General Hospital (GH) Spoiler: Sam Crushed as Liz Pulls Jason Closer With Kid Crisis, Patrick Weds Robin – All Alone in 2016?

General Hospital (GH) Spoiler: Sam Crushed as Liz Pulls Jason Closer With Kid Crisis, Patrick Weds Robin - All Alone in 2016?

“General Hospital” (GH) spoilers reveal that Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) and Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) will have a wedding after Port Charles rings in the New Year. This is a huge milestone for Patrick and Robin, but not everyone will be as thrilled.

We saw the two-way proposal between Patrick and Robin as they both rushed to restart their lives together and they won’t be patient and wait to set up a full-blown wedding. We can expect a quickie ceremony to take place in coming days. Emma Drake (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) may even do the honors.

Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and the rest of their family will be excited but one person in particular will not be happy about this outcome – Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco). We saw Sam walk into Patrick’s house the other day like she still lived there.

Sam was shocked to find Robin and Patrick there together – yet she shouldn’t have been. Sam knew Patrick went after Robin so why didn’t she expect to find them in their house? It hurt her to see them together but what comes next will be even harder on Sam.

Sam was just making wedding plans of her own with Patrick so she will be crushed to discover that he’s already making new matrimonial plans with Robin. That seems awfully fast and sort of dismissive of what Sam and Patrick had together.

Sam will be devastated on several counts about this wedding. First is that Patrick is marrying someone else so quickly after they split. Second is that the family she formed with Patrick has been dissolved and neither Patrick nor Emma seem to care much since they’ve got Robin back.

It’s like Sam was just a placeholder in their lives. Interestingly, that’s what Patrick said he felt like when it came to Jason – like he was just holding a spot in Sam’s life. Now Sam is experiencing the same emotions when it looks like she was just a substitute until Robin came back.

The final issue for Sam is that Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) is not back in her arms. On New Year’s Eve, Sam and Jason were having a nice time and were on the cusp of kissing. But then a frantic call from Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) kills the moment and Sam will NOT get her kiss.

This moves Sam and Jason farther apart and him back into Liz’s orbit. The call from Liz was about an emergency at her house, possibly involving Jake Spencer (James Nigbor). The parenting crisis will pull Jason closer to Liz and out of Sam’s grasp – just as Patrick seals the deal by re-wedding Robin.

This will see Sam feeling more alone than ever. Plus, although Sam and Patrick have said their break-up was mutual, Patrick dumped her because of Jason. You’ll recall that Patrick was angry that Sam couldn’t let go her obsession with Jason and did everything to break him up with Liz.

That sent Patrick out of town to look for Robin, so he thanked Sam for what happened since it brought him back to Robin, his one true love. Yet Sam may be the sole person in Port Charles not happy to see them walk down the aisle because of her personal pain.

It’s not that Sam begrudges Patrick or Robin any happiness, it’s just that she wants some of her own. And for now, at least, Sam is not getting what she needs from Jason. Check back with CDL often for more on this and other storylines plus daily “General Hospital” spoilers, news and updates.