Kate Middleton and Prince William Desperate to Rehab Lazy Luxury-Loving Image: Fake Casual Family Outing?

Kate Middleton and Prince William took Prince George and Princess Charlotte for an outing this weekend that, on the surface, looked like a casual family hanging out but which may have been designed to combat rising criticism against the Cambridges and their lazy luxurious lifestyle.

Was the low-key jeans and sneakers excursion an effort to make them look more normal and less over-privileged? A ski outing the couple took a few weeks ago prompted many in the British press to dig into Kate Middleton’s and Prince William’s activities and some shocking facts emerged.

Usually it’s Kate Middleton that takes the brunt of the criticism the couple faces for doing less than her fair share of public appearances and philanthropic appearances. But recently, it was Prince William that was called out for shirking on the job and in his royal obligations.

Turns out, Prince Williams does not show up for full-time shifts on his military helicopter ambulance job. Much has been made of William having a “regular” job and brown bagging it to work, but it’s been revealed that he works just part-time and doesn’t fulfill the same obligations as his fellow pilots.

What’s worse is that Prince Williams royal calendar was examined and it turns out his 94-year-old ailing grandpa Prince Philip. But even in their effort to try and appear laid back and more like the common folk, Prince William and Kate Middleton made a lazy effort.

They traveled just half an hour from their Anmer home to attend an equestrian event which isn’t exactly a family outing to Asda (the UK’s version of WalMart). Prince William and Kate Middleton hung out with posh pals but did enjoy a picnic lunch.

News coverage of the event made sure to point out that the Cambridges ate off of paper plates – no doubt for the benefit of the eager press watching them at the event. Kate was makeup-free and looked casual sporting a surprisingly low-cost top, jeans and boots.

Kate made sure to cuddle both of her children in plain view of photographers. Kate Middleton even kitted out Prince George in an outfit to match hers and had Prince William and Princess Charlotte in matching pale blue ensembles.

The bottom line, though, is that the entire event was likely as carefully coordinated as their outfits – and orchestrated to refute the ongoing criticism that the young royal couple spends too much of the public’s money while spending too little time giving back to the public.

But this paparazzi-friendly daytrip will not be enough to fool the public for long. Unless Kate Middleton and Prince William start acting like royals concerned with their country, they will no doubt face more criticism of their over-privileged antics. Come back to CDL for more news on The Royals!

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Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, arrives in safety gear for Sailing Training at the Portsmouth docks on May 20, 2016 in Portsmouth, England. Kate is training on a Land Rover CAT.