General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Nathan Mystery Deepens – Does Griffin Know Claudette Or Could Griffin BE Claudette?

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Nathan Mystery Deepens - Does Griffin Know Claudette Or Could Griffin BE Claudette?

“General Hospital” (GH) spoilers reveal that on next week’s episodes and during May sweeps we’ll soon learn more about Nathan West’s (Ryan Paevey) past and that includes questions about Claudette and Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen). GH fans seem to be split on whether Griffin was Claudette’s lover – or a sex change version of Claudette.

In fact, given what we know about GH storylines and character left turns, either could be true. This question seems to be as polarizing for GH fans as Liason vs JaSam, but it’s much more twisty. Let’s look at what we know and the evidence for Griffin being Claudette OR being Claudette’s lover.

#1 Griffin knows Nathan but Nathan does NOT know Griffin. Weird.

#2 Griffin does not seem to be a fan of Nathan’s.

#3 Nathan and Claudette were married a long time ago.

#4 Claudette cheated on Nathan.

#5 Griffin is interested in eavesdropping about Nathan.

The foremost fact of interest in all of this is that Nathan doesn’t know Griffin but Griffin clearly knows Nathan and that could factor into either possibility of Griffin being Claudette’s lover she cheated with – or that he could be Claudette after a gender reassignment. General Hospital spoilers consider each.

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Nathan Mystery Deepens - Does Griffin Know Claudette Or Could Griffin BE Claudette?

The evidence for and against Griffin being Claudette

CON: We saw Griffin – almost every square inch – when he was in a low slung towel. If he was once a woman, we can’t tell. He’s got broad shoulders, an eight pack you can bounce a quarter off and looks every inch a manly man.

PRO: Griffin almost seems to be checking Nathan out when they interact and it could be interpreted as romantic interest. At the Floating Rib, they were standing face to face, and there was a very strange vibe between the two of them.

CON: It would be very odd to introduce Griffin as the complex character of Duke’s son, bearing a gunshot wound, getting to know Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and then adding a storyline shifting transgender factor on top of it.

PRO: ABC has been aggressively pursuing LGBT storylines. This is the network that wrote Little Red Riding Hood and Dorothy from Oz as lesbians on Once Upon a Time. Plus, on GH there’s Lucas and Brad – and Kristina pondering her own fluid sexuality.

CON: It would make Griffin pursuing a romance with any of the female characters a strange storyline and seems to be contrary to the guy they’ve presented him as since he started. Griffin seems like 100% man in every interaction we’ve noted.

PRO: The Maya/Myron storyline over at “The Bold and The Beautiful” generated tons of headlines and awards and B&B has consistently better ratings than GH. Perhaps showrunners think a transgender story would boost GH as well.

The evidence for and against Griffin being Claudette’s lover

CON: Griffin’s origin story has nothing to do with Canada as far as we have seen – which is where Claudette is from and we’ve also not heard anything about NYC where Nathan and Claudette met and married.

PRO: It would explain perfectly why Griffin knows Nathan and not vice-versa. If Claudette told Griffin about her husband Nathan, she might have showed him pics of the NYC cop so he would recognize him on sight.

CON: When Griffin said “it’s him” that sounded like an emotional response. Unless Claudette lied about how Nathan treated her, that seems an odd reaction to seeing Nathan – particularly Nathan proposing which is what happened when the remark was made.

PRO: General Hospital spoilers reveal that we’ll soon found out that Griffin regrets a mistake he made in his past. That mistake could be cheating with the wife of a NYC cop. That’s a pretty big mistake even if Nathan wasn’t a tough guy law enforcement officer.

CON: It seems pretty random that Griffin, Claudette and Nathan would all end up in NYC at the same time given that Griffin went to medical school in Seattle and we don’t know of him living in New York before. That’s lots of past history to write.

PRO: Griffin was gun shy about being alone with Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and said it’s his policy not to spend time with attractive women who are “in a relationship” then added “I know how easy it is for a person to repeat a mistake and hurt themselves all over again.”

So which is it? Is Griffin really Claudette or was he her lover?

If Claudette is the commonality between Griffin and Nathan – and it may NOT be that at all – then it’s far more likely Griffin was Claudette’s side piece and not her transgender alter ego. After all, if Griffin was Claudette, wouldn’t Nathan at least recognized him as a familiar face?

Griffin seems to have issues about cheating and does NOT want to interfere with a woman who belongs to someone else. It’s likely that’s the mistake he’s talking about. Perhaps Griffin took an internship at an NYC hospital, met Claudette and got involved with her.

From there, Griffin could have found out Claudette was married and then found out that her hubby was Nathan. After things fell apart and he felt betrayed, Griffin may have fled back to Seattle which is where he was when Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) called him with the job offer.

Did Nathan or Claudette shoot Griffin?

The other thing we find really fascinating about Griffin is that bullet wound way down on his sexy hip. Where did he get it and does that have anything to do with Nathan? Did Nathan catch Griffin sexing up his lady and shoot him in a fit of rage?

Likely not because it seemed like Nathan would remember the face of the man his wife was cheating with – if he knew who the guy was – and particularly if he shot him when he caught them cheating. But perhaps Claudette shot Griffin if he dumped her for being married.

Alternately, the gunshot scar may have nothing to do with the mysterious shared past of Nathan and Griffin. What do you think GH fans? Is Griffin the other man that wrecked Nathan’s marriage to Claudette? It seems a distinct possibility.

The real nail in the coffin of the notion that Griffin is Claudette is that there was a casting call for Claudette and she was reportedly cast with a red-haired actress. That seems to kill the idea that GH showrunners wrote an outrageous plot of Griffin being Claudette 2.0.

But still, it’s General Hospital where vampires once roamed and people routinely come back from the dead, so you never know… Share your comments below and check back with CDL often for more “General Hospital” spoilers, news and more.