Kate Middleton Birthday Hunt Scandal: Slammed by Duchess Sophie Wessex – Queen Elizabeth Demands Royal Reconciliation?

Kate Middleton Birthday Hunt Scandal: Slammed by Duchess Sophie Wessex – Queen Elizabeth Demands Royal Reconciliation?
Has Kate Middleton’s birthday hunt created another rift within the Royal Family? Did Sophie Wessex criticize how the Duchess of Cambridge chose to spend her birthday? Is a heartsick Queen Elizabeth demanding a Royal reconciliation?

The Countess of Wessex may have voiced her displeasure with the Duchess of Cambridge in private, but nothing seems to stay a secret within Royal circles. Did Princess Sophie’s comments reach Princess Kate’s ears? Can you imagine the fit the Duchess must have thrown upon finding out the Countess dared to pass judgement upon the future Queen?

Countess Sophie abhors hunting and will not allow eight-year-old James Wessex to participate in outings that involve the bloodsport. Prince Edward is the least scandalous of Queen Elizabeth’s children – honoring Sophie’s wishes when it comes to James is the least of Her Majesty’s worries.

Any criticism from the Countess of Wessex regarding how the Duchess of Cambridge spent her birthday shouldn’t surprise anyone. Countess Sophie and Duchess Kate have, at best, a rather chilly relationship. Countess Sophie has been the favored in-law for quite some time and that doesn’t sit well with Duchess Kate.

How much longer will the Countess of Wessex remain Queen Elizabeth’s favorite if Sophie continues to make disparaging comments about the cruelest of the Royal Family’s hobbies? Wouldn’t Duchess Kate just love it if Queen Elizabeth put Countess Sophie on the to-be-tolerated list along with Camilla Parker-Bowles?

Is it merely jealousy that pushed Countess Sophie to privately chastise Duchess Kate? Did Queen Elizabeth view this as a condemnation of the entire Royal Family and their enjoyment of the hunt?

Whatever differences Kate Middleton and Sophie Wessex the Royal wives seriously need to smile and make nice in order to please Queen Elizabeth. If Countess Sophie wants to complain about Duchess Kate perhaps the comments should fall upon Prince Edward’s ears only.

The Duchess of Cambridge wants to hunt – so be it. The Countess of Wessex prefers burying her nose in ancient historical documents. Each Royal lady shares an interest with Queen Elizabeth. Perhaps it’s time to for Kate Middleton and Sophie Wessex to grow up.

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