duck out of the way. Dany and Drogon fly down and the other two dragons punch their way out of the temple. They all fly together in formation. The Master’s men attack people outside the wall.

They hear hoof beats and the Dothraki horde rides down onto them. Daario is with them and heads roll. Dany takes on the ships with her dragons. The men stops as the dragons near them and then Dany says dracaris. Drogon breathes fire on the shops lobbing projectiles.

Drogon and the others burn the ship. They go to work on the rest of the fleet. Grey Worm tells the men with the masters to lay down their arms and go home to their families or stay and fight for these men. They run off.

Tyrion says they declared war on them and that can’t be forgiven. Missandei says one of them must die for this. The three masters look around. Tyrion says other people dying seems more abstract. They shove one forward and tell them he’s lowborn and an outsider.

Grey Worm walks forward and the man kneels and begs. Grey Worm kills the other two instead. Tyrion tells the man to tell his people that he lives by the grace of her majesty and says if they have grand ideas to come back, remind them what happened when the dragons came to Meereen.

They walk away and leave the terrified man there. In Westeros, Ramsay and Jon meet on the lands outside of Winterfell. Sansa is with him even though Jon says she needn’t be. She says she must be. Ramsay rides up and smiles and calls her beloved wife.

He says he missed her terribly and thanks Jon for returning Lady Bolton to him. He says dismount and kneel before me and I’ll pardon you and the other lords. Lyanna Mormont is with them. Ramsay tells them they can’t win and there’s no need for a battle.

Ramsay says he’s a man of mercy. Jon says there’s no need for a battle and thousands of men need not die, just one of them. He challenges Ramsay to single combat. Davos and Tormund stare. Ramsay laughs and says he hears stories about Jon.

He says people talk about what a great swordsman Jon is and says he doesn’t know if he’ll beat Jon but his Army can beat his. Jon says will your men want to fight for you when they hear you wouldn’t fight for them. Ramsay says Jon is good.

Ramsay asks if they’ll let her little brother die and she says how do we know you have him. They toss Rickon’s direwolf head (Shaggydog) to the ground before them. Sansa tells Ramsay he will die tomorrow then says sleep well. She turns to ride away.

Ramsay says his dogs are ravenous and can’t wait to eat them – he says he hasn’t fed them for seven days then says we’ll find out soon enough what they want. He calls Jon bastard and rides away. Jon watches in silence as they ride away.

Jon tells the war council that if Ramsay was smart he’d wait them out in Wintefell. Tormun is worried about Ramsay’s cavalry and them fighting men on horseback. Jon says they’ll do a pincer move and they can’t hit them from the sides.

Davos say they must let them charge at us and they must be patient. Tormund asks Jon if he thought that c-nt Ramsay would fight him and Jon says no, but he wanted to make him angry so he’d come at them full tilt.

They tell Jon to rest so he’s sharp for tomorrow. Sansa asks Jon what now that he met the enemy and drew up the battle plans. She tells him that they make plans but they don’t know him. She says she knows the way his mind works.

She says she might have some insight to offer and did that occur to him. Sansa says Ramsay plays with people and has done it all his life. Jon says tell me what should we do and how do we get Rickon back? Sansa says they will never get Rickon back.

She says he won’t live long and Jon says they can’t give up on their brother. Sansa says listen and Jon asks what should I do differently. Sansa says don’t do what Ramsay wants you to do. She says they should have waited for a larger force but he says there are not any more.

Jon says it’s not enough but it’s what they have and says battles have been won against greater odds. She says if Ramsay wins, she won’t go back alive. Jon says he won’t let Ramsay touch her again. He says he’ll protect her and makes a promise. Sansa says no one can protect anyone.

Sansa walks out and Jon stares at the fire. He looks at his battle plan. Tormund and Davos talk about hope. Tormund asks Davos if he wants to avenge his king but Davos says Stannis defeated himself, not Ramsay. Tormund talks about how much he loved Mance Rayder.

He says he believed in him and thought he would lead them through the long night and they were both wrong. Davos says perhaps they were both wrong to believe in kings and they agree that Jon is not a king. Tormund offers him a drink.

Davos says he needs a clear head and can’t sleep the night before the battle so he thinks and walks so no one can hear him shitting his guts out. Tormund wishes him happy shitting. Jon comes to see Melisandre. He asks why she wasn’t at the war council.

She says she’s not a soldier. He asks for advice and she says don’t lose. Jon says if I fall, don’t bring me back. She says she’ll have to try and she serves the Lord of Light, not him. She says she interprets the signs but these she can’t.

She says if the Lord didn’t want her to bring him back, how did she. She says the Lord gave her him. Jon asks why and she says she doesn’t know. Melisandre says maybe he’s only needed for a small part of the plan and he brought him there to die again.

Jon says what kind of God would do something like that and she says – the one we’ve got. Jon walks out. Davos walks out away from camp. He comes upon a pile of burnt logs covered in snow. He kneels and picks up a small toy. It was Shireen’s and Davos carved it for her.

He stares as the sun comes up in the distance. Tyrion and Daenerys meet with Theon and Yara Greyjoy. Tyrion reminds him the last time he saw Theon at Winterfell, the man mocked his height. Theon says it was long ago and Tyrion asks how things are going for him now.

Theon says he didn’t murder the Stark boys but did worse. Yara says he paid for it and Tyrion scoffs. Tyrion says we all have complicated lives. They brought them 100 ships. Daenerys asks if Theon wants her to support his claim to the Iron Islands.

Theon says not him but Yara and Dany is intrigued. She asks if a queen has set the Iron Islands. Yara says that she and Dany have terrible kings as fathers in common. They talk about whether they have another ships.

Yara says Uncle Euron is coming with more ships and a marriage offer. Dany asks if their offer includes marriage and Yara flirts and says she’s up for anything. Theon says they just want the Iron Islands back and some help murdering an uncle or two who doesn’t think that women should rule.

Tyrion says what if others demand freedom and Dany says Yara is asking. Dany says they must leave the world better than they found it unlike their fathers. Daenerys says no more raiding, raping or roving – they must respect the Seven Kingdoms.

Yara says it’s their way of life but Dany says no more and Yara agrees. Dany looks to Tyrion then offers her hand to Yara and they clasp forearms. Back at Winterfell, Jon’s army is ready. Wun Wun is up front with Tormund Giantsbane and Jon is on his horse.

Jon and his army wait. Ramsay’s army is across the field from them. They have burning bodies on Xs. There are tons of men on horseback and the flayed man banner. The army is well armed and equipped. Ramsay rides to the front.

He holds out a rope where he has Rickon tied and is pulling the boy behind him. Ramsay dismounts and pulls the rope. Rickon has no choice but to follow. Jon stares in horror. Ramsay pulls out a dagger and Jon dismounts and walks to the front of his force.

Rickon hangs his head. Ramsay cuts his bonds loose. He asks Rickon if he wants to play a game. He says run to your brother. Ramsay says that’s the game and it’s easy. He says ready, go and gives the boy a push. Rickon looks back as he walks.

Ramsay says the rules are you have to run. Ramsay is handed a bow and he nocks an arrow. Jon leaps to his horse and rides hard. Rickon runs. The first arrow lands near him. He keeps running. Jon rides hard. Ramsay shoots again.

Ramsay nocks a third arrow. Jon rides faster ready to scoop him up. Ramsay shoots and misses again. The fourth arrow impales Rickon’s chest and takes the boy down just as Jon gets close enough to watch him die. Ramsay stares across the field at Jon.

Tormund says quietly, don’t. Ramsay smirks. Davos calls out orders. The men move. The archers on Ramsay’s side fire arrows. Rickon is struck several more times. Davos moves the army and Tormund sends the wildlings out to fight as well.

Jon is far out front and riding hard. The archers fire again. Arrows take down Jon’s horse and he tumbles out of the saddle. He sends the cavalry out. The horses charge on Ramsay’s command. Jon stands alone in the field. The cavalry rides down upon him.

Jon hangs his head then pulls his sword to face them down. Then his army is there too and rides past him and into the fray. The archers on both sides prepare arrows as melee breaks out in the field. Davos calls his archers down so they don’t kill their own.

Jon fights for all he’s worth dodging horses and taking down men. He’s bloodied already and keeps fighting. Ramsay looses more arrows taking out his own men as well as the enemy. Ramsay won’t stop with the arrows.

Ramsay isn’t bothering to get his hands dirty at all. Here is a pile of bodies in the field. Davos says they may as well be back there taking shits and they run into the fray too. Ramsay tells Smalljon Umber to take his men in and he riles them up then they go.

Tormund is there with Jon and saves him. They fight on. Wun Wun runs up as Ramsay’s men n foot hit the scene. The wildlings, Jon, Wun Wun, and Tormund are surrounded by men with shields. They are completely surrounded and in a kill box.

The lancers drop their spikes down and begin to march inward and start taking lives. Suddenly more men climb over the wall of bodies and down into the fray. Davos calls them to break the lances and they charge in. Wun Wun stars tossing men aside.

The giant is making a huge dent in the lancers. He rips one man in half and then Tormun is stabbed. They pull him back as the lancers advance again behind their shields. Tormund says come on and runs to the side. The wildlings try to get to the high ground atop the stack of bodies.

Jon is trapped under a pile of men and run over. The battle continues but he can’t get up and fight. Jon struggles for air. He fights his way up and gasps for air. Ramsay stares still confident. Wun Wun fights on but is stabbed by lances and has arrows all in him.

Davos hears a horn sounding. Smalljon beats on Thormund who bites into his neck and kills him. Ramsay is stunned as the Knights of the Vale ride into the fray. Sansa is with Littlefinger as they watch the army ride in to save the day.

Ramsay watches as the Knights of the Vale rip into the lancers from the side and take them down because they had their back to them. Sansa smiles a ltitle smile. Jon crawls out from the mess of war and sees his sister. Tormund and Wun Wun stagger up.

Ramsay is stunned that he’s losing. Jon sees him. Ramsay goes to ride away but Jon is going after him with Wun Wun and Tormund. Ramsay flees and hides inside the gates of Winterfell. Ramsay says they can wait them out.

No they can’t. Wun Wun is breaking down the gates of Winterfell. The archers fire on him but the door is coming down. Ramsay walks away. Wun Wun breaks through but then the giant collapse in a hail of arrows. The army of wildlings is there and make swift work of Ramsay’s men.

Jon and Tormund pause beside Wun Wun. The giant collapses after one last arrow from Ramsay. Then he says you suggested one on one combat and I’ve reconsidered. Ramsay says it sounds like a wonderful idea. Jon grabs a shield and comes at him.

Ramsay fires arrows but Jon uses the shield. He knocks Ramsay down and beats him mercilessly. He keeps beating until the sound is mushy. Sansa is there and Jon stops. He stands up and leaves Ramsay lying. Jon walks away. They rip down Ramsay’s banners.

The wolf of the Starks flies again. Melisandre smiles. Rickon’s body is brought into Winterfell and Jon says he’s going to bury him in the crypt next to their father. Sansa asks Jon, where is he? Ramsay is not dead, but imprisoned.

Sansa shows up to see him in his cell. He says hello Sansa. He asks if this is where he’ll be staying now. Sansa glares in silence. Ramsay says our time together will come to an end then says she can’t kill him, he’s part of her now.

Sansa says his words will disappear and so will his house. She says his name will disappear and so will all memory of him. Ramsay hears growling. He looks to the side. His dogs are nearby. They are allowed into the cell with him.

Ramsay say his hounds will never harm him and she reminds him that he hasn’t fed them in seven days. He says they’re loyal but she says they’re starving. One gets up close to him and smells the blood. He says down. The dog licks the blood.

Ramsay says stop and it bites him in the face. The other dogs join the feeding frenzy as Ramsay screams as they devour him while he’s still alive to feel it all. Sansa walks away smiling.