Kate Middleton Eating Disorder: Photos From Heads Together Event Cause Prince William Concern Over Weight Loss

Kate Middleton Eating Disorder: Photos From Heads Together Event Cause Prince William Concern Over Weight Loss

Kate Middleton looks anorexic in the photos from the Heads Together event, as if The Duchess of Cambridge could have an eating disorder, according to reports on the Internet. Is Prince William concerned about the Duchess of Cambridge’s weight once more after seeing those photographs?

Recently Royal insiders claim that Kate Middleton eats a balanced diet of lean proteins and lots of vegetables and fruits. Apparently she loves whipping up these delicious and healthy meals in the Cambridge’s kitchen at Anmer Hall. Kate is cooking but she isn’t eating. Maybe Kate is eating, just not enough?

When Kate is feeling hungry she supposedly puts some almond milk and berries in a blender, maybe with a little protein powder, and whips up a smoothie to fill her up. We’re not buying it.

Of course it could be because Kate’s been run ragged with one Royal responsibility after another. There was one day recently when Kate attended three back-to-back appointments. In the morning Kate was opened a playground. In the afternoon she was the guest of honor at a luncheon for the Anna Freud Centre. In the evening Kate dashed off to The Century of Style exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery.

Another reason could be that Kate is chasing after a nearly three-year-old Prince George and one-year-old Princess Charlotte all day long – except that Kate Middleton has a massive household staff and isn’t running after any kids. The Cambridge household is quite noisy these days Prince William has said – but let’s be serious, Kate doesn’t do housework.

The pictures of Kate that were splashed all over social media on the day of the Heads Together event may indicate there’s a problem and that Kate is anorexic. The Duchess of Cambridge looked haggard, much too thin and overtired in those photographs.

In one photo Kate Middleton looks positively miserable. Could it be because she has been skipping meals? That’s a sad thing for a woman promoting mental health. What kind of example is Kate setting for young women both in regards to mental and physical health?

If Kate’s battling anorexia then Prince William has a right to be concerned. The future King’s mother Princess Diana admitted to battling bulimia to remain fashion model thin.

The last thing Prince William needs is a wife with an eating disorder. It opens William up to comparisons to his cold and unfeeling father Prince Charles. William has already been accused of having a long-term affair with ex-girlfriend Jecca Craig. One more comparison would be a nightmare.

Kate Middleton has always been one to chase the superficial Hollywood lifestyle and part of that is being as thin as you possibly can. Kate sees her role in life as looking like a Hollywood starlet, or arm-candy for Prince William, size 0, skin and bones and that’s how she appears.

Maybe Kate’s new best buddy Angelina Jolie has had an influence on Kate? Angelina has been looking positively skeletal these days as well and does Kate. Come back to CDL for all your Royal news and reports!

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