Hell’s Kitchen Recap 2/3/16: Season 15 Episode 4 “15 Chefs Compete”

Hell’s Kitchen Recap 2/3/16: Season 15 Episode 4 "15 Chefs Compete"

Tonight on NBC world renowned chef Gordon Ramsay’s television series Hell’s Kitchen where aspiring chefs compete returns with an all new Wednesday February 3, season 15 episode 4 called, “15 Chefs Compete,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, an early-morning rubber duck hunt determines what ingredients the teams use in the next challenge, the winner of which gets to spend the day on a yacht.

On the last episode, after the contestants struggled to work together during opening night in the dining room, Chef Ramsay presented the red and blue teams with a communication challenge. Each contestant wore a chef jacket with the dish they had to complete written on the back of the jacket, while their teammates had to read off the instructions to that contestant in order for him/her to properly prepare the dish. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “after an unexpected elimination for the red team, Chef Ramsay starts at the quack of dawn, as he challenges contestants to a rubber duck hunt to determine what ingredients they will use with duck in the next team challenge. With the help of special guest judge Chef Josiah Citron, Chef Ramsay will decide which team had the best duck dishes.

The winning team will enjoy a day on a yacht, while the losing team must prepare the duck for the appetizer at the next dinner service. During that service, tempers will flare as the teams cook for the biggest VIP guests yet, manager and producer Kris Jenner and burlesque entertainer Dita Von Teese. Find out which team will succeed and which team will need help from the winning team.”

You’re not going to want to miss tonight’s cool new episode of HELL’S KITCHEN which begins at 9PM EST on FOX. We’ll also be live blogging it for you right here. While you’re waiting for the show to start, hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on this 15th season!

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This week on Hells Kitchen the fight continues between Dannie and Ariel over the fact that Ariel decided to call out Vanessa as opposed to Manda. Ariel tells Dannie that the conversation is over and she is done talking about it and if she wants to continue the argument Ariel will continue to raise her voice.

The men and women hustle downstairs where they are driven to a lake where they are met by Chef Ramsey. He tells them that each of them will be cooking a duck dish with the ingredients listed on the bottom of yellow rubber ducks. The chefs will compete one man against one woman and they have five minutes to gather five ingredients to use in their dishes. Manda is worried about overcooking the duck breast because she has never cooked a duck breast that large before. Frank is worried that he is going to fail because he has never cooked duck before.

Helping Chef Ramsey judge is Josiah Sitron. The first pair to face off is Manda and Joe. Joe’s dish scored six points. Manda’s duck is overcooked and only scores one point. Chuck and Ariel are up next The next pair are Chad and Ariel who each score five points. Jackie and Frank are up next. Jackie only scores five points while Frank’s dish scores seven. Dannie scores five points while Alan only scores two points. Meese makes a duck leg and scores four points. Hassan only scores two points leaving the women to trail by one.

Eddie makes a pan seared duck breast that chef says would “shut down the restaurant and that his customers would actually choke on it.” The duck breast is caked in raw duck fat. The chefs love the sauce and give the dish a four. Ashley scores six points Ashley’s dish looks clumsy according to the chefs but her flavors score her six points. The final pairing is Kristen and Jared. The chefs say that Jared’s dish “looks clumsy.” The flavors earn him six points. Kristen’s dish only earns three points and the women lose yet another challenge.

The men get to spend the day on a privately chartered yacht and then have dinner at an amazing penthouse restaurant for dinner while the women will spend the day breaking down and preparing duck for the appetizer. The women are angry to lose another challenge and are grossed out to have to spend the day breaking down the ducks for the appetizer.

The blue team heads out to enjoy their day on the yacht where they enjoy crab legs, oysters and champagne. Meanwhile the red team is suffering through eating duck feet for dinner. While the other women complain Jackie goes to town eating the duck feet. Chef Ramsey joins the men for dinner at the Penthouse restaurant in Santa Monica. One of the men asks if he can use Chef Ramsey as a reference on his resume.

Former Hells Kitchen winner Christina comes in to help the women get things together and when she sees something that Jackie wrote on the list of things to do she gets very angry and tells her to sit down. Christina tells her that “if she had done something like this in a kitchen that she was running she would no longer have a job. Jackie doesn’t seem to be taking it very seriously which only serves to further anger Christina. Christina tells the red team that Jackie is their teammate and that they need to find the cancer and they need to work around it.

Jackie goes back to Christina and apologizes. Christina tells her that she is in the position that she is in because Chef Ramsey put her there. Chef Ramsey tells the teams that there will special guests in both kitchens. In the red kitchen Kris Jenner and in the blue kitchen Deita Von Teese. As dinner service starts the ladies have the same problem they had last week with Ashley forgetting to turn the gas on. In the blue kitchen the men are fascinated and their special guest has arrived. Eddie serves the blue teams appetizers to their VIP guests and flirts with her.

Kris Jenner arrives and the red team is still behind on their appetizers. Their first attempt the risotto for the VIP guests is an epic fail and the heat falls on Manda. Chef tells her that “if she doesn’t care then she should just go home.” Manda promises to make the risotto awesome and the chefs table gets their appetizers and the red team is back on track.

In the blue kitchen Kevin is causing the blue team to fall behind, but Hassan manages to get them back on track with strong leadership. Ariel and Jackie get into an argument when Ariel asks her if the chicken is ready. When Jackie brings the chicken to the pass it is raw and chef is angry. Chef tells Jackie to put the chicken back into the oven which completely stalls the red kitchen.

In the blue kitchen Dita flirts with Eddie as he serves them their entrees. In the red kitchen there are still communication issues as Meese loses control of the garnish station. Chef Ramsey pulls the red team into the pantry after apologizing to Kris Jenner and tells the red team that ” he has seen better prepared food in prisons.”

Kris Jenner ask if the team is “grounded” and chuckles. The women are forced to take help from the blue team. Hassan takes over the service and leads the kitchen to deliver entrees to the chef’s table and the rest of the dining room. Christina tells the women to “thank the men for completing their service two nights in a row.” Chef tells the red team to nominate two people for elimination. He also tells them to “Try and work as a team.” That doesn’t seem to be working as they argue about who to nominate. Jackie is angry when the team decides to nominate her and tells them that they are all “messed up.”

When it comes time to announce nominations Manda announces that the first nominee is Jackie because of her terrible attitude. Manda announces that the second nominee is Meese because her communication skills are seriously lacking. Chef asks Jackie why she seems to be an outsider and Jackie says it is a personality thing. Manda shakes her head and when Chef asks her why she is shaking her head Manda tells him that her disrespectful behavior toward authority makes the whole team look bad. Chef tells Jackie to stay where she is and appoints Hassan to help get the red team communicating.

In the end Meese is sent home and her dream for chef Ramsey is ended because of her lack of communication and facing elimination three times in a row.