General Hospital Spoilers: New Port Charles Mob Boss Revealed

General Hospital Spoilers: New Port Charles Mob Boss Revealed

‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers are reporting that Tonja Walker is returning to General Hospital to reprise her role as Olivia Jerome. As many longtime GH viewers will recall, Julian Jerome (William DeVry) had shot his sister Olivia Jerome back in the day due to a scam he was running on the late Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan).

Olivia loved Duke and Julian shot his sister over it – and thought he killed her. Now Olivia is back for revenge. It is being speculated that Olivia Jerome is the one who placed that bomb in Julian’s car—evidently she had every intention of killing him but now that he has survived, she has decided that torturing him is much more fun in the long-run.

General Hospital Spoilers: New Port Charles Mob Boss Revealed

In a recent episode of General Hospital, we have seen Julian speaking with Rudge (David Lee) obviously Julian is being threatened. GH viewers also saw that Rudge is reporting back to someone – perhaps the mystery mob boss.

Many other Port Charles residents are also being dragged into this storyline—Jason (Billy Miller) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) for starters. Jason has been following some leads and attempting to get some closure as to who really put that bomb in Julian’s car since it was revealed to not be by Sonny’s hand. General Hospital spoilers tell us that as a consequence of Jason’s investigation and Julian’s resistance Sam will be kidnapped on upcoming episodes.

General Hospital Spoilers: New Port Charles Mob Boss Revealed

We have been getting many clues that this could all be at the hands of the Chinese mob that has been rumored for many months now – are they closing in on Port Charles? Apparently – it seems to be moving in that direction. Sam made a comment just the other day about the Chinese writing on the side of a decorative ship model that she had with her at Kelly’s and the Chinese writing was revealed to mean “Reincarnation” What could this mean?

Could the General Hospital writers be sending a message—perhaps dropping a hint as to who this person might be? No doubt about it! This was definitely a clue to GH viewers! This mystery mob boss is someone that all presumed was dead at one time, like Olivia Jerome!

General Hospital Spoilers: New Port Charles Mob Boss Revealed

If indeed – it is Olivia Jerome – how far will she go to make Julian pay for his crimes? Julian did attempt to kill Olivia back in the 90’s—maybe she is back to treat him to a little bit of Karma! Count on it! Stay tuned to see what havoc this mystery mob boss is planning to bring down on the Jeromes and other Post Charles residents! Come back to CDL for all your General Hospital spoilers, updates and news!

  • wide awake in sleepy eye

    So many guesses on who’s pulling Julian’s strings.

    • lovethosedimples

      Don Swayze could be Nelle’s puppet-master. I am all in for Olivia Jerome to make Julian’s life most unbearable! He is a wuss who has used women and children as shields!

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  • PassionQueen77

    I heard on a different website that Tonja Walker might not play Olivia Jerome. She might play a different character. I think Frank Valentini is pasting around the idea about who should be the mob boss. I think the mob boss might be Olivia Jerome, Ms Wu, Helena Cassadine would be funny if she was the boss or Buzz. This has been going on for a while the fans are dying to know who is the mob boss is.