Kate Middleton Worries Prince Charles: Vetting Prince Harry’s Girlfriends To Avoid Another Royal Diva

Kate Middleton Worries Prince Charles: Vetting Prince Harry's Girlfriends To Avoid Another Royal Diva

There’s new speculation that Kate Middleton might be the reason why Prince Harry is having a difficult time finding a wife and settling down. In fact, because of Kate’s lazy attitude towards work, Prince Charles is vetting all of his son’s potential girlfriends as he simply doesn’t want someone as spoiled and bratty like the Duchess of Cambridge marry into the royal family, too.

Prince Charles himself has seen how much work it’s taken Queen Elizabeth to make Kate Middleton move and he doesn’t want to deal with the same situation should Prince Harry marry someone similar to his brother’s wife.

It’s without a doubt that Prince Harry would have found a stable, long-term girlfriend right now but the truth is, the royal family has made it so difficult for him, he feels like he’s never going to find the ‘right one.’

Needless to say Prince Charles doesn’t want to see Harry make the same mistake Prince William made by marrying a commoner with diva-like tendencies like Kate Middleton. As the Duke of Cornwall, Charles knows that his son needs to find someone just as hard-working and dedicated to their royal title as he and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles are.

Kate Middleton Scares Prince Charles: Vetting Prince Harry's Girlfriends - Won't Have Another Diva In The Monarchy

It’s not enough that the monarchy already has members like the Duchess of Cambridge along with the Princesses of York, and another Hollywood fame-seeking, image-obsessed wife would no doubt destroy the British royal family’s reputation altogether. With another Kate Middleton in the family, no one will take the royals seriously ever again.

So does this mean that Prince Harry will never be able to get married, given that his father has set the bar so high, it would almost make it impossible for him to find a suitable partner? Of course, many critics have pointed out that Prince Harry and Prince William are nothing alike, especially when it comes to their royal responsibilities.

Prince William tends to moan and groan during his royal engagements while also coming off as stiff and awkward while Harry has embraced his charity work with passion, charisma and open arms, just like his late mother Princess Diana once did.

There’s no way that Prince Harry would ever settle for someone even remotely similar to Kate Middleton, as he wants someone who has the same open personality he has, and who is also willing to put in the heart and commitment it takes to be a real royal. Surely, Harry is attracted to the kind of women that his mother once was – kind, dedicated and above all, modest.

Tell us, do you think Prince Charles is making it hard for his son Prince Harry to find a wife because he fears getting another Kate Middleton in the royal family? Should he even be vetting all of his lovers in the first place? Drop us a line and check back with CDL for all the latest news on the royal family right here!