Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend Cathriona White’s Suicide Note: Sad Story Of Heartache Over Breakup

Jim Carrey's Girlfriend Cathriona White's Suicide Note: Sad Story Of Heartache Over Breakup

The unfortunate story of Cathriona White’s September 2015 suicide continues. The ex-girlfriend of Jim Carrey wrote a heartbreaking letter before taking her life and the tone of the suicide note sounds as if was written by Cathriona directly to Jim.

Documents were obtained by TMZ and these documents seem to explain the deep, dark depression Cathriona was feeling following what she thought was the end of her relationship with Jim just three days before Cathriona’s death.

Jim Carrey has maintained that he and Cathriona had not broken up but were merely taking a breather from the relationship.

“I can go on brokenhearted and try to put the pieces back. I could, I just don’t have the will this time,” was written in the suicide letter by Cathriona before she overdosed on prescription medications. .

Cathriona White had been taking painkillers prescribed for her following a surgical procedure. TMZ reports that official documents show that there was a text message from Jim to Cathriona asking her if she knew anything about painkillers for his back that were missing from Jim’s home.

The lethal combination of both drugs ended Cathriona’s life.

The day Cathriona died, September 24, 2015, was the third anniversary of her father’s passing. Cathriona had also attempted suicide before following the death of Cathriona’s father’s death in 2012.

In the letter Cathriona asked Jim to forgive her, saying she was “just not of this world.” Cathriona went on to say she didn’t know anything about burial, telling Jim, “You are my family so whatever you chose will be fine.”

Jim Carrey had Cathriona White’s body returned to her home in Ireland and paid for everything to ensure Cathriona had a proper funeral. Jim flew to Ireland to serve as one of the pallbearers who carried Cathriona’s coffin to its final resting place in the cemetery beside her father.

At Cathriona White’s funeral Jim Carrey broke down in tears several times. His daughter Jane accompanied Jim to the services for Cathriona and comforted her father to the best of her ability. Following Cathriona’s funeral Jim posted a photo on Twitter of the couple in silhouette. The photo was captioned, “Love cannot be lost” with a rose emoji.